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Learn Italian Reflexive Verbs

Learn Italian Basic MakeUp Vocabulary Hello girls! This is an Italian lesson just for girls because today I wanted to do something funnier than my usual lessons I thought I would teach you all the vocabulary related to makeup! Let’s get started first of all, makeup in Italian is trucco I apply makeup in the… Read More »

Learn To Speak Italian While Driving

Speaking English Going to the hairdresser Hi, my name is Emma and today’s lesson is a fun lesson on going to the hairdresser’s. So, as you’ve seen in some of my tutorials if you watch my tutorials, I have had different haircuts. That’s what we’re going to be focusing on today. What do you say… Read More »

Learn Italian In Nottingham

Breaking the language barrier Tim Doner TEDxTeen 2014 So about two years ago, I was featured in a New York Times article called, Adventures of a teenage polyglot, which featured my passion for learning foreign languages, this peculiar hobby that I had. And at first I thought it was great. I loved the fact that… Read More »

How To Learn Italian Language Fast For Free

Learn English Listening Skills How to understand native English speakers Hello and welcome everyone. This is Minoo at AngloLink. Today’s tutorial is all about listening comprehension. I have some interesting tips for you. This is particularly for those of you who still find it a little hard to understand native speakers or watching television in… Read More »

Where To Learn Italian In Miami

Interview With Michelle Moore of Miami Tour Company Hi, I’m Lesley Abravanel. I am a columnist with the Miami Herald and I’m also the author Frommers Florida Travel Guides. I am here today with Michelle Moore from Miami Tour Company. We’re here to discuss how to plan a successful vacation. Her company has been awarded… Read More »