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Malaysian student on Jordan TV

.it’s very interesting Yes Which places you visited in Jordan Which year are you now I’m in 4th year 4th year MashaAllah. Which places have you visited before Mostly around the northern part of Jordan, and I’ll be visiting Aqabah soon, inshaAllah I’m from southern part, you hadn’t visit the southern area No, not yet, inshaAllah soon. We, Foreign Student Society are planning for a trip. InshaAllah we’ll be going What are the things that you promoted during the cultural exhibition Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a very large country, so it’s difficult for us to show all parts of the country.

So, mostly we just concentrated on the two Harams, the two Holyland Medina and Mecca Please introduce yourself not heard Raise the microphone a little bit 4th year medical student Abdullah Azzam from Malaysia 4th year medical student You’re very welcomed here. How much do you feel the differences in environment between Malaysia and Jordan Of course, we, from Malaysia, a country which is very far away from here, the distance between Malaysia and Jordan is around 7000km, so there is a great difference between our culture and yours. So, among the greatest things I see, since i’ve been here for four years, I learnt alot from your culture,.

This is a chance. What are the things that changes you to suit yourself with the life and culture here in Jordan The most beautiful of the thing that I have seen in your people, is that you have the value of good hospitality in honoring your guest husnul istidhafah. It’s very beautiful.during my four years stay, I got to know a lot friendly and nice people, who had me visited and stayed at their house, and treated me like one of them. until I, myself felt like I’m one of the family member.

This is, miss, I can say to you, the thing that made me. fall in love with Jordan. Ya Salam someway to express amazement, the love for Jordan! You Malaysian people, from East Southeast Asia, have a simple and healthy eating style. but, you look like you’ve been eating very well. You’ve eaten Mansaf Jordanian traditional food Yes,I love Mansaf. I drink the gravy like this with some hand gestures. Aiwah somekind of yeah, the boys are laughing. Thank you and all of you are most welcomed here. Yes of course you can add.

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