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Flinch says you dont need grammar!!! Class 1020

Hello beautiful people this is teacher Dan with one more tutorial for you and this is be a fun one. I’ve seen some Saudi guys doing some funny tutorials with flinch, so I decided to do the same but in my way so I spend about maybe four or five hours talking to a lot of people and I found these three guys, three American guys and I’ve asked them a some English questions to prove my point. I’m always telling you You don’t need grammar to be able to speak good English so I’ve asked them some.

Grammar questions and this is how it went. Enjoy! I’m from Georgia United States. Cool, how’s your English English is pretty good. Good! Can you give me a pronoun A pronoun No, I can’t! How about a present continuous sentence a what A present continuous sentence. I don’t know what that is. Okay no problem. But your English is good that’s good! I like cats! laughing Hello! How’s it going, DanDaMan! Nothing much, how’s it going Ah, same old $$ Where are you from Ah, United States where are you I’m from Brazil.

Mmm, eh, I like Brazil. How’s your English. Almost perfect why good, can you give me a pronoun A pronoun oppsssss. okay, pronoun. A pronoun disc. that disc. Hello! How are you Tired! I see, where are you from California, nice I’ve lived in California before Nice, where do you live now In Saudi Arabia. Oh, nice. How’s your English My English Yep. My English is pretty good. Can you give me a pronoun I’m American! How am I supposed to know that is LOL Laughing Out Loud You must know, it’s your language.

I know, ah. thinking ah thinking some more Basketball basquetball is not a pronoun okay, gimme a present continuous sentence I don’t know. I’m not smart! How about Present Perfect thinking I don’t know man. Okay. I’m talking to a man from Saudi Arabia and he is teaching you Grammar. he’s teaching me grammar because I am a dumb American. No, no. you’re good. Have a good night man. Peace. I love this, man, he just proved my point you know he is not DUMB, he just doesn’t need grammar to be able to speak good English that’s my point. Yes if you want to be a writer.

Or if you want to study the language in a deeper way, yes you do need to learn your grammar but if you just wanna speak and understand what people are saying you do not need grammar I’m gonna leave your link for a tutorial that I have that shows you kinda the way I learnt how to speak English and just click on that and just go to the tutorial and check that out. thank you so much guys who support if you can thank you so much guys for your support if you can.

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