Easy Way To Learn Arabic Alphabet

Learn Arabic Language with Arabian Sinbad

My Language, My language, I learn it with Arabian Sinbad I understand and speak my language with Arabian Sinbad I know how to number. one, two, three Help THis is a policman I don’t like the policeman Thief, thief. Father Mother Brother Sister He is my father She is my mother He is my brother She is my sister Brother. Sister Mother, Mother, I love my mother Father, father, I love my father My mother, My father and me We are the family Sister, sister, I love my sister.

This is a doll This is my doll He is my brother I love my brother This is my doll Who are you I am Shakeez What is your name My name is Zayna How old are you My age is five This is Zak Zak Maybe this one No maybe this one This is parrot Great The days of the week are seven. Saven, saven, it is saven. The days of the week are seven. Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Tuesday. and Wednesday. Thursday and Friday Saven, saven, it is saven.

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