Easy Way To Learn Arabic Speaking

Learn Arabic Words in English Lesson 1

Hello and welcome on this new Arabic series Where you can learn Arabic words in English I make this new series to help you each one To learn Arabic words I hope you find this New series useful and easy to understand Let’s get started This is the three words that we’re going to learn today. the first word parents is waledan waledan waledan the second word father is ab ab ab the third mother is I mean the third word is om om om so this is the informal words in the Arabic i mean waledan and ab and om.

I said this is informal words but you can also find some people using different and I am going to teach you the different words here you can see you can find some people saying alabaa for parents and waled for father and walidah for mother i’m gonna repit it alabaa alabaa alabaa waled waled waled waledah waledah waledah this three words is popular words in Arabic too but first three words is the informal words as I told you and this three words is popular words in Arabic you can find many people use these words too.

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