How To Learn Arabic Belly Dance

Bauchtanz lernen fr Anfnger Ganze Stunde! Bellydance full class!

We start with bouncing. You just let your hip fall down and take your arms to the side. Take your arms around. Breathe deep. The head is oriented towards the ceiling and the hip towards the floor. We change the direction. Walk on the spot and let your arms swing easily front and back. Your feet are melting softly up on the floor and your knees go up. Breathe deep. Take your arms slowly up. Place your feet further apart and bend to the side pull yourself out to the side and bend over to the other side.

You move every vertebra. Move your spine like a snake from bottom to top. Pull yourself up and let yourself sink down. Melt towards the floor We march on the spot Stay standing on the left foot and make circles with the right one. Change the direction. Do snakefeet push your balls and toes away from yourself and then pull them up one after the other. Shake it out and stay on the right leg and turn your foot. And change Again we push the balls and toes away and pull them in again.

The whole foot is getting a massage, everything is loosening up and relaxing. Shake it out again. Now we take the right knee up. The calf is swinging front and back as far as it will go. Rotate in your hip joint, so that the whole calf is turning and change the direction. Swing front and back again and release the leg. And we swing the left leg front and back. Very good! And turn. And change. Again front and back. Then you place for feet further apart and move your weight from side to side.

Push further Then you go to the left, to the front, then to the right, push your hip really far to the back. You really want to take up a lot of space with your hip! Push out and push your ischiums far out to the back. Now go from right to the front and then left. Now we have the last circle after which you stay down your upper body. Here you alternate bending your knees right and left while you relax your hip. Roll slowly up. Take your arms up with you. And then you roll down and return with a straight back. And then roll down again.

Now reverse go down with a straight back and curl up while taking your arms with you. Then you stay up and pull yourself up to the right. And to the left. The hand is pulling you up. Relax. Circle your hands. Move every single finger. Change the direction. Take your arms to the side and circle your forearms around your elbow. Change Do large circles, the spine stays straight. The armcircles are gigantic. Then change the direction. Breathe deep and slowly. Alternate the arms. To the front. Change. Then we repeat with relaxed arms. Do huge circles.

Change. Bring your shoulders as far as possible to the front and to the back. Giant circles. And then front. The movement is huge! You brig one shoulder as far as possible to the front and then the other one. This is a massage for all your organs change! Everything moves, you twist your entire spine. And to the front. Then shake it all out great! Now you take your chin up and down. Look to the front again, and take your right ear to the right and the left one to the left.

Look to the front again and then turn your head to the left and to the right. And then to the front again. You start to do tiny circles with your head. Start at the very top of your spine. And increase the size of your circle while moving through all the four points we just went through. You can also move your hip, everything supports the movement of your head. Without momentum, go with the flow and stay soft. Then you swing into the middle again and start little circles into the other direction.

Start really tiny. Your circles get bigger. Respond with your hip. And return beautiful! Now you bring your knees alternating to the front and back. Let your hip melt down towards the floor. Make the move as big as possible. Move your arms up. Breathe deep. Focus on your hip first then on the arms. Speed it up. Slow down again and change the arm movement. Increase the movement of your hip, let it be pushed up by your legs a little further. Again a little faster. And faster! And slow down.

Place your feet further apart and move your weight first to the left then to the right side. Push your hip from side to side. Bend the knee on the side where you move your weight to so the hip is moving rather a little down than up. Bend you knee more and push further out. Put your hands on your hips, then you can control the move with your hands. As soon as you have a good feeling for it in your hips, you can do it without your hands.

Now push your foot into the earth. Push on the side where your weight is. This activates your pelvic floor. Then we combine both moves the lifting and the siding. You go up on the right and then slide to the side out, left up and out. You do only one move at a time only sliding only lifting, sliding, lifting. Both movements are even. Take your arms down again. Concentrate on your right side. Think only with your right hip and also look to the right. Let your whole spine sway with the hip.

Think of one particular spot on your hip and dance only with that, the rest will follow. Then go to the left. Don’t forget to let your hip melt downwards. And now move both hips equally again and take your arms up. The hip is leading the movement. Let it lead the move like the head of a snake and then the movement is flowing up the entire spine. Move in your own speed and follow your hip, feel how your hip wants to move. Take your arms down and then circle.

Try to really enjoy the whole movement up into your fingertips. Feel how your feet are resting on the floor and how your hip initiates the snake like movement. Then you let your arms down and make the movement smaller. Make it small so you can isolate the hip tiny. And again we push our feet into the floor and activate the pelvic floor. You can feel that this makes the movement more condensed, internal and also intimate. Then take this intense movement with the pelvic floor and increase the size again up into your hair tips.

Take the feet further apart and push your balls into the floor so the whole leg will be pushed up. The knees are straight and the majority of the weight is on the big toe and the toe next to the big toe, the other toes spread and support the movement. You just push your foot up and observe where in your hip the movement continues and then how that feels in the rest of your body. Then you stop to move your upper body. The feet push into the floor and the hip is melting towards the floor.

Then you go to the left, up and let your hip fall down here inside. Right, up and fall down inside. The feet are heavy on the floor, up to the point on which now the left heel lifts slowly from the floor. Your weight is still on the left. Then you come to the right, give into it, ah it’s a relaxation. Then you come up on the right and your weight is still on the right. Then you come to the left, and give into it.

You don’t come over here until you just can’t stay over there any longer. And here again the movement from your pelvis continues up into your spine. Feel how the movement feels inside your body, how the upper body swerves. The head is relaxed. Check if you can still move your head. And now you don’t move your upper body anymore and the movement is happening solely in the pelvis. But you don’t lock the upper body. It ‘breathes’ with the movement but stays orientated above the feet. A little faster.

Then you make the movement really big and let the movement of the hip ripple through the whole body. Place yourself diagonal to the mirror and slide your chest body front and back. The spot in between your breasts moves as far as possible to the front and then as far as possible to the back. Your chest moves parallel to the floor. Imagine that your navel is pushed inside. Now we turn to the front. Breathe evenly, your breath is detached from the movement. Your shoulders are relaxed, your shoulder blades slide easily over your ribcage.

Really curve your spine to the front and to the back. Now we turn to the other direction. And you take your chest up and down. The navel pulls in again. The lower abs stay calm and the upper ones stretch and contract. They push your chest up and pull it down. All the muscles in your torso are working, but the lower ones stay as relaxed as possible. The shoulder blades also don’t move actively, they just slide along your ribs. You never pull them together. They are totally relaxed.

We work on our beautycorset which makes us long and lean, while we release our shoulders which tend to get tense more and more. Release down. You push up and release down, the ribs are melting. Your abs are soft and elastic. The upper ones work all the time, stretch and contract. The lower ones stay calm. Now come to the front again. Compare both your sides and see if you are symmetrical. Close your eyes and feel the movement from the inside. Open your eyes and slide your chest to the front, up, back, down.

Turn to the side to the front, up, back, down. The pelvis is relaxed. Place your palms on your hip and feel if it’s moving. Move against your pelvis. If your pelvis doesn’t move anymore, you can take your arms up again. The shoulders don’t work, they melt onto the ribs and are deeply relaxed. Think with your breasts to the front up and to the back down. The emphasis is on moving up. We change. Now let this movement float through your whole body. It is still the same movement to the front up and to the back down. The rest of your spine follows, the hip follows, the legs follow.

Think with your upper body Turn to the font. Your breath flows evenly, your lungs take up space. Change onto the left leg and onto the right one. Stay orientated towards the front. And now alternate left, right. Now you can twist a little bit, twist your whole body. The rest of your body just follows, there are no rules, no exact motionsequence to follow. The upper body does the camel and the rest of the body follows. That looks different on every woman. The most important thing is that it feels good.

Think with your chest, not with your hip. The hip just follows the flow. Shake your body out. And now the pelvis. You curl your spine in. Imagine how your coccyx is pulling through in between your legs to the front. The whole spine elongates. As relaxed as possible, you feel how your ischiums swing front and back. The whole pelvis is now being moved by the pelvic floor. Your but should be relaxed, test it with your hands if your are not sure about it. The abs are also relaxed. With engaged abs the move would look like that. But they are really loose.

You activate your pelvic floor if you really don’t engage anything else. You pull your pelvis to the front on your imaginary string. you automatically activate the Levator Ani, the major pelvic floor muscle. We can support it with pulling our ischiums together. When you tilt your pelvis to the front you pull your ischiums together. Doing that you feel how the energy is condensing inside your pelvis. The feeling is soft then the movement is very small and relaxed. Come to the front again. You feel how time after time the whole pelvis relaxes and how the lumbar spine elongates.

A little faster. And slow down again. Then you change into the diagonal again and relax in the back. Bring your pelvis to the front and pull your coccyx through to the front. then you slide to the back, relax, tilt at the front, release at the back. You slide your pelvis to the front above your feet and o the back again. Change the direction again. Now we reverse the movement you are in the back, tilt your pelvis and slide to the front and then back again. Tilt in the back and tilt in the front.

When you come to the front you just let your belly pop out. When you go to the back, it stays relaxed. Then you let the movement flow from the pelvis through the spine and up into your head. The pelvis is relaxed, very earthy, and the spine eases up. Then you come to the front again. Make the movement small again, only the pelvis moves. Stay symmetrical, your butt is always relaxed and the whole pelvis is relaxed. You shift your weight to the left and to the right. Now you let it flow through your whole body again.

And to the left and to the right again. Great, let’s drink something. Now we combine the lifting with the tilting. Bring your right hip up, to the front, then left and back. This is a very internal circle, right inside your body, right inside your pelvis, exactly inside your center. The knees always move front and back. You engage your pelvic floor and release it again as you pull your sacrum to the front, and bring your ischiums to the front and let them go again. Then you change the direction left, front, right, back.

A circle in the other direction. Don’t worry if this feels completely different. Stay smooth, so you can enjoy every single phase of this move. When you place your palms on your hip, you can feel it with your hands or also lead the pelvis. Change the direction. Feel how your ischiums move. Fell how your pelvic floor activates and relaxes inside your pelvis. A soft tension builds up. Change. Change, and change. Shake it all out. Great! Then we’ll practice a step combination. This is gonna be a grapevine step, first we all step to the right.

We cross front, step to the side, then back and then place a small bodywave on the end. And the same to the other side cross front, place the foot to the side, cross back and a small bodywave. One, two, three, four. Then come to the middle again. And we do turns over the diagonal line. Take your time to make some space in your living room Raise on releve and stretch your entire spine up. Take an imaginary ball into your arms, let it swell and hold it while you turn.

Beautiful! Now to the other direction with the same principle. Elongate yourself and focus exactly on the spot were you’re heading. If you look into the mirror you’re most likely to end up there. Great! Take both arms up in front of your solar plexus. Take the right one up and imagine to have a gigantic veil that floats all around you. And now the other direction. The right arm stays down and your turn to the right. Now feel like a diva spread your arms and take up your space while pushing your hips from side to side into an elegant eight.

Let enough space to unfold yourself and take your time to enjoy. Come on releve and think with your hip. Beautiful! Take your right calf to the back and go as far to the front and to the back as you need. Your toes are oriented to the front and the heel to the back. You focus your mind on the muscle you are working on. Breathe deep and relax. Lean to the front and stretch down, this will stretch your hip flexor. Take your arm up. Come up again and pull your foot up to your butt. The knees stay together and the arm comes up.

If you want a greater stretch you can push your foot into your hand. Then relax everything. Close your eyes and compare both sides. Open your eyes. Same procedure left side go back and elongate. Slide down as far as you need to feel the stretch inside your calf. Pull your kneecap up. Come to the front and slide further down. If you don’t feel a stretch, you can bend your knee more or extend further so you really stretch your hip flexor. Then come to up again and pull your foot to your butt. Bring both knees together and elongate your body.

You can push your foot against your hand. And release again. Take your legs apart and stretch your pelvis towards the front and back. Come down with a straight back and let your spine release down. Shake out your head carefully and your shoulders. Grasp for your calfs and pull the upper body through to the back wall. Pull your head down and then the chest to the wall, and the head down. Then you relax everything and let your arms just hang. Bend your knees forward and back, increase your speed until you’re in a shimmy.

Let yourself just hang. Swing your arms to the right, to the left. Put your left hand on your right foot and pull your right hand up to the ceiling. Release down and switch sides. Elongate your body. Release down and then switch sides, right, left. Let yourself fall down. Place your hands on the floor, the feet come closer together. You bend your knees and roll forward and back on your balls. Let the heels meet the floor. Sit and cross your legs in front of you. Pull your ischiums out to the back so you can tilt your pelvis front and back.

Tilt your pelvis Let your belly relax out to the front and come down slowly. As far as it’s comfortable. Relax your hip. Feel the stretch. Release any tension. Then slowly roll up. Place your right hand on your right side, the left one pulls up. You push your right hand into the floor, so you don’t bend straight down but elongate and really round your spine. Breathe deep into your left side and breathe out into your right side. Lengthen your spine. Extend your lungs. Stretch all organs. Come up again and change over your feet.

Move your pelvis again. Let your belly come out, slowly come down and relax into this stretch. Breathe deeply and observe how this side feels. Slowly come up again. Place your left hand to the left, the right pulls up and you roll down. Open your ribs on the right and close them on the left. Stretch your intestines on the right and squeeze them on the left. Roll up again. Pull your chest to the front and to the back. Bring your feet onto the floor and roll forward and back.

Straighten your legs away from you. Roll down onto the earth. Melt. Compare both sides of your body both feet, both calfs, both thighs, both parts of your hip. Both sides of your ribcage, both shoulder blades, both arms and your head. Take your right knee up, grab it with your hand, pull it towards your chest and then over to the left. You look to the right. The shoulders melt to the floor. Also the knee, the hip relaxes. Relax your breath. Everything melts down. You just give in an become heavier.

And feel how the breath takes up space in this torsion. Bring the knee up again. Turn up and let the leg slide down again. Stay here and compare both sides. What is heavier What is longer How does your body feel lying like that on the floor Then you grab your left knee, pull it to your chest and then over to the right. Look to the left and let go. The knee melts towards the floor, the shoulder too. The hip relaxes and your breath flows wherever it does you good.

Pull your leg in gain and let it slide down to the floor. Melt to the floor. Follow your diaphragm how it’s moving your breath through your body. Feel how it moves down and pulls on the lungs when you inhale. Feel how the lungs are filling up with air. And then the diaphragm goes up again and the air leaves your body. Your belly moves slowly up and down. When the organs are being pressed down by the lungs the pelvic floor stretches and then it shortens again. Observe your breath at your pelvic floor, how it relaxes more and more.

Your eyes melt and sink down. Your jaw drops. Your lips relax. Your tongue sinks down. Your head is very heavy. The heavier your head gets, the more your neck can loosen up. Your shoulder blades sink towards the floor. Your organs melt down. Simultaneously the upper part of your body becomes lighter and floats up. Your heart pulls up. Your eyelids pull up. You open your eyes. Slowly begin to move. Move your fingers, your toes and then step by step all your joints up until your spine and your legs start moving too.

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