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Welcome. My name is Lars Erik Robinson and my company is Lars Arts All Around Artainment. I’ve been out of school since fourteen years ago. I graduated in 1994 from Ringling School of Art Design. There I took art history courses and now I look back at it, as an artist’s point of view, learning about Renaissance and Baroque art history, for example. I was comparing paintings and at the Ringling Museum in Sarasota. I also too illustration history, where I learned about different illustrators and history about them. My point of view on.

Learning about history is great because I’m able to compare how their life stages, what they went through to get to a certain, certain steps, and I can compare to myself, my development and understand of what happens. Basically that’s what history is all about. We need to learn from our history and learn what comes out of it, and to prevent from anything happening that’s wrong for me. Or even appreciate or learning from it, and it’s a learning experience for artists. So basically art history as effect for artists, and for me personally, it was.

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