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Weekly Egyptian Arabic Words with Peryhan Being Sick

Hi everyone, this is Peryhan and this is the Egyptian Arabic weekly words. Are you excited for today’s words So if you are, let’s get started. Today’s theme is about being sick. Let’s go! waa elban Stomach ache waa elban that is stomachache . an akalt ktr faban waaetn I ate too much, so I got a stomachache asseyyah allergy asseyyah allergy . maqdar arabb qua an bb anduh asseyyah I cannot have a cat because my dad has allergy.

Too bad, I love cats as you can see. umm fever umm Fever . aadt ebn lelmustaf laeen kn anduh umm. I took my son to the hospital because he had a fever. I don’t have a son, but he has a fever obviously. zukm Cold zukm that is cold. . aun enn uebt belzukm I think I caught a cold, my throat hurts. ud ud Headache . lmukrah elketr betebl ud Studying too much gives me a headache. That’s why I don’t study.

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