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Hypnosis Basics Hypnosis the Subconscious

Hi, I’m Carmen Lynne, and welcome to Expert Village. We’re talking about hypnosis today and hypnotherapy. So again, in the first session with a new client ill be explaining to them the theory of mind and I have a chart here which gives a visual representation of what I’m talking about. So, I did explain that the mind is divided into conscience and sub conscience and the subconscience is very, very powerful because it accounts for 88. So how does that subconscience get formed Well, it’s actually getting formed during the first eight years of our life because when we are very small, very young like that.

We are completely 100 suggestible. I.E. everything that our parents tell us or that we learn about the world is being imprinted on our subconscience mind and it is forming our sub conscience mind and our life script, if you like, for the whole rest of our life. That’s why the first years of life are so very important. So, what’s happening when these pieces of information or these ideas or beliefs are coming in and we’re just accepting them We’re associating them with the things that happened. We’re forming positive and.

Negative associations, which is represented by the plus and minus symbols here in this sheet. O.k., so between the conscience and the sub conscience, what keeps them separate Well, it’s what we call, the critical mind. Which acts sort of like a filter over the sub conscience, like a sort of layer, so what’s happening after the age of eight when we start to develop this critical awareness, we start to question things. When information starts to come in at that stage and we start to question it then we don’t automatically.

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