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Dad.I Wanna Get Married! FUNNY Smile.itz Sunnah

Asalaamu alaikum Dad. Wa alykumusalaam beta son funny accent I’m just watching some TV. Come on Manchester United Laughs I had a errr. Yes yes yes beta son I had a question I wanted to talk to you about marriage I was thinking, you know Maybe its time you guys, started looking for a potential spouse for me. Spits drink What! Marriage Cries Dad dad! What have i done Why Dad you know there is a lot of fitnah around and.I’m 25 you know Look! You need to have the sabar patience,.

You go outside, you need to have the taqwa Look, do your studying, work and then we will do your marriage No but dad, when you came to this country with Mum you didnt have a house Look, that was different You know you guys didnt Son Son Son That was different When i came to this country.i had nothing Let me tell you a story Oh, ok Once upon a time. and from this we learn, never try to trick an elephant, you will get hurt What Do you understand.

Yeah, good story dad, so back to the marriage thing Look son, look at your elder brother Billu Looks hes 40 years old, hes still not wanting to get married Subhan Allah you know that Sarah girl that always rings the house, well you know sarah I dont wanna grass him up, but Dad you know That son of a bleep Son, look, it reminds me of another story Oh, another story, yaaay No, i know you like my stories Once upon a time. and from this we learn, never do juggling at night, you will get hurts.

So you understand son, it is not time for you to get married yeah, but for practicing brothers its very difficult, obviously we dont have girlfriends and stuff, we try to do things the halal way, so you know its. I know what this is, this is the work of the Molvis religious clerics Movlis have done this, isnt it the the the movli molvis ahhhh i knew it, its always the Movlis You’ve been sticking around thaat Molvi for too long Naa, its me not them, i want to do it.

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