How To Learn Arabic Writing

Learn to read Arabic in 90 seconds it that hard REALLY By the end of this tutorial you will understand how Arabic works and actually read a couple of words let’s jump straight in most of the twenty eight letters in the Arabic alphabet have different shapes or glyphs depending on the positions in the word initial, medial or final you’re already a genius by the way way more smart than you give yourself credit for. Now don’t tell me that’s not intricate and confusing calligraphy! Arabic is written from right to left. Let’s take the Arabic letter ‘ba’. When it appears on it’s own it looks like this.

When it’s at the beginning it looks like this and if in the middle it looks like this and when it appears the final letter in Word it looks like this. Now let’s look at this in action! This is the letter ‘Alif’ and it makes an ‘a’ sound. Of the 28 letters in Arabic, Alif is one of the six special letters that does not connect to the left. When it appears on it’s own or the beginning it looks like this. and if in the middle or end it looks like this.

Very simple! Quick recap this is ba and it makes ba sound This is alif and it makes an a sound Now you’re ready to read your first word on your own did you get it ABBA! this is obviously an English Swedish nonsensical word but you get the idea The first A is here, then we have B which connects to A Let’s try a real Arabic word. Remember that alif never connects to the left, so we have bab. But why not ‘baba’ if this is also ba Arabic works sort of like text speak. Bab. This means ‘door’.

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