How To Learn Egyptian Arabic For Free

Egyptian Folkloric Belly Dance Smooth Side Arabic Belly Dance Move

The side traveling Arabic is a really pretty smooth movement that you can add into your, into your routine. We’re going to, it’s going to be accenting one hip mostly as you travel. It’s going to propel itself into a circle. So let’s first put our weight on one of our feet, the other one slightly back. Now bend the foot in front and we’re going to kind of, like, imagine like a train wheel and you imagine the little horizontal piece and it’s going to go up and around. So this knee is going to bend and straighten to push this.

Hip in a nice circle. So you should have a really pretty circle here with this hip. Okay. Now make sure you keep everything lifted and your chest nice and lifted, your shoulders relaxed. Okay. Good. Now what we’re going to do as the hip comes up, that’s going to push us forward and it’s going to come down, push us forward and down. So our feet are going to do a step together. So we’re going to go, step, together, step, together, step, together, good. Now at the hip end. And it’s nice to have your arms in this position because.

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