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Asalam o Alaikom Ali! Wa alikom al salam Jasim! You are late, again! Sorry, I know, I’m stuck in traffic and all roads are congested. I wish there was a solution to this problem. Hahaha! Thanks for laughing Ali. May I ask you Why Haven’t you heard about Masarak Masarak What is that Why don’t you come over to my office in Qatar Science Technology Park and I will explain it to you. Cool, I am on my way! Ali, I have arrived at QSTP. Where do I go now.

Come to Qatar Mobility Innovations Center QMIC Alright, I’ll see you in a minute. Welcome to QMIC Thanks. First of all whats the deal with QMIC QMIC is a national center that develops and innovates solutions and applications that help people and organisations here in Qatar. Solutions and applications like what Like Masarak Masarak Well. Masarak is a comprehensive intelligent platform and a suite of services enhances traffic conditions, maintains road safety, and provides fleet management. Wow! But how does it work Masarak works in three ways. First it offers services in Intelligent Transportation.

Such as Such as showing you traffic conditions in real time so you don’t get stuck in traffic. And trip planning to help you reach your destination quickly. Second, Masarak can increase road safety. Seriously! how In different ways, like Salamtek’s mobile application that helps drivers focus on the road Great! That’s not all. Masarak can secure children’s safety on school buses. Finally Masarak also provides logistics and fleet management, which helps you in monitoring and managing your vehicles or fleets at all times Really Yes, and taxis can be automatically dispatched to you wherever you are.

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