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Palestinian poster art Dan Walsh and Dr. Rochelle Davis on Al Jazeera

Here in Silver Spring, Maryland in the United States one American student’s interest in the Palestinian cause led him to archive it in his own way Dan Walsh is not your average student as his latest venture into university education is inspired by what he’s collected of Palestinian posters that support the cause from all corners of the world Mr. Walsh’s attachment to the posters began while he was in Morocco in the mid70s as a Peace Corps volunteer and began learning the Arabic language by translating the posters one day I was translating the posters and came across.

A word I did not understand Palestine and that was the beginning of this archive Dan’s thesis advisor Dr. Rochelle Davis has also become fascinated with collecting the posters from all over the world to help her student And she intends to cowrite a book with him concerning the history of the posters These posters encompass the entire history of Palestine They contain the political history, the cultural history the artistic history, the social history, the history of resistance all Palestinian activities are here and all Palestinian beauty is here So they are very important for the Palestinian heritage.

Before this large archive is relocated to a Palestinian museum one day, as Mr. Walsh hopes he is currently trying to put it to use to teach Americans the Arabic language and Palestinian arts On the website we present the posters as an educational encyclopedia for teachers and students, for the first time and Palestinian art or Palestinian cultural arts we are using them in American schools for the first time Posters of Palestinian messages has become one of the best ways of recounting the cause’s history with its victories, its defeats, and its divisions as well.

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