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Judge Arabic Flashcards Allow TSA FBI to Arrest You

A federal judge has ruled that the TSA in the FBI can detain and arrest you for caring Arabic flashcards with you in the absence have any other information about you as a person that would suggest ties to terrorism Raw Story reports that a former college student was detained Philadelphia International Airport after TSA officials found that he was carrying these Arabic flashcards and he attempted to sue them for wrongful detention and a judge has ruled against him saying no no no what happened was legal this is the story of Nicholas George and he says TSA agents violated.

His First and Fourth Amendment rights when they arrested him trying to board a flight from Philadelphia to Pomona College a couple of years ago and Chief Judge Theodore McKee says in spite of the fact that George clearly has the right to take Carey the flashcards the TSA agents were at an outer boundary justifiably detaining him in addition there were everyday words on the cards like day before yesterday back cheap pink but there were also other words like a bomb terrorist explosion and to target judgment he says that these words and phrases did warrant.

Further investigation and even though he said he was just using the card to learn Arabic for study abroad program he the the judge insisted that this was within the legal lines there’s a little bit have a transcript of a supposed did interrogation that took place which which George here described as aggressive where the TSA agent said you know who did 911 to its George answered some bin Laden and the TSA agent says you know what language he spoke and George said Arabic and the TSA agent reportedly says.

Do you now see why the flash cards are suspicious nothing is Luis if you replace that conversation with a slightly different one it sounds patently absurd right do you know who killed JFK yes who Lee Harvey Oswald you know what language he spoke English do you see why you having the book Fahrenheit 451 in your bag is obviously suspicious right if we change this slightly it becomes completely ridiculous right I i mean that this implies that everyone who speaks Arabic is a you know under suspicion of terrorism in the minor this TSA agent.

Right certainly although again the words Obama and the target I’m not saying those are completely without suspicion but but the there that that may in any language you would think that that might be a little bit curious the issue is would even have been noticed if he had I don’t know branch flash cards were one and the words it was bomb would even have been looked at in the same amount to detail probably not right I mean there is something a little suspicious here for me and that is.

When you take those flashcards is a bomb terrorist and the target and combined it with the fact that his quote study abroad program was bringing him to Ethiopia Egypt and Sudan Ian I that seems a little weird to me because who in their right mind would would go to Sudan at all nevermind ethiopia or occur we r wartorn Egypt I mean it yeah i i understand what you’re saying but to be clear a lot of people go to those places in part they go because if the.

Reasons you’re implying they wouldn’t want to go because they are areas that desperately need help for different reasons in each country so I and i can understand what you’re saying if you could go hang out for study abroad in Barcelona are you really gonna go to Ethiopia but we don’t we don’t actually wanna criticize people who are who want to help in those areas while I are doesn’t sound like he wants to help David is going to study the language in these places he’s not a humanitarian.

Okay well that did I wanna help pack per second from study abroad programs specifically to think about this because I’ve won radical minority its okay and commonplace negatively stereotyped an entire language an entire religion and numerous cultures imagine if Americans were stereotyped as guntoting psychopath in spite of the fact that we have plenty of examples that show most Americans are guntoting psychopath even though there are many who are and we’ve told lot those stories and we would maybe be I don’t know boycotting countries who started stereotyping in pulling aside.

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