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The Return of Rebel

Couldn’t you get home before nightfall from the temple Had I not come, what would you do I’m sorry. I took a vow, on top of it this rain got me delayed. Stop your daily melodrama. Do you have any idea how worried I was I said I’m sorry You know how to pacify me. Don’t go out I’m getting scared. Let’s go home straight. Leave me. The one who breaks the law has to be punished. Why don’t you understand Maybe it’s their plan. They probably want to trap you.

It’s not easy to trap DIG. Don’t go out. I beg of you. Listen to me. I’m begging you. Please don’t go out. I have nobody other than you. Please don’t go. Hi! DIG is finished. David, cash. Thank you, sir. I want to meet Nanu sir. It shouldn’t happen again. Sir, Anthony and David have come to meet you. Bring them. Good evening, sir. Sir, DIG is finished. Take this suitcase. There is 50 lakhs in it. Go. Thank you, sir. Sir, a small request. Can we meet Stephen Robert for once.

Are these two your men Yes, sir. Listen, you’re lucky that only your stooges got killed. If you ever say you want to meet Stephen Robert,’ll be killed. Dispose the bodies. Which platform does the flight arrive Flights have runways, not platforms. They have changed the system now. So, general arrives in the back or front Arrives under the wings. So that the passengers get cool breeze Great. Have you come from a village No, the TT inside..I guess he will give seat if he is bribed Not TT, planes have airhostess. Oh, okay.

Does the plane halt for snack break Or the passengers have to starve in the plane Why are you getting annoyed If you don’t know, say you don’t know. I think you’ve only travelled in train and never in plane. Whether it is train or plane, what difference does it make Are planes made of gold for fools like you to stand here with a bouquet Get away. Greetings, sir. I understand everything. How can I help you The pipe in the toilet is broken. Will you send the plumber What.

What do you mean ‘what’ What time is plane to Pune arriving Will arrive in 10 minutes, sir. Don’t lie to me. It crossed Lonavala, Khandala, hasn’t it crossed Khopoli yet Or is it stuck in the traffic jam in Sakinaka The flight has landed, sir. Okay. Thank you. Nice dress! Who stitched it A Tailor, sir. Everyone goes to a tailor. How old are you I can’t give you my personal details while on duty. Oh, then where will you give me I will come to take it.

Close your mouth, else the plane will go into it. He looks different, he must be the one. Hello. Here. Cap, My name is Birju. People call me Beer..because I don’t drink Beer, but Beer drinks me. Shall we go to liquor bar My boss has given me..the responsibility to taking you around the city. The entire city knows me by the name Raju Guide. By the way, I tried to guide many people..they are sitting under the pipal tree. It is your turn now. Why is he silent.

I hope he is not Mogli from Jungle Book. I’ve talking to him..but he isn’t replying to me. I’m so handsome that people become speechless. Hey stop! My boss asked me to take you to the shanty..but I brought you to this palace. Because this is how I am. 24 hours water, 24 hours electricity and 24 hours my company. What’s this Am I an idiot, a fool Only I’ve been talking and you’re only listening to me. Please say something. Please. In what do I lack My bad luck!.

Saluting the Sun God I thought he would be a vagabond. But the guy, at this young so spiritual will be a good guy. I guess he might speak at least after saluting the sun. Birju, you are too much. Sorry, sir. You are so good. Drink. Drink more. Drink and Enjoy. You should wear the holy ash after praying, not drink. Drinking is for people like me. Not for someone like you. You are still young. Are you listening to me Hey. He isn’t saying anything. I annoy people, but he annoyed me.

Hey, Birju has also drank three pegs. If I get angry, I won’t spare you. You have to speak before I complete counting 5. 1. 2. 3. 4. I beg of you, please say something. Who is Stephen Robert Who’s that As soon as you opened your mouth..the first thing you asked was..about Stephen Robert I beg of you, please don’t ask me any further about Stephen Robert. Ask me. No harm in asking. Listen, even the police has not seen him. Neither have the goons who work for him.

Do you know the people who work for him in Mumbai Yes, I do. Then take me to them. I’ll take you only on one condition. I will point out from far. I don’t want to die young. By the way, why don’t you stay away from all this What are you waiting for Let’s go. For the first time I’m seeing someone wear a helmet in a car. If I didn’t, this day would be my last day. Stephen Robert isn’t an ordinary goon. In fact, I wanted to cover myself like a robot.

But Rajni sir has taken it, hence I had only helmet. Where will I find them In that warehouse, upstairs. You will find them where the music is being played. Tell them you are alone. If you say my name, they will get scared. Hello. Who are you Why are you here I want to meet your boss. Why do you need to meet him For business. Thomas, someone’s here to meet you. Who is it Ask him to come. Hey! Come here. Tell me fast. I need to talk personally.

Hello. Someone has come to meet Stephen Robert. Believe it is a big deal. If he wanted to make a deal with Stephen Robert..he wouldn’t have come to us. He would’ve directly gone to meet Nanu. This guy is a useless fellow. Send him away. We don’t want to make any deal. Go. It is a big deal, brother. Why do you hit me if I want to meet Stephen Robert Stop the music! Give me the rod. Don’t you get it Leave. You’re lucky as I’m in a party mood,.

.else I’d have killed you. Boys! Start the music! He got thrashed. I thought he was strong. But he turned out to be weak. I will go home and deal with him. Drink. Assume it is medicine. You got thrashed. You need it. You are sitting as thrashed 500 men. When you asked me about Stephen Robert..I thought you’re a daredevil. But you turned out to be weak. He thrashed you. Put your leg down. Get up. Get up. Idiot. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6 feet tall, but what’s the use.

Look at me. I’m 5 feet, but people fear me. Do one thing. Bend down, I want to slap you. Oh my God. Sit down. You tease me getting drunk Who did Stephen Robert’s man kill recently Why do you again talk about him Talk about Priyanka, Katrina if you want to. I will at least give a chance to be happy. Do you know or don’t you He got started again. What do I do now Drink two bottles of liquor and sleep. Did you get scared Shut up.

Liquor gets scared seeing Birju. Come on. You think I’ll do anything for money I can, but only if you give me plenty of money. They killed the DGP. I won’t come, you go alone. You took money. I didn’t take it to die. Okay, I will go by myself. To arrest Stephen dad was collecting evidence for the last 2 years. Before he could submit the file in the headquarter..they killed my parents brutally. You did not go to court I don’t have anyone other than my sister.

If something happens to me, she will become an orphan. And I don’t want anything as such to happen. Can I have a look at that file Shut up. Who are you to see that file Go away from our house. Come on brother, what is the need to talk about our family to a stranger I was just. Sorry. I beg of you. They’ve already killed my parents. I have nobody other than my brother. Do you want to put even him into trouble Stephen Robert. To hell with Stephen Robert.

Go away from here. Meera, listen. Please don’t say anything, brother. Please leave. Please listen to me. I don’t want to. Please listen to me. Hey! Listen to me first and then it’s up to you. Stop. Please sit down. I will bring the file. There is no photo, just a name. Has anyone seen Stephen Robert Nobody except for one man, Nanu. All his illegal business in handled by him. Stephen Robert is one man or two men Two men. Stephen, he is a very powerful man.

And Robert’s strength is his money. The two are together past two years. If I meet Nanu in the pretext of a business deal,..will he take me to Stephen and Robert I don’t think they will come into your hands so easily. Then what should I do To expose Stephen and Robert..and to get to them, there is only one way. Nandini, Nanu’s daughter. She is the only one for Nanu. Nandini didn’t like her father doing illegal business. Hence, she moved to Bangkok and became a dance teacher.

Taken advantage of it..Anthony who works for Nanu..sent his brother to Bangkok to be in love with Nandini. Nandini. Bangkok. Do you know this girl She is beautiful. Stop gazing at her and tell you know her or not Is she a heroine to know her Who she is She is my lover. If you show me Shilpa Shetty’s, Aishwarya Rai’s..Deepika Padukone’s photo and tell me she is your think I will believe you Does she love you too That’s why I’m going to Bangkok.

You are going to Bangkok Go fast, I will be very happy. I’ve gone mad staying with you. Switch it off and leave. Pack the luggage. You’re going to Bangkok, so you pack. You’re coming too. I’m not coming. You are. I’m not. You are coming. The flight is at 4 pm tomorrow. The taxi will come at 1. Be ready. I was to pee. I couldn’t pee in the plane. I need to use the toilet. Why didn’t you use the toilet in the flight If he finds out that I sat in the plane for the first time.

.he’ll tease me. You didn’t know there would be toilet in the plane, right I knew. I didn’t want it to drop on people. We will be staying here. Stop your style. Where will we find that girl Got it. Your getup doesn’t suit this place. You need to be changed from top to bottom. How long will you wait Tell her you love her. My brother sent me here to fall in love with Nandini. If I fail, he will kill me. I’m looking for right opportunity. She will be mine very soon.

If you keep waiting, someone will take her away. Nobody has so much courage. He ruined my romantic mood. She is my darling. I love her. Don’t be greedy. Your height doesn’t matches her height. But she and I are of equal height. It’s not fun kissing a girl of the same height. Fun lies in taking a short your arms and kissing her. Am I right Hello, sir. FOREIGN LANGUAGE Is it hair or broom FOREIGN LANGUAGE Doesn’t anyone here know Hindi Shanta Bai. Shanta Bai.

How can I help you We want to learn dance. Do you know Hindi Yes. Where are you from Mumbai. Are you married No. How many kids do you have Five. Oh. You talk to her. I want to learn dance. What kind Break, folk, rock, rap, hiphop, salsa He wants to learn dance, not eat Chinese food. Those are dance forms. Yes, I know that too. Forget salsa, jalsa, hiphop, lolypop, break, milkshake..teach Kathak and Barathnatyam. Don’t listen to this lunatic. Lunatic.

What dance are these girls doing Hip hop. Yes, I want to learn hiphop. Just you or both Only one. Not one, two. Here’s the full fees. Madam. Okay girls, relax. Madam, they’re new students. They want to learn hiphop. Fine, you can go. I’ll talk to them. Okay, madam. Hi. I’m Nandini. Greetings, madam. Do you have any sense I’m Birju. You can drink Beer, you can call me Beer with love. She embarrassed me. Then go away. Let’s dance. Come on. I’m not your dance teacher.

I’ll call your dance teacher, go and stand there. It’s just warmup today. I will teach you dance from tomorrow. Okay. Jessi ma’am. Yes, ma’am. Him. I’m Jessi, your teacher. Give my sunglasses. Thank you. Come on, let’s dance. Hey, come on. Madam, I have a small doubt. Are you a dance teacher or kung fu teacher What Don’t I look like a dance teacher You’ve never seen my dance yet. Hey, play the music. Stop. Stop I say. You shake the entire body in hiphop, but you are shaking only your hip.

Hey mister. What This is hip and that is up. Together it is hipup. Is that all I can do it too. Music. Is this dance Don’t you think so Appears like you’ve got fits. Shut up. Come for the class from tomorrow. Listen, why did you leave without telling me You want me to say bye, see you That mad woman almost broke my hip making me do hiphop. We were here to woo Nandu then what’s the need to do all this What do you mean ‘we’.

It’s only I. Yes, it was only you. But now, we are two. It’s joint venture. After seeing her, I’ve fallen in love with her. That’s wrong. How can you be my competition Idiot. You think you are a hero You are 6 foot tall, six packs abs..hence girls fall for you But 60 percent of men in India are like me. With paunch and intelligence. Majority wins. No. You please withdraw. Okay. Since you’re pleasing, I’ll make you an offer. Bumper offer. What offer If you woo Nandu within a week.

.well and good. Else, return to India. All right. There’s another exciting offer. You don’t get it every day. I will help you in wooing Nandini. Thanks, buddy. Nandini will surely be mine. I’m calling you. Yes. Not you, him. Mister, will you come here or shall I come there She is such a pain. Now girls, go and relax. Boys, start your rehearsal. As soon as their class is over..I will start taking your class. Okay Don’t look at me like that. Something happens. Okay, now do this.

Oh God. Hello. Not here, look here. I’m sorry. It’s okay. Like this you said, right Stop. David. Yes, ma’am You know this movement Yes, ma’am. Teach him. Okay, ma’am. And you practice. I’ll watch it tomorrow. Hello. Why are you looking there She’s got a nice figure Very nice. What’s your name Where are you from Why don’t you speak Has madam asked all this Teach me the movement, sir. One! Hello. Yes. By the way, how old are you Just 22.

Oh, I’m 16 12. She is lying. It’s fine with me. Let’s do it together. Practice. So let’s begin. Come on. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Stop it. 6. 7. 8. Even I know how to count. You teach me dance. Alright. This is hip, this is up. Stop. This is hip, this is up. Hip, up. Don’t you know anything else Teach me something new. Okay, I will teach something new. This is hip. Okay So this is hip now This is up. This is up.

This is hip, this is up. Hip, up. Stop annoying me. If Michael Jackson saw your dance, he will die again. Street dogs dance better than you. Oh, so, even you dance better than me Absolutely. Then you are a street dog. What You called me street dog But I love you. Oh God. Hey you, why did you get me here Nandini comes here after dance class. Look, she is sitting there. I saw her. Please help me in wooing her. Here’s the opportunity. Please don’t lose it.

I’ll never let go this opportunity. Thanks, buddy. Alright. Madam, will you please come downstairs I need to talk to you personally. What is it Don’t look at me like that. I will fall in love with you. Please come, my boy wants to talk to you. Okay. Please. Hey hero. Come here. Please come, madam. I’ve spoken to her, you can tell her that you love her. What are you saying Don’t waste time. Tell her that you love her. What do you mean ‘I love you’ Meaning ‘I love you’. Say it.

I should tell this girl I love you Yes. ‘I love you’. Say it. How dare you What this You hit me You hit me I’m helping you and you are putting me to shame. I’m already in love with a girl and she. I will fall in love with this girl It hurts. She only looks good..but my girl is an angel. Please don’t. Don’t hit me. You want me to cheat on my girl Please don’t hit me. Hey stop. Help! Sita, Gita, Mona, Sony, Mini,.

.Sonu, Ramya, Jessi, come down at once. What happened What do I say He insulted me. Tell me his name, I will teach him a lesson. Let it be. My student says..I only look good. He is right. Hey Jessi. Don’t annoy me. Otherwise, I will cry. He says his girlfriend is beautiful than me. Am I squint Don’t I have a good figure Nandini, don’t be dejected. I swear by my hair..I will bring and put him at your feet. Oh Jessi, why don’t you understand my emotions.

Oh God. You go back to India. I was helping you and you hit me in front of Nandini Go away from here. I’ll marry Nandini and settle down in this house. Go away. Birju. Birju, listen to me. I don’t want to hear anything. When I’m here, how can you marry Nandini Please forget what happened. Please. Please forgive me. Nandini looks quite hot and rich too. Many guys would’ve proposed to her. If I do the same, what difference will it make So, I want to do something different.

Sorry, Birju. Please forgive me. Wait. Ever since you met are progressing. You need to help me again. How You need to go to Nandini and tell her..that I love her. Okay, I will tell her. Thanks. It is not a big deal. Thanks. But I want to ask you one thing. Will you hit me again No. Promise Promise. Swear by me. Very good. Go. Your job will be done. After all, Beer is my name. Idiot. The day you hit me in front of Nandini.

.he felt pity for me. Now, she will fall for me. Where is Nandini She is coming. Hi, dear. Hi. Come sit. Daddy, why did you come here without informing me Because you didn’t come to Mumbai to meet me. I felt like seeing you, so I came. Nandini. Tell me something. Doesn’t anyone trouble you here Nothing of that sort. I’m very happy here. In fact, you disturbed me coming here. Okay. Do you need any security I came to Bangkok getting annoyed with your security. If you provide me security.

.I’ll shift to some other country. No, no. Are you sure you have no problem I need to go for swimming. Please trust me, I’m very happy here. Alright. I believe you. Okay daddy, I’m getting late. I’m going. Okay. Thank you. Bye. Take care of yourself. Bye. Where did you go Stand out and ensure none comes in. David, tell me. Nanu was here. What What is he doing there I think he got suspicious. Is he still there or left He has left. Be careful. Okay, brother.

Will you romance only in your imagination Nandini will be in the swimming pool. Go there and woo her. You wait here I’ll talk to her. Excuse me, ma’am. Beloved, come to me. My body is burning, come and douse it. The fire in me should subside..hug me tightly. Jessi! What’s going on Go away, otherwise I will sack you. Okay. Go. Darling. What, boring Do you like my movements Never mind. She is jealous of me. Come early in the evening. Kiss. Bye. My kisses. Go away.

Listen, I want to unite you and Nandini. But that old woman is trying to woo me. Because you are so sexy. I know I’m very sexy. Doesn’t mean anyone can woo me. My style is different, my class is different. Look at my bald head, look at my paunch. You’re unique. Stop talking rubbish now..and unite me and Nandini. Please. I have not seen a selfish man like you. ‘Please unite me with her.’ Wait here. I will bring Nandini. Excuse me, madam What Will you come out for 5 minutes I need to talk to you.

Your friend insulted me yesterday. He said I’m not beautiful. He compared me with his girlfriend and left. He insulted my beauty. He is here to apologize. Please. Okay. Say ‘I love you’ to her today. This guy is just too much. We have to make him see sense. This is the right time to impress Nandini. Come on, tell her. Say ‘I love you’. Say ‘I love you’. Why do you look up Say it. You hit me again I don’t even wash my clothes every day. Shut up. You shut up.

Are you crazy What How can I love her Since God has created her doesn’t mean she is beautiful. She is not beautiful. You are here to woo her. I’ll woo her only if she’s beautiful. You are mad. My girl looks like an angel. But she looks like a witch. When I see my girl, my heart starts pounding. But when I see her, my heart stop beating. She is okay to dance with, but not to fall in love with. What do you think of yourself.

You are insulting me all the time. Birju, come here. Why do you call him Talk to me. You won’t understand. I won’t go. He hits me. Come here. What happened What happened, ma’am What do you think you are doing Answer me. Tell me. What makes you think madam is ugly I’ve been watching you. It’s enough now. Come here. Say sorry to madam. Say sorry. Don’t look at me. Say sorry. Say sorry. David, please stop. Let him go. I don’t want any problem. Since madam is saying, I’m sparing you.

Madam, come. Please come. What happened That woman molested me. Who The one in the dance class. Hipup. In the pretext to teach dance..she molested me. Say yes and please her. Go and fall in love with her. You want me to die She isn’t a 16 year old, she’s a 60 year old. You want a 16 year old girl A 17 year old boy would prefer a 16 year old girl, right I sacrificed Nandini for Stop thinking about Nandini. Nandini is coming.

I’ll think of an idea to woo her, you just be with me. Okay I saw my girl’s photo in the laptop and got memorized again. She is so beautiful and our dance teacher is so ugly. What did you say Oh. When did you come here You did see her coming. Look, if your girlfriend is beautiful than me..then go and praise her all day long. Stop commenting on me. I never said you look ugly. I only said my girlfriend is beautiful than you. ‘My girlfriend.’ Bring her here. Let’s see who is beautiful.

We will come to know. My girlfriend can’t come here. You can come to my house and meet her. Okay, I will come to your house. Give me the address. Wait a minute. Here. This is my address. I will come in the evening. Let’s see who’s beautiful. What happened Oh my God. If I go to his house like won’t work. If he is praising his girl so much then she must be beautiful than me. I want to look beautiful than her. Baby. Don’t soil the sari.

I will give you an idea. After listening to him..I think his girlfriend will wear sari and come. But you wear something different. Wear swimming suit and drive him crazy. Should I malign my image wearing a swimming suit You wear it. Yes, I did wear. Two men died and one slipped into coma. Nothing happened to you No, I drink milk every day. Stop laughing. Tell me what do I wear and go Wear all the saris and show us and then we’ll tell you. Correct.

Not nice. Front. Back. How is it Bad. Wow. Superb. Really Yes, madam. His girlfriend will get jealous seeing you. And she will hang herself with the same sari. Is it What if she’s beautiful than madam Madam will hang herself with the same sari. Hey Jessi. Oh God. Shut up. Oh God. I’ll kill you and Rishi. Come in. Stop. Move back. Move back. Safe now. You know, my girlfriend comes in this direction every I spread rose petals to welcome her. You know she is beautiful. Did I ask you.

Whether or not you ask, she is beautiful. Now go and sit there. Hello. Human beings need flowers. A bud doesn’t need flower. Who is bud here I am. You irritated me enough. Now go and sit. Darling, sweetheart, beloved. Your fans have arrived. Please come out and give her an autograph. Autograph Okay. She says she won’t come, so you come. Be careful not to step on the flowers. Come. Look, that’s my girl. Please God, she should be less beautiful than me. Look at those eyes. so sexy.

I feel like mesmerizing in them. I hope, I don’t become blind with their sparkle. They look like doe’s eyes. Look at yourself. Look at those lips. Softer than rose petals. Feel like biting that lower lip. That is lips. See your lips. Girls these days have fat waist instead of slender waist. But look at my darling’s waist. Wait, I feel like kissing it. No. I feel like holding it very tightly. What a feeling. You tell me, did I say wrong My darling is beautiful than you. So, did you like my girlfriend.

She looks like a witch. Oh no! You! When you turned, all of them ran away. You also go. What do you want You. Did you feel something after meeting my girlfriend Don’t act, say I love you. Who told you that there was something in my heart Your eyes told me. Shut up. I flipped for you when I saw you for the first time. Then Why didn’t you tell me I will hit you. Okay, tell me at least now. 04622.306,11930247.295 I want only you. Say, I love you.

Not now. I want to talk to you in private. After that let’s see what happens. Come. Don’t act now. Tell me, I love you. I can’t wait. Look, you don’t know anything about my family. Even I don’t know about your family. Will you start or shall I start You do it. Okay. My family background. My dad is an LIC agent. Don’t you understand Life insurance corporation of India. Mom is a housewife. She cooks delicious food. I hate fighting. Fights are common in Mumbai. So, mom and dad sent me to Bangkok.

Are you from Mumbai What are you saying Even you are from Mumbai Same pinch. Don’t be in a hurry. You really don’t like fights I have a good body, but I’m a soft guy. You think, that dwarf hit me so much near the swimming pool. I was just staring at him. I didn’t raise my hand. Even my weak friends hit me. I am unable to confront them. I can’t do it. I am very soft. I asked all this because my dad is a big goon of Mumbai.

His name is Nanu and he works with Stephen Robert. After my mother died..I have seen a lot of bloodshed. I came here because I couldn’t tolerate to see fights. I just wanted to go away from that ambience. That’s when I decided..whoever I marry should have a clean heart. Even if he is poor, he should love me more. That’s why I enquired about your family. Why are you silent Won’t you love me as I am a don’s daughter It is not that, Nandu. If I was in your place, I would’ve helped many.

But you. I can’t. You could help so many helpless people. But you can’t do good to anyone. Good thing to do Tell me what I can do, I’ll do. Only your father knows how Stephen Robert looks like. He is his aide. If you can get their pictures and give it to the will help so many families. Their dark life will become bright. But forget it, you can’t do that. No, I will do it. You’ve asked me to do a good thing, not a bad thing right.

I will do it. I will do anything for you. Promise I promise on our love. I love you. Now you tell me, I love you too. Hug me tightly and say, I love you. Tell me. I love you. What happened If you father’s men see will be a problem. No, you are right. I will go and book tickets to Mumbai. We’ll go there and talk. Okay Okay. Our love story will continue in Mumbai. See you there. Come on. I doubted you the moment you came for dance class.

You are pretending to love Nandini. Why did you ask about Stephen Robert Where have you come from Who are you Tell me. Tell me! Brother, he isn’t going to talk,..listen to me, kill him. Brother, come inside. Hello, sir. Hello. Brother, when did you return from Bangkok Meera. Driver, get the car out. I’ll be back. Okay. Come sir, let’s sit and talk. Tell us what happened You had been to Bangkok, did anything happen It happened as we had thought. Nandini is a nice girl, she’s gone home now.

We can get the pictures of Stephen Robert any moment. I want to tell you something. I’ve killed Anthony’s brother David in Bangkok. My presence can prove dangerous to you both. I’ll come once I get the pictures. Take care. Okay. Welcome to India. Hi, Dad. Farukh. Sir. Do I have any meetings today Yes, sir. Cancel them. Okay, sir. And yes. I want to spend the day with my daughter. Sure, sir. I misunderstood you all these years and stayed away from you. I’m sorry, dad.

Dear, you are not at fault. I don’t like fights Dad,..but, 1 day, in Bangkok during some fight I mentioned..names of Stephen Robert. Everyone ran and I understood how powerful Stephen Robert is. Really Yes dad, he is famous in Bangkok too. I’m such a duffer. It took so long for me to understand this. I believe none has seen Stephen Robert till now. Is that so difficult to see him, Dad Yes, it is difficult for others. Not for my daughter. Do you want to see Wow, they both fight so nicely.

Same like the stylish villains of Bollywood. Aren’t they both so strong I didn’t know. Hello Rishi, I’ve good news for you. Did you get the photos You asked for pictures, but I found Stephen Robert’s tutorial. I’m coming there. Now What’s the time It’s 11 pm, not now, tomorrow. Tutorial Why did you come here at this time Tutorial. I told you that I will give you tomorrow. Go now. Tutorial! It’s a problem if dad hears it. Tutorial. Please. Please, please. Okay, okay. Nobody messes with Stephen Robert.

Brother, he must have got the pictures. Who are you What did you say Why have you come here I’ve come for dinner. Who are you Hey! Like your father, are you in a hurry to die Who came here enquiring about Stephen Robert Tell me soon. Sir, I don’t know anything. You don’t know No, sir. Hey. Coming, boss. Do you think he is your driver He is my man. Tell me. No one came here No, sir. No No. No! No, sir. Okay.

Somebody came here twice asking about Stephen Robert. But he informed me late. So, I killed him. Late means. dying without any hassle. Now tell me who came here. You won’t tell me! Okay, I will take your sister. Then you will tell me. No sir, leave her. Move! Brother! Rishi, you didn’t take my call. Where did you go Sir! Stephen Robert’s men have known that you had come to my house. Sir, they took my sister along. Sir, please save my sister. Get up! I have known who is the man named Stephen Robert.

He can’t escape from me. She is my sister too. Until I am one can harm her. Oh dear Birju Beer, collect all your bottles soon..and escape from here. What happened to you What What happened to all of you Someone named Rebel hit us badly. He thrashed us black and blue. He said, he will kill me, you, and our men..moreover Stephen Robert too. How does he look Please don’t kill me. Hey! You know why I’m not killing you Inform Stephen Robert that he won’t live long.

Killing the innocent and tormenting the women..and making children orphans is not manliness. Ask him to face me and fight me. Go and tell him that the battle has begun. I just have to kill people. Go! I don’t fear. He would’ve dealt with weaklings until now..weaklings, who act smart in their alley. But he hasn’t confronted a lion who..rips the prey. I will be in your area tomorrow at 5 pm. I will kill you regardless of whether you come or not. Now go and tell Stephen Robert about me.

He will ask you. Who has come into our area and our city..and thrashing my men like dogs. Go and tell him! His time has come. Rebel! His words are powerful and his strokes are very strong. Whatever he does, he does it with pomp. Where can I find him Where is he He’s challenged to kill him whilst he lights his cigarette..and walks from that bus stop and will drink a coffee there. But where is he I got the signal, he is here. Go George. What Only one man.

Yes, one man is enough. No, even 100 men aren’t enough. Thomas, let anyone die, you flee from here. He alone is so powerful, still he has brought a kungfu team with him. Hey, take out your gun and shoot that scoundrel. Thomas, flee soon. If possible, disappear. Disappear. Sir, I made a mistake. Forgive me. Boss. Hey, there’s good news. I will not kill you. It’s my style to give good and bad news at once. Bad news is, I killed your brother. He is missing you very much.

This place has to be cleaned up before I finish counting 3. It should look like nothing happened here. One! Two! Tell me who are you Rishi, talk to me, I’ve been asking you. Tell me. I will tell you. He won’t say anything. Rishi is not a hooligan. He is Mr. Janardhan’s son, who is like God to us. Sir is here, let’s go brother. Hey! People feel protected not because of Politicians or Gods..but because they trust police. They don’t need a wrong doing police station. Raju. Yes, sir Seal this police station.

Constable. Keys. Greetings sir, if you lock our police station,..we’ll lose our jobs. Commissioner, do you want to know what has he done Lakshmi. Tell me what happened with you. Sir, this is my brother, he is dumb. Somebody forcibly snatched our land, when we approached him for help. He said he would help us provided..I spend a night with him. No, she is lying. Sir, since he is your nephew. So what Hey, Jairam! Yes, brother Your son committed a mistake. Should we leave him Not at all.

Useless guy! He should be. Stop. Heard that, commissioner Whether he is our man or an outsider,..the guilty should be punished. Raju. Yes, sir Forget my house, he can’t stay in this village. Take him away from here. Hey! If I see you around ever again, you will be killed. If you come here again, you will be killed. Sisterinlaw, brother is coming. Sisterinlaw. Sisterinlaw. Jairam, why did Shakti do this I am unfortunate! My wife died after giving birth to him. He is dead to me, hereafter.

Sisterinlaw, brother is very angry. Uma, please bring tea for sir. Sumitra, I don’t want to drink tea today. I am going into my room. Leave me alone for some time. Listen. Listen. Rishi had called. Greetings to everyone. Greetings, sir. Greetings, sir. Greetings, sir! Greetings, sir! All of you have my son’s horoscope. My son is different from me. He has been brought up away from this ambience. He is a very respectable guy. I’ve kept him away from this bloodshed..and educating him in Bangalore. Tell me what his horoscope says.

Mr. Shukla, what do you see in his birth horoscope That he can hit people nicely. He can fight many people alone. What happened, Mr. Mishra. What happened, guru Nothing. Sir, is this your son’s horoscope It is my son’s, any issue with it Not at all, whatever you said and whatever this horoscope says..has a vast difference between them. What do you mean Tell me, does your son listen to music Yes! He wears headphones all day and listens to music. He’s been listening to classical music.

Music can melt big boulders. But the boulder can never learn music. Am I right, junior I didn’t hear a thing sir. Good then. What is the confusion Is your son in love My son isn’t that kind. Oh. I love you. I love you. Hey Rishi, I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. Is your son closer to girls, sir What are you saying I’m telling you that he is not like these days guys,..then there’s no question about he being with girls.

Extremely sorry, sir. What’s the need to love to be close to girls If you have money, girl will automatically come to you. In love, you get a chance to touch them here and there. Looks like you can hear me clearly now. Priest, tell us what kind of a girl he will marry When the guy is a vagabond..he will marry a useless girl. Did you say something Nothing. Sir, she will take care of her inlaws nicely. She is beautiful, dignified, cultured..innocent, she will respect elders. Priest, why so many girls.

Nosy fellow. He spoke again. Sir, we’re already confused. Don’t confuse us more. I’m referring to one girl with all these qualities. You take care of your nose and don’t trouble us. Priest. Tell me, madam. Why are you confused What is in Rishi’s horoscope No madam, I just said so. Priest, just answer my madam. Don’t talk unnecessarily. I understood. I have to remake his horoscope. Mr. Mishra, what he is saying, but the horoscope says something else. If you permit, should we tell them the truth.

Are you out of your mind If we tell them the truth, it will be so bitter for them..that he will kill all the priests. Shut up and don’t say anything. You mean, we should lie and spoil our business. You’ll spoil only when..we both leave this place safely. He is Yamraj’s watchman. If he shoots at you..then we’ll die and meet in Yamraj’s court. So, you shut up. Tell them nice things and we will leave from here. I understood. Sir, your son is a very nice boy.

He respects elders. He offers prayers too. He doesn’t have any bad habit. This guy is allergic to fights and girls. Boy is very cultured. Keep quiet. Your son is a gem. You can’t find such a guy even if you search. In shortcut, he is Mr. Perfect. He will entertain everyone. Hearing all these things about my son from you..I’m very happy, Priest. Raju. Yes, sir Give them a reward..that they should never forget until they are alive. Did he learn that we are lying I think he will thrash us to death.

Your phone is ringing. Your phone is ringing! Why are you shouting I’m dead. Dad has called. God, save me. I’m dead. Yes, father. Are you coming tomorrow Yes, dad. Are you going to the temple every day Yes, twice daily. Do you wear vermillion when you go Yes, dad! I apply it so big that my forehead hides. Have you been learning classical music Yes, I always think about it. Get your music teacher along tomorrow. Yes, I will bring him. Why do you want me to get my teacher along.

For practice! There isn’t any music teacher here. I see. You mean, I have to get the teacher. Is there any problem No, anyone will come for money. Money! I mean, I need to spend on train, bus, and air tickets etc. Come soon tomorrow. Okay, I will come. I will hang up now. Is he coming tomorrow I’m caught. What happened Dad has called me along with my classical music teacher. What do you mean by classical music My dad had sent me here to learn classical music and study.

But I’m learning something else here. So, I got caught. You’ll get caught. What can I do I will get caught. I won’t get caught. You are my music teacher. Me Yes. I don’t know music. I too don’t know. But what if your dad finds out. He too doesn’t know music. Please Deepali, you need not sing or teach me there. You think they will believe me as your music teacher. You think seeing me one can say that I know music We just have to fool them.

Will I look like a music teacher Yes, music teacher should be a little old, are very sexy. If you change your disguise, our work will be done. I’m scared Rishi. Don’t be scared, I’m there. But you yourself are scared. Please, help me. Save me, please. Once he becomes happy, we can tell him about us. Please, agree. Please Deepu, agree. Okay, let’s go. What happened now But there’s a problem. I have to take permission from my three mothers. Excuse me. Can you repeat the question.

I have to take permission from my three mothers. You have three mothers Yes. Move aside. Oh God, I’m dead. I’m ruined! What happened, Rishi You have three mothers Then how many fathers Shut up. You shut up. Do you realize what you are saying I know what I am saying. Do you know what you are saying I wish, I should’ve known about your three mothers..before falling in love with you. Oh no, cheating. Bad choice. Shut up! You want me to shut up Three mothers and don’t know how many dads.

Which girl have I fallen in love with Such a filthy family. I told you to shut up! Don’t utter a word about my family. Get it Do you want to know the truth Come with me. You spoke nonsense about my family. This is my first mother. You didn’t understand, right This is an orphanage. I don’t have my parents. I am an orphan. Somebody picked me up from a garbage bin and dropped me here. She raised me till I was 10 years old. She brought me up like her daughter.

Then one day, due to illness..she died. Come, I’ll show you my 2nd mother. Rain, sunshine, and the entire world is given to us by God. Mom. Hi children. Hi sister. God bless you. She is my 2nd mother. Mother, this is the Rishi I told you about. Greetings. Greetings. She raised me till I was 15 years old. I learnt many things about life from her. She educated me. I’m so lucky. Mom, I need to talk to you for five minutes after class. Okay. Come, let me introduce you to my 3rd mother.

Touch this one and feel it. Mother! God bless you, my child. Mother, he is Rishi. Greetings! She is my 3rd mother. After 15 years of age. We children are sent to her. Then she takes care of them. She looks after me now. Mother, I need to talk to you. I’ll leave the kids in class and come to office. Go and wait there. Let’s go, children. Rishi, let’s go. Rishi. Hey, Rishi. What are you doing, Rishi Everyone is watching. Sorry, I misunderstood you. You’re not an orphan. I’m there for you.

I love you. Rishi, please. Rishi. Deepali has told us about you and your family. You will keep her happy. Thank you, sister. Let’s go Deepali. Son. What is it Deepali is very special to us. For me too. We can’t send her like that. Okay. We would like to give her a farewell this evening. This evening! Yes. You can take her tomorrow. Okay, I will. Deepali has to get ready for the function. Me too. You’ll get ready only when you go. Point.

Sister, you look more beautiful than uncle. Sister, I know how you look like. Can I touch uncle to know how he looks Come, touch him. Touch him. How is he Uncle is very nice. Uncle is very naive. He will keep our sister happy. Bye, dear. Bye, mother. Bye, sister! Byebye. Bye, sister. Dad! Our acting starts now! Okay. I thought sir’s son would be modern. He is a geek. I think coconut oil is cheap in the city, so he has applied it. What is this.

Dad Son is very different from his dad. She is old, but looks very hot. Scoundrel. Respected father! Wow. Get up, son. You grew unto be how I expected. I am not like that. Son. Mother. Dear son. Loving mom. You are still naive like you were, in childhood. You didn’t change, son. Mom, I will never change. He is so cultured. Uncle. Bless me, uncle. Get up, my boy. Son. Brother, I feel so proud of him. But, I feel horrible. Dad, she is my music teacher.

You are a teacher, you shouldn’t do this. Dad, I will tell her. Hey, old teacher. You are elder to him. Why are you standing Help me. Yes, teacher. Slowly. Back pain. She’s old, so she has body pains. On the occasion of our son’s visit we invite you..for lunch at the temple. You must attend the function. We will do, sir. Dad, what’s all this You’ll know in some time. Sit next to your mom. Okay, dad. Teacher! Sir! As a child, when our son used to sing rhymes.

.I thought he would be a great singer someday. We wanted someone to dance to his we looked for a good dance teacher. He dances really nicely. Raju, call him. Dance master, please come. Greetings. My name is Kamal Hassan Shiv Shankar. If you sing and I stop dancing, then you win. If I’m dancing and you stop singing, then I win. So, tell me who is competing with me My son. This boy. Which is the northeast It is that side. Wow, your nose is like a parrot’s beak.

I’ve seen a lot like these. Keep it aside. Lord, only you and I are aware that I can’t dance. I came here to earn some money. Sir, I’m unable to feed myself. I am going to dance now. What are you watching Play it. Well played. I’m ready. Son, go and tell him what you are singing as he..gets ready for dancing. What dance do you know I know all kinds of dancing. Kucchupudi, Manipuri, Sev Puri, and Pani puri. Pani puri Yes, latest dance. Imported from Mumbai.

Did you learn them or just read those names Shut up! Don’t do this again. If I lose my mind, you all will be in trouble. What song do you know What are they talking to each other like that When big artists meet, that’s how they converse. Ask me, what I don’t know. Classical music, Karnataka music, Bengali music..and Mughalai music. I have all the CDs with me. You mean CD’s Yes, I mean, the songs that I have sang. Who is your teacher Madhuri Dixit of ‘Aaja Nach le’.

.Antara Mali of ‘Naach’. Saroj Khan. They all are my gurus. Are you ready Oh, he is very talented. I have to chase him from here. Have you ever seen anyone giving up their life whilst dancing I think he is trying to scare me. Have you seen anyone dying of heart attack while singing Ready. ‘If I lose from him, I will lose my dignity.’ ‘Perhaps I should tell the truth.’ ‘I’m sure of losing to him, instead of becoming a fool I rather tell dad the truth. Sir. Dad.

Sir. Dad. It seems he can’t dance. Is he faking Maybe I should settle a compromise with him. What are you murmuring Dad, we want to discuss one more time. Yes. Brother, come here. Master, I need to tell you something. I too need to tell you something. You are older, so, please goahead. I don’t know to dance. You cannot dance He is caught. Then everyone says you’re a big dancer. Actually, to earn a little money..I used to dance in wedding. In a wedding procession, one drunkard thought.

.I was a good dancer. He gave me the certificate from his dance academy. Saroj Khan gave this chain for me to wear. I can’t dance, but looks like you can’t sing either, right Wrong. Since you don’t know dance I can sing very well. You know what will happen if my dad finds out this What He will shoot you with his gun. Greetings, sir. Please, somehow save me. I’m not even married yet. Okay, I will sing and you act as if you are unable to dance on my tunes.

Okay Done Done. Shall we begin Come on. Do it. We are ready. We are ready. Then start. What is this nonsense! You are so good with music. Don’t praise me, praise the CDs..that were played. CD’s! You mean, you were just doing lip sync Boys, he talks too much. Throw him out. What if sir gets to know He will know when you are here. Wonderful, son. Wow. Wow. Wonderful! Glory to! Brother Birju! Glory to! Brother Birju! Glory to! Brother Birju!.

Glory to! Brother Birju! Greetings, sir Please sit down. With your help, I got the MLA ticket last time. Even this time, if you support me, I will sure get the ticket. Uma. Yes, sir. Do you get water in your colony We get it once a week, sir. Venkat! Yes, sir How are the roads in your street Full of trenches, sir. Siraj, did you hear that People vote hoping you’ll help but not for you to enjoy. Had you done your work properly, people would’ve voted you.

You didn’t have to come to me. You are trying to earn money without doing hard work. Siraj, don’t try to act smart. Is that clear to you Go now. Boss, I want to talk to you in private. Only for 5 minutes. Only for 5 minutes. Don’t refuse. Please, don’t refuse. I will not take even a minute more than that. Boss, please. Boss, only you can do something for me. My life is in your hands now. If I lose my power, then everything will end. I have lots of money and I’ll give you all of it.

Please support me and make me win. Mom! Don’t hit me more, boss. Boss, please. I would’ve killed you. But a rebel like me can never stoop so low. Don’t tell anyone that I hit you. People will not vote you and your bail..won’t be considered. Let’s go. Smile please. Else outside people will suspect. Don’t over act. I will not win now. Until he is alive, I can’t win. Hey, Janardhan! Kill him somehow. Boss, what happened to you The old man took me to his room and kissed me.

You idiot! Kill that Janardhan. Kill him. Boss, I can’t do that. You are so huge, you can’t kill an old man Shame on you! Boss, not only me, but no one can kill him. Then go and call people from UP and Bihar. In the goddess Kali temple tomorrow..Janardhan has invited everyone for lunch. Tell our disguise as women. And kill him. He shouldn’t escape tomorrow. He has to die! Greeting, sir. Greeting, sir. This goddess is looking so dangerous. Goddess Kali looks the same. Priest, start the prayers.

Raju. Yes, sir Take Rishi home. Come on. You go and help dad. Nothing will happen to him. You come with me. No! Sir! What are you doing I know. You move back, dad. You are bleeding. I know. You move back, dad. Rishi, you are telling me to move back Dad, you move back! Let’s go. Son. Everyone stand still. Parents, siblings, children, and old people..whichever villager is with us. e and stand behind me. The people who are here..with the intention to kill my dad.

E in front of me. Come on! I knew it, you were born to hit,..hit them and kill them. Let’s not spare this fellow! Put it down. Put it down! If you have guts, put your foot down. Who sent you Brother Siraj. Siraj! You dare to plan killing my dad Do you know why I’m not killing you Because my father will be hurt if I kill you. Go away! I’ve never been cheated. First time! My own son! You’ve turned out exactly how I didn’t want you to be.

What was that fight You can’t live in this house. You can’t live here. Go away. Go away! No, sir. Sir. I’ve never spoken to you, but today I will speak. Rishi has done nothing wrong. What rubbish are you talking, Raju! What if something happened to my son Something happened to him Our Rishi He alone handled all the guys and won over them. Something happened to him If junior sir was not there, you wouldn’t have been with us. First time, I got surprised seeing him..thinking your son is a coward.

That day who I saw was not your son..but today by hitting them..he proved that..he is your son! Your son should be like this. Lionhearted. The one who can give tit for tat. Sir, only a cub is born to a Tiger. Please forgive me if I spoke wrongly. Yes brother, Raju is correct. Whatever you’ll say, I can’t accept him being like this. I cannot accept him. I know, while trying to help people..we’ve made many enemies..that we don’t know..what can happen to us at any point of time.

Sir, what are you scared of The people who do good deed shouldn’t fear. You should put an end to evil! Your son will sit on this chair and will do it. Why are you. Raju! Sir Dad, I’ve grown up watching can I be any different than you are Dad, forgive me as I lied to you. I couldn’t become the one that you wanted me to. But I am like my dad. Mother. Deepali. Come. Stop it. Her name is Deepali. We love each other. You told me that rich people should marry poor.

.and people with family should marry orphans. She has nobody. She is an orphan. Who said she is an orphan She has all of us. Why are you selling your property You need property and I need money. Don’t waste time. Tell me which property do you want Your property in Pune. And the papers Here. And go away. Brother Siraj. Yes. Give the money and take the property papers. Which documents are these This house documents. You are selling your house Then where will you stay I’ll marry you and settle down!.

Give the money and get out. I don’t want property, wealth or political position..all I want is his death. I will die in peace after seeing him die. Janardhan’s man from outside, the one from UP..or the one from Bihar cannot kill him. Only an insider can kill I called you. I know he thrashed you son. Douse the fire of vengeance. Where have you been Why did you come here now He did not spare his own nephew..and you thrashed your own son in his support.

What kind of a father are you Even stepfather won’t do like this. Had I supported you, he would’ve shot us dead. Are you aware of their power You’re angry now..but I’ve been angry for the last 10 years. We can’t do anything now. Wait for the right time and then we will avenge. It’s my promise to you. I know you are the rightful owner of my brother’s position. Do as I say. My man will kill him. He is Stephen from Mumbai. He started with small murders and now he’s a contract killer.

20 people were killed in Mumbai few days ago. It was he who took the contract. No man or weapon has been able to kill Janardhan. But this time..he will die for sure. Brother. Sit. He is Mr. Sharma. Greetings, sir. Greetings. He is a renowned priest here. He handle the big temple. Rishi is getting married..I showed their horoscopes to priest. He says..we will have to organize a big that both are happy. If you say, I will show their horoscopes to another priest.

You’re my younger, you showed it to him, that’s enough for me. Tell me priest, when and what kind of veneration should we perform Sir, tomorrow is an auspicious day. The groom has to perform veneration in two different places. In Lord Shiva temple and then in Lord Narasimha temple. The auspicious period is at 9 am. You will have to leave early. Alright. But, how can he offer two different places at the same time No problem. Let Rishi go to Lord Narasimha temple tomorrow..and we both will go to Lord Shiva temple.

We are going to Lord Shiva temple. You take Rishi to Lord Narasimha temple. Make sure the auspicious period doesn’t pass away. Sir, I will come with you. No, I’ll go with brother and you take Rishi. Right, brother Correct. My brother will take care of us. You take care of Rishi. Where is Deepali She is coming. Deepali, come soon. Coming. Go with Rishi. Come. Do you want to come with us Want to go with them I want to go with mom and dad. Go.

Greetings, sir. Greetings. Are you done with the preparations Yes, please come. No! What have you done Mother! Father! Our job is done. Wretched old man. He hit me. He is dead now. Sir. Sir, get up. Ma’am. Ma’am, get up. Sir. Sir. Sir. I told you I’ll come with you. You refused. Why did you refuse I would’ve died on your behalf. It would be better if I was dead. Sir, you made an orphan again. You were my parents. You can’t leave me and go. Get up.

Get up. Rishi! Let’s finish them. No. No. Rishi. Rishi. Deepali. Sorry, Rishi. No. I couldn’t save mom and dad. I shouldn’t have let you go alone. Rishi, forgive me. No. No! ‘I am an orphan.’ ‘He will keep our sister happy.’ ‘Deepali is very special to us.’ No. ‘Kiss me for once.’ Your father is dead. I got your father killed. He locked horns with me. He was boasting himself. I got him killed. The plan and money was mine..but it was executed by two people. One is your uncle and I won’t name the second person.

You want to kill them Go. First go and find them. Search the entire will never find them anywhere. Come. You want to kill me, isn’t it Come. Come! I won’t give you a chance to kill me. I’ll kill myself. Tell me. Where are they I won’t tell you. Tell me. You won’t find them. They will be on earth. Tell me. Or they will be in the sky. Tell me. Go to London, go to Dubai. Search. Raju, I want them. They killed everyone.

I want them, Raju. After that, Rishi’s uncle disappeared. We later found out that..Stephen Robert is running illegal business in Mumbai. Hence we came here. Rishi came after you in we get Stephen Robert’s photo through your father. We don’t want this misfortune to happen to anyone else. Hence Rishi decided..unless he doesn’t kill everyone in the gang..he won’t sit in peace. Only three people are left. Stephen, Robert and your father. If your father tells us about Stephen Robert..we’ll spare him, else he will have to die too.

We will kill him brutally. Sorry. I’m sorry, Nandini. I pretended to be in love with you..just to get to them. Sit. Sit. What a game they played! Have it. Have it. You will gain strength. Have it. Let me tell you a story. A guy proposes to a girl in an unknown country. And even the girl falls in love with him. And then the guy says ‘sorry, I was in love with someone else’. Nice story, isn’t it Me and my bad luck. Rishi. Hello, look up. You said you pretended to be in love. Okay, I agree.

If your acting is so good..then your real love..will be superb, right Sir, a guy named Rebel is killing our men one after the other. I learnt that you’re his next target. We shouldn’t underestimate him, sir. Sir, I think before the situation worsens..we must inform Stephen Robert. I will deal with him single handed. Where is he Hello. Rebel. If you think you can kill even Stephen Robert..since you killed some of our men, you’re in a misconception. It is not only difficult to get to Stephen Robert.

.it is also impossible. You have no idea about who Stephen and Robert are. You think what I will do with you. Tell me where is Stephen Robert else you’ll be kidnapped. What did you say Nanu You will kidnap Nanu Moreover, after informing me It’s my habit to give prior information. Hey. Yes, sir. I want all our men in this be here at 10 tomorrow. How dare he threaten to kidnap me from my own house He threatened Nanu. I think you forgot your challenge. Where are you.

Forget about kidnapping, you can’t even get to me. I will. You can’t. I will. Kidnap. Tell him where is Stephen Robert. Else I will have to kill you myself. Nandini, there’s no place for emotion in my business. Hey, riddle her with bullets. You will kill me You will kill me Kill me. Look at her courage. She will kill me. I think she is not my daughter. She will kill me. I’m very scared. Nanu, you became happy so soon Look at the twist in the story. Boys.

You don’t know what Rebel is capable of. Last night, he paid money to your close aide Farooq..and your men and bought them. Thank you. Don’t waste my time, where is Stephen Robert I won’t reveal. Raju. Sir. I think he won’t speak up in this airconditioned room. Shift. Tell me. Stop. Stop it, Rishi. I will tell you. Call them here. Tell them there’s a big deal. Hi, Nanu. Stephen. Robert. Nice names. I didn’t expect to find you so easily. Rishi. Sorry, Rishi. I’m sorry for what I did.

You thought I will say sorry to you You wanted to nab Stephen and Robert, right You wanted kill them, right You want to nab Stephen and Robert. Are you in your senses You fool! We are not Stephen Robert. Don’t act smart. Stephen Robert is calling. Answer the phone. Rishi. How are you, nephew We are talking after so many years. Did you recognize me We are Stephen and Robert. Robert, your uncle. You will succeed in your capturing our stooges Stephen Robert. Forget nabbing us, you can’t even touch us.

You know why Because your lover and your close aide are with us. Today’s breaking news. We will kidnap you..and take you to your house, the same place..where your parents lived. Those who I killed. Killed them brutally. Come, let’s talk in leisure. Hi. Welcome. How are you, nephew You are angry with me What to do This is life. Some die and some live. You want to kill me, right No chance. You want to I killed your father His eyes were closed and I shot him.

You won’t understand. I will do it and show you. Shoot. Hey! Stop! Go back. It took two years for you to find us. To kill us..I wonder how many years will you need. It is impossible to kill us. No one can kill Stephen and Robert. Well..nobody can even touch us. I’m called the real man. You are a real man Lowly man like you won’t know what real man means. He is born and not made! Fearing me, you deployed so many men for your security.

And you call yourself a real man You killed your people with betrayal..those who trusted you. And you call yourself a real man Remove your stooges and drop the weapon..and come and fight me. Let’s see who the real man is. Let’s decide today. I’ll give you only 5 minutes. Tell your men to kill me in 5 minutes. I won’t raise my hand even for once. I won’t do anything. Kill me. But after soon as 5 minutes is over..I will kill your men right in front of you.

I swear by my father. I will kill your son brutally. Did you now understand what a real man means Is there one here Cool, baby. Don’t get tense. I like this game. It’s been ages since I murdered. May it be it’s a man or a weapon..they work only until they don’t become old. We are ready. To kill you, there is no need for a man like me. They are enough. Girls, go and get him. Finish. Rebel, finish. Hey! Girls can’t kill Rebel. Stephen, don’t waste time, send your stooges.

Boys! Rishi, get up! Rishi! Well done, boys. Hey! Look, he’s up. You still have 1 minute left. Kill me. Else, I will kill you all. Boys and girls, relax. Our 5 minutes finished. Now, it’s Rebel time. Baby, ask your lover to continue the game. Rebel time starts. Hit him! Did you now understand what Rebel is capable of Just one punch and nobody will ever get up. Hey, there’s still time. Run away, else you’ll be killed too. Son! Son! Son! Are you crying Cry. Cry. Cry!.

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