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Should I Learn Arabic or Farsi

Should I learn Arabic or Farsi If you plan on becoming Muslim, Arabic allows you to understand a lot of its followers. Though the Koran is written in classical Arabic and has all kinds of logical inconsistencies, so their followers are still fighting over things to this day. You should read about the Catholic versus Protestant wars in the 1600s and Baptists versus Evangelical debates of today. Sunni and Shia Muslims routinely blow up each others mosques on Fridays, their holy day, per their respective interpretation of kill the infidel. And they all hate on the Ahmadiyya.

And Sufi. OK, that’s a lot worse than the Catholic versus Protestant infighting in Ireland. That’s more ethnic than religious anyway. Though if you do learn Arabic, you’d be able to get a job with the CIA. Going undercover Well, as a woman in any Muslim circle, you’d be severely pressed to be under cover even if you were in the open. But you could get a job as a linguist. I’m not sure I want to work as an interpreter in those countries. You could get a job listening to recorded phone calls from those countries and creating.

Transcripts for intelligence to read. I can do that for the NSA today, without having to learn another language. Or keep up with Arabic chat rooms for discussion of terrorism. Ah, a Homeland Security job that doesn’t involve putting my hands on someone’s junk. If you learned Farsi, you’d be learning Persian. That has little application outside of Iran or the hills of California where a lot of Zoroastrian and Persian Jews settled after the Shah fell. What can I do if I learn that language Same thing as Arabic, but the job would be focused squarely on Iranian communications.

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