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Bubble tea I was wondering why the line was out the door. don’t eat that stuff across the street, it’s not good which one that one right there the bubble tea or food it’s bubble tea, but it doesn’t taste good oh, OK this stuff is better appreciate that, man you’re not trying to speak Chinese to anybody there’s no Chinese people in here I know you want to roll I’m pretty sure it’s good Hey, appreciate that, man are you guys from Chicago Nah, I’m from the suburbs oh, you are.

Yea OK we’re from Ohio My grandmother is Chinese yes oh seriously nice she knows a lot of stuff that’s dope your grandmother or mom My grandmother that’s dope you don’t speak Chinese though No. I know how to get pissed off at people hahahaha that’s cool, that’s cool which part of China is your grandmother from Well, my grandmother. she’s from a small village in Hong Kong oh, OK something like that. my dad’s Chinese and my mom is Jamaican oh really you gotta get on the Chinese then, man.

What are you doing too many words to remember hahahahhaa I tried to write a paragraph, but the words get complicated. topleft, bottomright. you gotta get it right because if you mess up the meaning changes that’s cool ChineseJamaican I can tell from your features eyes yea this dude is a celebrety with languages oh you are lol shhhhh.not suppose to tell anybody lol you’re suppose to guess I speak Cantonese and Mandarin he can speak with everybody in here really I swear to goodness that’s a really good thing to do.

It’s just passion and motivation if you don’t have the motivation it will be difficult you don’t want to get anything here like those people from Hong Kong, they don’t really speak Mandarin she only spoke a little bit of Mandarin that’s why I said Cantonese is. she said. she said something. not very good or something ”Kun nan” is difficult maybe it was a different word, then it sounded like Kun nan yea, Kun nan is like difficult lol.she. why did she look at you like that I don’t know lol.

They’re in there chillin’ what’s that I don’t know. want to go in there and beat them down this is just.exihibition of jade let’s check them out I thought she ws talking to me ”Come on in” that’s what she said that’s what I heard her say, yea. MANDARIN Hi CANTONESE There’s some guys here MANDARIN Do you know how to speak Mandarin hahahhaa MANDARIN I speak Mandarin MANDARIN Your Mandarin isn’t bad lol MANDARIN Did you study abroad in China MANDARIN Did you go to China go to China did you go to China school.

MANDARIN No MANDARIN No MANDARIN Oh wow, you speak so well MANDARIN You speak so well lololol MANDARIN Have a seat! hahahahhahahhaa MANDARIN Did you go to China and study MANDARIN What he’s speaking isn’t Mandarin MANDARIN I’m Mandarin Chinese Mandarin Cantonese MANDARIN That’s not Cantonese MANDARIN That’s not Mandarin MANDARIN What I speak is Mandarin MANDARIN How come you guys can speak Mandarin MANDARIN Because we’re both learning MANDARIN Actually, I’m teaching him. I’m his teacher MANDARIN Right MANDARIN Did you go to China MANDARIN No MANDARIN You didn’t go to China and you speak so well.

MANDARIN It’s just that there’s all kinds of Chinese people in America MANDARINSo there are so many opportunities to practice MANDARIN So you guys learn at a university or something MANDARIN No, I’m a private teacher MANDARIN Oh, private teacher MANDARIN You teach them Chinese MANDARIN I teach him MANDARIN Also I have some other students that are interested in learning MANDARIN Is there like some tuition, must they pay MANDARIN Yes, they pay me money MANDARIN Oh, they pay you hahaha MANDARIN I understand MANDARIN Where are you guys from.

Guangdong MANDARIN But the language you just spoke wasn’t Cantonese, right MANDARIN It’s Cantonese MANDARIN He was just speaking Cantonese MANDARIN I’m from Anhui. I speak Mandarin CANTONESE So you just spoke Cantonese hahahahhahaha CANTONESE He speaks Cantonese as well MANDARIN So awesome! hahahha MANDARIN Sit down sit down MANDARIN She’s the boss MANDARIN The boss CANTONESE Boss is this your chair sit down, please MANDARIN Sit I’ll sit down lol MANDARIN Are you sure MANDARIN Yes, I’m sure MANDARIN Speaking that’s really alright hahahahhahha MANDARIN It’s hot, take it off.

MANDARIN Yea, it’s hot MANDARIN Take it off MANDARIN This is very comfortable MANDARIN You’re not afraid of being hot MANDARIN No MANDARIN You play basketball MANDARIN You’re tall MANDARIN I used to a long time ago CANTONESE A long time ago NBA CANTONESE No,no. hahahha MANDARIN I’m not that good oh, OK MANDARIN Your Mandarin is very good MANDARIN Because when I speak with you, you can communicate with me very fluently MANDARIN Right MANDARIN I can understand a lot MANDARIN You haven’t been to China CANTONESE No CANTONESE No!.

Hahahahahhaha CANTONESE Where did you learn CANTONESE I’m selftaught CANTONESE Selftaught CANTONESE But I’ve already studied Cantonese for two years MANDARIN You have friends CANTONESE I don’t have very many friends that can speak CANTONESE But when I started learning Mandarin a long time ago CANTONESE I consistantly practiced Mandarin with a lot of Chinese people so. MANDARIN Your Cantonese is good MANDARIN It really is. CANTONESE I have a lot of ‘experience’ speaking Mandarin CANTONESE How do you say experience in Cantonese CANTONESE How do you say it in Cantonese.

Huh CANTONESE In Mandarin it’s ‘Jing yan” MANDARIN how do you say it MANDARIN For example MANDARIN ”I have a lot of experience speaking Mandarin” MANDARIN Did you graduate from a university in the U.S. MANDARIN I attended the university, but.since I started my own. University MANDARIN University MANDARIN Which University MANDARIN I’m not attending the university right now MANDARIN Which college were you studying at oh shoot. hahaha MANDARIN Which university MANDARIN Ohio State MANDARIN In Ohio MANDARIN You aren’t from Chicago MANDARIN You guys aren’t from here MANDARIN No, we’re not from here.

MANDARIN Were from Ohio MANDARIN You guys drove yourself MANDARIN Right MANDARIN 5 hours pssssh hahahha MANDARIN That’s a long time MANDARIN Yea, a long time MANDARIN My son goes to a technical school MANDARIN Oh yea MANDARIN Technology MANDARIN Where at MANDARIN Here in Chicago MANDARIN Chicago MANDARIN There’s a college here in Chicago called ‘URUC’ MANDARIN I’ve never heard of it is that the University of Chicago MANDARIN He’s studying technology University of Chicago number 1 MANDARIN Then there’s Northwest College MANDARIN Northwest College MANDARIN Technology is the third.

MANDARIN My son is in technology MANDARIN Institution of Technology CANTONESE Institution of Technology I ACTUALLY DIDN’T KNOW WHAT THIS WAS AT THE TIME MANDARIN Write it down hahahahaha MANDARIN Can you write Chinese MANDARIN I can MANDARIN You can or not MANDARIN I can hahahahhah MANDARIN No, no. MANDARIN It’s not that one MANDARIN Is that the name of the College MANDARIN No, no MANDARIN My son is here MANDARIN Is that his major MANDARIN Is that his major MANDARIN Right, his major MANDARIN Oh, his major MANDARIN He’s studying technology.

MANDARIN Smart MANDARIN You have a smart son MANDARIN You’re smart too! hahahhahahaa MANDARIN Chinese is so good. MANDARIN Can your son speak as well MANDARIN My son is Chinese! MANDARIN So he can speak MANDARIN He. MANDARIN He speaks very standard Chinese ahahhaa MANDARIN Of course MANDARIN His English is good, too MANDARIN It’s about the same as your Chinese MANDARIN Oh yea MANDARIN He studies at.I didn’t quite hear the last part MANDARIN He studies here MANDARIN Was he born here in the states MANDARIN No, he was born in Mainland China.

In China MANDARIN Then he came here MANDARIN We came here MANDARIN He studies here at the university MANDARIN His English is very good MANDARIN It’s the same as your Mandarin MANDARIN My Chinese isn’t that good MANDARIN You speak well MANDARIN You haven’t been to China and can speak so well MANDARIN It really is good really good really good hahahahhaha MANDARIN Confucious said ”There’s always something I can learn from someone” yes very good MANDARIN Is this mine MANDARIN I didn’t touch it MANDARIN Nobody touched it MANDARIN Nobody touched it.

Hey she said ‘Mei you ren dong” nobody touched it, right hahahahha MANDARIN Right MANDARIN Nobody touched his. MANDARIN How do you say it in English MANDARIN My English isn’t good MANDARIN I’ll teach you real quick MANDARIN That’s the dong from ‘dong shou’ that’s like ”nobody touched it” MANDARIN ”Don’t touch it” nobody touched it thank you hahahahha nobody touched it Japan MANDARIN Camera MANDARIN It isn’t. I belive he was trying to say Cannon how do you say the best MANDARIN What’s the size of this MANDARIN I think it’s 700.

MANDARIN No MANDARIN 700 or 800 that’s a different model, he uses Nikon what is this about an 800 that’s the model oh, that’s the model $1,700.00 the price MANDARIN The price MANDARIN I don’t know hahahahhaa MANDARIN Velociy Speed $1,600.00 $600.00 do you know what he’s talking about I don’t know what he’s talking about it’s something about the camera the iso that right there 3,200 or does he mean the price he’s not talking about the price MANDARIN I. hahahha maybe iso this is the iso it’s right here.

How much is it it goes to MANDARIN $3,000.00 MANDARIN So expensive MANDARIN The velocity, you don’t understand MANDARIN I mean the velocity hahhahahhaa MANDARIN The phase, not the money Do you know how to say that in Chinese yea, yea MANDARIN He said MANDARIN He said 51,000 MANDARIN No, it’s not that high hahahahahahahha MANDARIN My knowledge about that isn’t so good. MANDARIN The highest one is like 2,000 hahahahhaha he said the highest is like 2,400 MANDARIN You mean the highest is. MANDARIN The highest is MANDARIN 2,400 of velocity.

It has to be the sensitivity MANDARIN This is the highest one 2400 MANDARIN Right he said that’s the highest one MANDARIN His probably isn’t MANDARIN His is maybe more than 1,000 he said yours has to be at least more than 1,000 he said yours has to be at least more than 1,000 mine goes up to.I believe it is. MANDARIN No how much price MANDARIN The price MANDARIN How much is it like $1600 MANDARIN Almost 2,000.00 MANDARIN 2,00.00 USD!!! MANDARIN Almost $1700 MANDARIN That’s almost 2,000.00 MANDARIN USD.

MANDARIN USD, right MANDARIN Wow, that’s super high hahahahhahahhaha what did he say lololol he asked me how much the price was I think it’s the sensitivity.I think I have no idea. I don’t know that term it may be 128,000 because he said 2400. MANDARIN His has batteries for it MANDARIN Right MANDARIN He has 4 batteries 5 MANDARIN 5 batteries MANDARIN They came with it MANDARIN Did he buy them or were they included hahahhaha did you buy those or did they come with it it came with one.

MANDARIN One MANDARIN He bought the others himself MANDARIN He bought the other 4 himself MANDARIN How come that cost so much hahahhaa MANDARIN I wouldn’t spend that much money myself MANDARIN So expensive of a camera I’ll show him he doesn’t believe it’s that much MANDARIN I know MANDARIN Wasn’t sure what that word was MANDARIN No hahahahhahaha MANDARIN Let me take a look MANDARIN Be careful lol MANDARIN Be careful MANDARIN I wouldn’t spend that much money MANDARIN Not that expensive tell him that’s the best one MANDARIN He said it’s the best one.

MANDARIN The best one MANDARIN The quality is the best MANDARIN Let me check something out for a minute look in here put your eyes in here MANDARIN Take a look ok hello hi how are you fine, how are you you put your eyes here oh MANDARIN Very clear very good CANTONESE Very clear hey, do you mind taking our picture no! do you mind if we take a picture I appreciate it all you have to do is. you know, tap it can you get all of us hahahhaa.

Hey, do you want to sit over here sit here I can get all of you here OK just focus and go ahead and snap that shot lol I took 3 you took 3 OK Thank you, what’s your name Emma Emma Appreciate it, Emma we’re from Ohio we’re from Indiana you’re from Ohio hey! nice to meet you nice to meet you I should get a picture of you guys where in Ohio Columbus Columbus I live in Springfield do you want to take our picture is it right here.

Yea I know it’s the most technical thing but I swear it’s the best quality hahahahahha alright not the best camera for a wedding, but you said hit this one first just tap it we have to do the OHIO hahahhahahhahahhaa you know what, I’ll write down my email I have a bunch of them because I make websites are you just visiting Chicago for my friend speaks languages lolol he’s actually speaking Chinese. another Chinese language we’ve been trying to learn a little bit you tried to learn yea MANDARIN I’m called.

MANDARIN He is called. oh MANDARIN She’s called Emma MANDARIN She’s called Emma MANDARIN What’s your name she’s better than me lol this is my wife’s fashion blog, but this is my email I’ll get those pictures to you guys as a matter of fact. hello how are you so what made you guys learn Chinese this guy uh. he has his own method for learning languages, actually uh oh he’s been learning Swedish we came out here to find some Swedsih no Swedish people Swedish town, but no Swedish people.

Really that’s kind of confusing yea he found one person one and a half one and a half Indiana has the Burmese you guys have the Burmese population yea Fort Wayne Fort Wayne, yea are you learning that too not now, but I was before I know how to say one word. BURMESE Hello actually, it was Karen Karen is different I was learning the Rangoon. that’s the standard though Karen is more of a dialect yea, I don’t know hahaha she said ”I don’t know” hahahaha my friend started with one.

Karen is.yea normally you wouldn’t learn that first. unless you have many friends speaking that one normally, people would learn the Rangoon dialect MANDARIN Do you speak Mandarin MANDARIN I can speak Mandarin hahahahah MANDARIN I would like to practice my Chinese MANDARIN Your Chinese is very good ahahahaha MANDARIN Thank you MANDARIN Speaks very good Chinese MANDARIN She can also speak oh! MANDARIN You can also speak oh MANDARIN Just a little bit hahahaha MANDARIN Hello MANDARIN Hello MANDARIN Nice to meet you uh what is that hahahahaha MANDARIN Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you yea MANDARIN Nice to meet you don’t worry, I messed up with that one yesterday I was struggling hahahahaha that’s cool, real interesting but yea, definitely contact me this is the reason we were learning Chinese we’re Jehova’s witnesses OK because there’s a large concentration of Chinese in our area we wanted to be able to speak with them right on in their language that way they are more comfortable right on and that website has over 400 languages that you can switch it to seriously there’s an app that we’re trained to learn Chinese from.

We met a couple. I don’t know if you were with us we met some Jehova’s witnesses in California but they were doing more of Amharic wow there’s so many it’s hard to choose definitely email me, I’ll get those photos to you nice meeting you and your name was Marcell Marcell Master Marcell hahahhahaha I’m into computers, it’s a long story, but. lol send me an email then I can send you guys the photos or something lol nice to meet you Moses what’s your name Moses MANDARIN Is that your wife.

I don’t know I know very little MANDARIN Wife MANDARIN Wife you know MANDARIN Husband husband and wife yea is it Cantonese or Mandarin Mandarin I think we’re learning Cantonese because the word is different so.was it mostly Mandarin no, you’re doing Mandarin wife and husband is different no, because you can say ‘Tai tai’ you can say ‘qi zi’ you can say ‘lao po’ you say ‘lao gong’ ”husband” you can say ‘zhang fu’ that’s the one I hear lao gong more which is more accepted I mean, they’re both good.

Is one formal and informal because we’re learning simplified it might not be right it doesn’t really matter I mean, it’s Chinese the difference between the traditional and simplified is the writing the spoken is the same oh, OK it was nice to meet you guys nice to meet you alright, you’re ready ready to get out of here no.whatever.whatever you’re trying to do what are you trying to do OK, we’re back hahahahhahah he’s on the phone right now yea so, he speaks Cantonese he speaks Cantonese I don’t think he speaks English.

MANDARIN You don’t speak English huh MANDARIN You don’t speak English MANDARIN No hahaha he doesn’t speak English MANDARIN Just a tiny bit MANDARIN A tiny bit CANTONESE A little bit CANTONESE In Cantonese CANTONESE Yes CANTONESE Hello in Cantonese, but in Mandarin MANDARIN Hello CANTONESE How are you CANTONESE Cantonese is very difficult MANDARIN $20 $20 MANDARIN Right,right he said it’s $20 $20 do you have a small one MANDARIN Do you have a small one MANDARIN No, not that one MANDARIN Go and ask the boss MANDARIN The same.buying stuff.

Do you understand what he’s saying no hhahahha where are you guys from Vietnam VIETNAMESE Hello ladies and gentlemen ahahahahahhahahahhahaha VIETNAMESE I can speak Vietnamese yea VIETNAMESE So, we can speak in Vietnamese VIETNAMESE What do you think hahahahhaha sounds good hahahaha VIETNAMESE Nice to meet you guys CANTONESE Vietnam CANTONESE Do you have a question CANTONESE Do you want to ask me something MANDARIN Do you have any questions MANDARIN I ask you. CANTONESE This is in the Southern part of Asia CANTONESE I know, I know how do you say no in Chinese.

Lol how about.not in a million years hahahaha he’s Cantonese oh really OK and there’s Mandarin there hi, how are you MANDARIN They’re also learning Chinese Chinese Mandarin MANDARIN Right I only know a little bit MANDARIN Have you ever been to China go to China learn it real fast, eh yea say no to him what is it because he asked you if you’ve ever been over to China MANDARIN No MANDARIN Take them to China together with you hahahahahha MANDARIN Perhaps, perhaps he said all of us go to China together.

OK hahahahaha tonight tonight! hahahahhaha MANDARIN Know you nope, you’re not done MANDARIN Nice to meet you MANDARIN I’m happy to have met you bye bye nice to meet you guys drive safe MANDARIN This is the best camera he said Canon is the best oh no! HLOLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLOLOLOLOL MANDARIN That one isn’t MANDARIN This one here is the best camera MANDARIN The best!! Japan number 1 oh no. MANDARIN That one isn’t. MANDARIN That one isn’t MANDARIN No number 1 Number 1 Fuji films this one is number 1 what do you want to say.

MANDARIN Why would you say. how do you say trash MANDARIN He said trash hahahahaha MANDARIN It’s like this, we went to buy a camera MANDARIN This one was the best Best buy oh, Best buy MANDARIN Right this one is number 1 oooh no CANTONESE That version is better, right CANTONESEMANDARIN Which one of them is the best CANTONESE I have no idea MANDARIN The best. CANTONESE I don’t know CANTONESE I’m not interested in this CANTONESE No interest hahahaha Cannon! He said Cannon was the best that’s what he said.

I don’t know, I’m not a camera guy hahahaha what time is it 830 830 you want to make some moves sure, we can MANDARIN We. MANDARIN You guys are leaving MANDARIN Go back home MANDARIN Go back to Ohio MANDARIN Nice to meet you MANDARIN What’s your name MANDARIN Do you have an English name MANDARIN You CANTONESE What’s your name CANTONESE I’m called mouse CANTONESE This is Cantonese MANDARIN I speak Mandarin CANTONESE You don’t speak Cantonese MANDARIN Not good MANDARIN He can speak Mandarin CANTONESE Yes CANTONESE Now I speak Cantonese with you.

CANTONESE I’m called mouse CANTONESE Mouse! hahahahhahahahha CANTONESE Nickname MANDARIN My nickname is mouse MANDARIN mouse MANDARIN Mouse hahahahahahhaha bye bye MANDARIN Take care MANDARIN My bag MANDARIN He’s on the phone now ia that yours no bye bye 886 886 MANDARIN Goodnight MANDARIN Goodight I should give him my email address send him that picture my head’s about to fall off my head’s about to fall off, man that was good I should give them my email address we’re still rolling too. 1hr 12. man that was sloppy, dude.

That was crazy as lolol hey.. that was crazy as hold on, I’m about to smack him real quick alright go ahead hey, do you know MANDARIN What time is it now oh CANTONESE 8. MANDARIN 830 MANDARIN Thank you MANDARIN Mandarin’s good MANDARIN Where are you guys from huh MANDARIN Where are you from MANDARIN Me MANDARIN I’m from Guangdong MANDARIN Are you from Guangdong as well Szechuan SZECHUAN DIALECT Let’s have a chit chat for a minute hahahhahahhahaha MANDARIN This is Szechuan MANDARIN Eat some Szechuan food.

MANDARIN I don’t have time MANDARIN You don’t have time he’s from Szechuan and I used the Szechuan dialect on him ahahhahahhaa MANDARIN Szechuan food is spicy MANDARIN Yes, very spicy MANDARIN You can tell them to not make it so spicy MANDARIN Very spicy is my favorite thing to eat WHAT’S THIS MONEY LAYING OVER HERE CANTONESE You guys speak Cantonese omg CANTONESE Speaking Mandarin one time and Cantonese the other CANTONESE Are you guys from Guangdong as well CANTONESE What CANTONESE You guys are from Hong Kong CANTONESE Hong Kong.

CANTONESE I DIDN’T CATCH HIM HERE MANDARIN You’re awesome. You can speak Cantonese as well hahahahhahahha MANDARIN What other languages can you speak CANTONESE Japanese MANDARIN Japanese MANDARIN Korean MANDARIN Vietnamese MANDARIN Swedish MANDARIN You know MANDARIN I know, I know Swedish MANDARIN Have you ever been to China MANDARIN No, I haven’t MANDARIN You haven’t been to China and you. CANTOESE No. MANDARIN Awesome CANTONESE Because there are so many Chinese people in America CANTONESE So.many opportunities CANTONESE You have a talent hahahahhahahah CANTONESEMANDARIN Language pro CANTONESE Goodbye MANDARIN Awesome.

Hahahhaa MANDARIN Practice a bit MANDARIN Before we leave. practice with him a bit. MANDARIN I’ve been in America More than 20 years and I still can’t speak English MANDARIN You can’t speak MANDARIN No, I can’t MANDARIN You haven’t tried MANDARIN I don’t have a way of doing so hahahhahahhahah MANDARINI COULDN’T REALLY HEAR HIM HEAR MANDARIN You can ask him some questions MANDARIN He wants to practice a bit of Chinese MANDARIN You guys can go in and practice. You’re not hungry hahahhahhaha MANDARIN You will be welcomed MANDARIN It’s not that spicy.

MANDARIN It’s ok if it’s spicy MANDARIN Both spicy and non spicy MANDARIN He is my Chinese teacher MANDARIN This is one of China’s popular dish MANDARIN This is traditional MANDARIN Yes, traditional MANDARIN Perhaps next time we will try MANDARIN You don’t live here MANDARIN No, Ohio MANDARIN You came here for. MANDARIN Our reason for coming here was to fins people that spoke Swedish MANDARIN Because I’ve been studying Swedish diligently lately MANDARIN How do you find them MANDARIN How do I find them MANDARIN On the internet MANDARIN You used the internet to search for them.

MANDARIN Righ, right MANDARIN Before we came here I used to computer to search for them MANDARIN The net said that there are many Swedish speakers here in Chicago and Minnesota so we’re here now MANDARIN Smoking, smoking. hahahahha MANDARIN Smoking they’re looking at you in the van mad as hell lol MANDARIN We’re leaving now MANDARIN We’re leaving MANDARIN OK,OK MANDARIN Goodbye MANDARIN Try it out MANDARIN You will be welcomed MANDARIN Take care try this no, this one because this one is Szechuan you want to try it you feel like eating something.

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