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Belly Dancing Moves For Beginners Camel Walk Steps in Belly Dancing

Now I am going to show you another classic step called Camel Walk. This step is really good when you have a group of belly dancers, and you make and angel line in a circle and somebody follow the lead, the main Camel Walk dancer. So the Camel Walk, usually I use this arm position but you can use pretty much any position. This one is very common too, or this one or if your are the choreographer of your own piece so you can incorporate any arm position you want. Basically, you’re going to be walking in your tiptoes and you’re going.

To have a level change. You are going to be going up and down each time you have a step so, and you have your knees bent as well and you are going to be moving your hips. I’m going to give you the profile. This is the position for the camel walk and you’re going to be in tip toes, o.k., and each step you’re going to change your level and your going to be moving your hips. This is the Camel Walk in place. Now I’m going to do the Camel.

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