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Multiple MultiLanguage QuarkXPress Layout Tabs to InDesign

Alright, we got a question in from a potential Q2ID customer. They’re using CS6. Same applies with CC, even CS5.5 or CS5. And the question is, now you see we’re in QuarkXPress, with their QuarkXPress file. And what they have are all these different tabs, with all the different languages. Within Quark, you can make individual layout tabs, so it’s very handy for people with multiple language documents, and people who need to translate. So, you have, you know, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and German, etc., even Japanese. So, this is very handy for people working or,.

You know, making multiple language documents. They can have everything in one DTP layout, with individual layout tabs. How does that convert with Q2ID Does she have to. She was wondering do you have to do every one, one at a time, or how does that work So, let me show you how that works now. We’ll get out of Quark here and hop on over into CS6. And to use Q2ID, it’s as easy as Markzware gt Q2ID gt Convert QuarkXPress document. Simply choose their document, click Open, and this pops up.

And this is where you have to pay attention. Select a Layout. Do you want to do just the German, or just the English layout, or do you want to do all layouts You choose All. You click OK. And now Q2ID will convert that QuarkXPress file, all those times, right into InDesign. So, now you have the Japanese version, the German version. You can see all the versions. So, that’s Q2ID from Markzware, converting multiple layout tabs within QuarkXPress. With one click snaps fingers, everything comes over. If you’d like more information on Markzware’s Q2ID,.

Cruise on over to markzware today. There, you’ll get lots of information on all of our products. And under Products, you can choose Q2ID. And with one click there, you can get all the details on this multiaward winning plugin, which allows you to convert QuarkXPress files right into Adobe InDesign, with one click. In one bundle and for CC, CS6, CS5.5 or CS5, andor. And you can have all of those and you can use one at a time only, but you can switch from one to the other, whenever you need to.

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