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Make a program To PRONOUNCE Arabic Words. May Allahs peace , mercy and blessing be upon you. In sha allah in that lesson. we will Learn How To Make a program To PRONOUNCE Arabic Words. We Need Two Arabic Voices I uploaded them in my Website. Ok Let us Start Make a New Folder. Name it Voices. After Downlaoding that Two voices You will find them in that way Ziped Files. Use winrar To EXTRACT that Files. Right And Choose EXTRACT Files. And Choose Voices folder Which we just created.

Do the same With other Voice File. Right And Choose EXTRACT Files. Let us Install First Program. mbrolatools And that program use To pronounce any Arabic Words. Right And Choose EXTRACT Here. Double To install. Next I accept the agreement Next Next Next Install Finish You Will find Program Icon in Control Panel. Open Control Panel. Mbrola I agree Let’s Add Two Arabic Voices. Press Add Let’s Add First Arabic Voice. ar1 Ok First Voice Added.Great ! Do the same To add Second Arabic Voice. Press Add.

Ar2 Second Voice Added.Great ! Apply Ok Let’s install Second and last Program. Euler Version Two. Right EXTRACT Here Double To install. Finish Next Yes Next Next Close that Screen. You have To Restart Your computer Choose First Choice then press Finish. Ok,i am back After Restarting my Computer. Let’s open our program Euler Press Start icon. put your mouse over All Programs. Euler Press Euler Or Right click in Euler Application file. Send To Desktop creat a shortcut. To creat a shortcut To that Program. Here’s Program’s shortcut.

Double To Open. Ok That’s Our New Program To To pronounce any Arabic Words. Now,Let’s try Any word and see. Open Your EnglishArabic Dictionary And write Faith. Right click and Copy Arabic Word Past it in Euler Press Start Process Good If you Don’t like that Voice You can Change to other Voice. Let’s Try Another Word Friend Press Meaning or Enter in your Keyboard. Double in Arabic Translation. Highlight that Arabic Word. Right click and Copy it. Past it in Euler program. Press Start Process.

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