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Talking only in Japanese on Skype after learning it for a week

Hello ! I have been learning Japanese for ten days and decided to record a Skype conversation in which I only spoke Japanese, and used a dictionary when I didn’t understand. I will show it to you now! Enjoy! Hello Hello Nice to meet you How are you doing Can you please say again Nice to meet you Nice to meet you too Junpei Are you in Japan right now Yes, I am in Japan Yes I am In Spain That’s nice Yeah ! I..have been studying. hmm. For a week.

You have been studying Japanese for a week. Yes I see, That’s great ! How long have you been in Spain In Spain. Yeah. In Spain How long have you been living in Spain I don’t understand Can you write please Ok, Just a moment. Sure How long have you been living in Spain Right Ah. I see. I understand now. Yeah It has been 2 weeks 2 weeks, Yes I see Yes, 2 weeks Spain yeah Next year I am going to Japan Oh, Are you Where are you going to in Japan.

Tokyo.Okinawa.Osaka Yeah I see, You must be excited ! Yeah Right.Yeah. I. On Facebook I read that..Junpei.a teacher. A teacher.Japan.Japanese Teacher. Oh, Me In America Ah. In America I have taught Japanese to American people Junpei.a America I wasn’t a teacher but a volunteer Volunteer I don’t know Volunteer Please write it down Sure, Volunteer Do you read Katakana Oh, Katakana Yes, I read them OK! here you are Volunteer Volunteer. Volunteer. Oh.OK ! Volunteer I understand It is slightly different from English I see, It’s good !.

It was so much fun for me Do you speak good English hmm. Are you fluent in English yeah. I am fluent now Yes But I didn’t speak English at all when I was in the US I see. OK, ah.yeah. Do you have any questions for me Yes.Well. Why do you want to study Japanese .studying Japanese. Why Why. I don’t know why Can you please write Sure Why ! I see ! Why ! Yeah. OK A ha I want to meet Japanese people.

I see. Yes, Japanese people yes, Next Year I understand That’s right I see In Japanese. What are you interested in the Japanese culture Like Manga comic book Manga ! Are there Kanji in Manga I don’t read Kanji I don’t need to read I want to speak You want to speak Yes, I want to speak I see. So. I don’t read Kanji.Manga. Do you need to understand Kanji to read manga Do you need to understand Kanji to read manga Yes Yes, you do I see. Manga.

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