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Tales of Women in Quran episode 28 part 2 Umm Jamil

Abdulrahman ! Ammar ! Peace be upon you, brother Peace and blessings of Allah be upon you How are our brothers in Khuzaa tribe They are your brothers in Islam, Ammar Islam has come to bring together our hearts and make all of us one nation Alhamdulillah for the favor of Islam I didn’t join to pay condolences for the death of your parents May Allah have mercy upon them I felt much pain when I knew what happened What makes me at ease is that the Prophet PBUH..gave them good tidings that they will be rewarded with the paradise.

May Allah make me follow them May Allah grant it to all of us Inshaa’Allah Aren’t there any orders to fight yet Be patient and endure, my brother Indeed, Allah is with the patient Be careful on your way home I entrust you to Allah, my brother This is weird! The followers of Muhammad keep increasing everyday That’s because you don’t punish them well What can we do more We constrict them, prevent them from trading and torture them till they perish We have to fight on Muhammad himself We must fight their leader and master.

What do you have in mind, Umm Jamil You will know right now Welcome! Welcome, my dear sons! Utbah and Utaybah Hello! What’s the matter, mother Nothing good can happen as long as Muhammad , your fatherinlaw is fighting his people Everyday the number of those who enter his religion increases We must make a decisive stand We! What can we do Divorce his daughters Umm Kulthum and Ruqayyah But they haven’t done anything wrong We’ll never find in this world anyone..better and more righteous than our wives, Muhmmad’s daughters and I’m telling you to divorce them.

Immediately! Utaybah did a good job when he divorced his wife Muhmmad was very hurt by what happened We’ll see what his brother Utbah did Here is Utbah ! Utbah ! Hello, father! Let me hear the good tiding Yes father, I divorced her and in addition to that, I mocked her father in front of a crowd of his followers That’s my beloved son! Tell me what happened in details I saw him sitting among his followers mumbling things that I don’t understand It’s what he believes to be a revelation I walked in like a lion.

And said I don’t believe in the star when it descends nor do I believe in he who approached and descended and such things P.S He is talking about verses in Surat Al Najm Well said! Then I spat on the ground Bless you, my son and I announced his daughter’s divorce Now I can brag about you, Utaybah Did Muhmmad remain quite after all of that He prayed and said May Allah set upon you one of His dogs Let him pray as much as he wants I don’t understand the reason why we’re traveling to the Levant at this time.

You don’t know Muhammad His prayer may hurt our son We had to escape Where are we going now Let’s sit on a high ground and encircle Uttbah with men to protect him from danger I can’t find a good reason for all of your actions Beware, people! There are lions in this land Lions! what do you mean He means that there are lions living in this land Let’s light some fire then O men, ignite the fire and make a large circle with your bodies Utbah , stand in the middle of this circle.

And don’t you ever leave it As you say, father Do something, Abu Lahab ! I can’t move I’m frozen Save my son! Someone do something! Noooo! Noooo! Utbah ! Utbah ! Utbah ! Say somthing, my son Answer me! Uttbah ! That is the best idea We should all bring down our swords jointly on Muhammad so that the responsibility of the murder would not fall upon any single clan leading to blood feuds Excuse me, give me a minute This is an important meeting, Abu Lahab There is no place for women in it.

It won’t take me long What do you want, Umm Jamil I came to participate in the war against Muhammad Do you want to hold a sword and fight along with the knights of the clans Don’t make fun of me I’m giving you this expensive necklace sell it and spend the money on the war agaisnt Muhmmad That’s strange! You used to treasure this necklace more than me and your two sons I won’t put it around my neck from this day on and I won’t feel at ease unless I hear the news of Muhammad’s death.

In the name of Allah, the Compassionate the Merciful Perish the two hands of Abu Lahab, and perish he! His wealth will not avail him or that which he gained. He will enter to burn in a Fire of blazing flame. And his wife as well the carrier of firewood. Around her neck is a rope of twisted fiber. Surat AlMasad The Palm Fiber, Flame I know that Allah’s prophet PBUH survived this scheme And he hid with his friend in The cave of Thawr Yes, the pigeons laid their eggs on the entrance of the cave.

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