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Loose, Lose and Loss Common Mistakes in English Learn English Grammar Free

Welcome to twominenglish. Teaching you English through twominute lessons. In this lesson, we will see how to use loose’, lose’ and loss’ without mistakes. Good morning, everyone. In today’s lesson we will cover the proper usage of loose’, lose’ and loss’. This is going to be a tricky lesson. All those words often seem alike. Not if you know how to use them. Let us go step by step. First, let us consider Loose’. Does anyone here know how to use it Loose’ is used to denote the opposite of being tight. For example, your TV’s wiring is loose and it’s not working properly.

That’s a great example, Mindy! Now tell me. Your clothes are loose. Did you lose weight Yes, I’ve been on a diet. And I noticed that you used lose’ to talk about my weight loss. Way to go, Mindy! And you’ve used loss’. What does loss’ mean in her sentence, Barry Mindy used loss’ as a noun. Lose’ is the act of losing something, and loss’ is the state of having lost something. Good explanation, Barry. Do you think you can lose more weight than Mindy if you go on a diet.

I don’t think so. I am very serious about weight loss. Barry can’t lose more weight than me. Maybe you’re right. Now, I heard your dog ran off last night. Is that true Yep, Rocky is such a pain sometimes. His leash was loose and he ran off. So his leash was not tight, huh Well, I got reports from the neighborhood that he was running loose. Running loose That means he wasn’t tied up, right Correct. Run loose’ means that something or someone does not behave as expected. Great, so we know now that lose’ is the act of losing something,.

Loss’ is the state of having lost something, and loose’ is used for things that are not tightened, tied up or fixed properly. I think I understand now, Robert. Let’s listen to some conversations. What do you say I wouldn’t lose the opportunity for anything! Hi Smith. What’s with your shoes They are very loose. I think I bought the wrong size. See if you can exchange them at the store. I went there, but they asked me for the receipt. I don’t have it. You should never lose the receipt, if you want to have stuff replaced.

Hey Lee, did you lose something Yes, I am searching for my wallet. Is this the one I found it under the couch. Thanks a lot, Anderson! I had the rent money in it. It’d have been quite a loss for me. I bet it was yours! Good that you didn’t lose the bet. Why is that horse roaming in the field I think the owner has left it loose for grazing. He’d better keep an eye on it or he might lose it. Yes! If he acts carelessly, he’ll have to regret his loss.

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