Learn Arabic In Birmingham Uk

Katherine Tonkiss, PhD Local Government Studies University of Birmingham

My name’s Katie Tonkiss and I did a PhD in the Institute of Local Government Studies. I did my masters here beforehand, and so it was natural for me to progress on to the PhD programme but also I felt that the institution had a really good reputation for the subject area that I was involved with primarily so I was really keen to come to the department. Probably doing the PhD, something that is really important is to have a lot of people around you who are really supportive and really involved in the programme that you do and.

So that was something that I really valued within my department where not only my peers but also the staff were really supportive of my programme and actually knew quite a lot of them personally by the end of it which was nice. Well I’ve already got a job in the Institute of Local Government Studies as a research fellow which was great and clearly I was well equipped for that with my research programme. I would say really try and make the most of the people that are here and that are really.

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