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Hi! School Love On Ep.4 First steps The first step to learning love! 2014.08.26

Nice to meet you. I thought about it and from now on. I think I’ll be causing you a lot of trouble. Stand up straight. My necklace. Necklace He treasured it as it was from his mom. Why do you have this Is this what you were looking for How did you know that I fell Where did you fall Wait. Have you fallen in love What If you’re going to fall, it should be in love. Hey, Lee Seulbi! Why do you keep avoiding me Lee Seulbi! Older angel! Wait!.

What are you doing Older angel. Did you see someone that you know Have you gotten your memory back Hey! Seulbi! Wake up! Look how sick you are. You should feel honored. It’s just for today. Sleep here so grandma doesn’t wake up. You feel like my doctor today. Go to bed. You don’t even have the strength to speak. I should be happy if you remember something. I’m really hopeless. Don’t be sick, Seulbi. Am I even taking medication now I know it was him. Are you okay What Yes. I’m okay.

Let’s see if your temperature’s gone down. Don’t move. Don’t lay your hands on me! Don’t copy my catchphrase. Then can I touch you with my foot Of course not! No! Don’t come close. What’s with you How will I give you this then What’s that Is it mine Not yet. It’s not yours until I give it to you. Want me to throw it It’s the latest model. It might fall apart. No! Wow, this is really cool. Are you really giving this to me For free Nothing’s for free.

I’ll take it back if you don’t answer my calls. You’re really mean. Do you know that You’re worse for not calling when you leave. So this is what humans use. A camera. Delete it. This is fun. Geez. Gosh! I don’t like taking photos. I want to keep it as a souvenir. I want to look at it after I leave. Selfies are all about the angle. Put your head down a little. Smile. Smile, smile. 1, 2, 3! Put it away, would you It’s strange. Numbers 1 to 10 are all your number.

So what I want to save grandma, Gisu, and my friends’ numbers. Delete it for me. You have to do that yourself. Here. Enter your number for me. Look at her! Is she saving another guy’s number on the phone I bought for her What are you mumbling about Hey, Seulbi! Is this shiny, sexy phone yours Gisu, give me your number too. Don’t try to hit on me like this. Can I be no. 1 That’s already taken. Really Then no. 2. That’s taken too. You’re no. 14.

What I’m so upset. Put me in the top 5. I want to be in the top 5. Try to get your grades in the top 5. The same goes for you! Come here! Hey! What number is Seulbi on your speed dial Why is that important What number am I on your phones We’re going to be late. Are you alright Let’s go. Are you okay You don’t seem to be hurt. Let’s hurry. The witch has gone crazy. End of class. Duty student, clean up. Enjoy your lunch. Yes. Thank you!.

Lunch! I’m so hungry. Let’s go and eat. It’s a special meal today. Are you coming You go eat as much as you like. Wow. That’s all you’re going to eat You’ll end up killing yourself. I’d rather die than be ugly. You’re so pathetic. You’re going to starve even in hell because you never eat. You should try eating one meal a day too. Want it It is true that one meal per person is the latest trend. It’s one meal a day! I have a cat face. Guys like that.

I must eat only one meal a day to maintain this. What Have all the cats died You look like a dog! What You’re the one with the dog face. Want to never be able to eat dog food again No. That’s not necessary. Good luck with your diet then. Let’s go and eat. Cat Dog Humans are happiest when they eat. That’s just you. Happiness is nothing special. All you need is a warm back and full tummy. A warm back That sounds strange. Geez, Seulbi. Want to study Korean or just eat with me.

You’re so pathetic. Are you sure this is anchovy soup Geez, you have such sensitive taste buds. It is. I checked it twice. Really It tastes a little strange. Sungyeol, come eat with us. Leave him. You should eat in good company. I agree with you there. You go somewhere else. Welcome. I think I’m going to choke soon. I have a bad feeling. What’s having a cat face and dog face Do male humans like cat faces Why Want to know what kind of face you have Yes. We’re eating lunch and.

You have a barf face. Hey, I know what that means. If I have a barf face, you must be a psycho. I’m not a psycho. You have a barf face, I have a handsome face. What’s wrong It’s not like what I said is false. Gisu! Kang Gisu! Master of delivery, Kang Gisu! Aren’t you going to eat Why isn’t he eating He loves eating. Goodness. 11th grade, class 3 students are noisy even at lunch. People should chat when they eat. Words go to and fro. More like rice goes to and fro.

I’m sorry. Teacher Kim! Want me to not just hate but totally ignore you At least you feel some kind of feelings for me. Teacher An. Are you okay I’m going to get up first. What’s wrong with me Hello What Woohyun Hang in there. We’re almost there. Are you really. Woohyun Are you really Woohyun Where’s Woohyun Goodness. My dear, are you okay I told you to check the ingredients list. Why did you inherit food allergies Inherit From who Woohyun’s mother couldn’t eat crabs. One of the teachers is hospitalized with.

The same symptom. Really There’s another person like him Where did she go Goodness. Are you alright You shouldn’t eat it if it tastes funny. Look at you. I’m alright now. What about the shop, Ms. Gong Don’t worry about the shop. Are you really alright You shocked me. You shocked me. I was more shocked than you were. Let’s go. I don’t like the smell of hospitals. Hold on a second. Lie down. You shocked me. I’m so sorry. I’m such an indifferent husband. I don’t know anything about you.

I didn’t tell you, that’s why. I just have to be careful. Tell me if there’s anything else I don’t know. I’ll be careful so you don’t get sick. Honey. Should we move Move Why move all of a sudden You liked being close to the school. Right. You’re so funny. Rest for a while. Your grandma sighed when I told her we have exams in a few days. So what Grandmas have poor lungs so they take long, deep breaths. What I mean is that we should study. I just came out of the hospital.

Have you forgotten that already Oh, that’s right. What else can’t you eat besides crabs Why do you ask I’m going to eat it all so you can’t have it. That’s so typical of you. Don’t get sick again. Being sick is really bad. Wait, you haven’t answered me. What number am I on your speed dial Why would I save your number You rotten high school human! You’re not feeling well. Go inside and study. I can’t hear you! I can’t hear the crazy pervert nagging! You’d better come inside after 5 minutes!.

Or else you’ll be scolded. Hey! You’re saved as no. 1! Hurry up and pick one. 1, 2, 3! You don’t get 2 drinks by pressing 2 buttons. You’re so stupid. I think you’re going to be hopeless forever. I have a feeling that I’m going to succeed next time. You’re such a worry. You’re so good at this kind of thing. That’s pretty impressive. You’d be even better if you studied hard. Hey, if I were a good student, the girls wouldn’t leave me alone. So that’s why all the girls.

Throw themselves at Sungyeol. What Why bring Sungyeol into this Are they really cousins She’s flirting with him, right So long as she doesn’t flirt with Sungyeol. Are you feeling okay I was really worried. Is it okay to drink that kind of thing Yeah, it’s okay. You took Woohyun to the hospital. Thanks. Go. I said go. Let’s get lost so the couple can talk. I’ve got a list of expected questions. Want to review them together I’m going. WWoohyun! I need to find a way to approach him.

Here I go. Missed! Another $10. Missed again. Another $10. Here I go. Here. This is the last one. I’m going to throw it nicely. Strike! Lee Seulbi. You must be rich. Want to join Do I get money if I throw it like this Hey. Having fun, are you Lee Seulbi, take Cheonsik outside. Why don’t you stop I think you’ve got enough to go clubbing. Does he take me for a beggar You’re lucky. Why Because you live with Woohyun. What Yes. Do I still look like a loser to you.

You’re an even bigger loser now. At least you were worth helping back then. I never asked you to help me. You should’ve just left me to die. Yes, I should’ve done just that. You live like trash anyway. I’ve got you. Come here. What’s your relationship with him It seemed pretty serious. What do you want to know Is peeking your hobby Peek Who Me I couldn’t help but see. Choi Jaeseok doesn’t mess around with you. It’s because he can’t. Don’t pretend to be tough again. You cheesy prince.

What’s wrong with your hand Take your mind off Seulbi. I’ll take care of her. You don’t seem to be doing a good job. Geez. He’s so annoying. Walk inside. Hi. Stop. Jaeseok. What costs more The locker or you I don’t know. Even if I damage it, my parents will pay for it so I’m probably more expensive. You. Spit out that poop! Your mouth is so dirty! Your mouth. Wait. Hello Yes, sir. Yes, I’ll bring it to you. Hello Who The chairman Hello, chairman. Yes. Yes, I’ll be there soon.

Bye. Seokhun, come here. Take this to the math teacher in the lab. Yes. Go! Can I go now If you get caught kicking the lockers again, I’ll stitch your legs together! Go! Give it back. Good things are meant to be shared. Give it back. You’re so scary. Your never come first but you’re first at being shameless. I can understand. This is the only way you can beat Hwang Sungyeol and come first, right Help me improve my grades too. Copy this perfectly into your head.

Got it I never study for exams. Do you find it bothersome like swimming Tests should reflect your regular skills. That’s for kids who are naturally smart. You need to cram. What Do you want to be crammed Bang, bang! I want to try that too. Chew your gum until it doesn’t taste sweet. Roll it around with your tongue. Then, the gum and you have to become one. Focus. Push your tongue forwards. Blow it up. It’s really hard. My chin hurts. You know what You know what.

What You go first. No, you go first. Are you. Close to Yena Are you a couple Couple Do you even know what that means Do you even know the spelling Are you jealous Me Why would I be I don’t even know how to be jealous. You’re totally jealous right now. I think something’s happened to your brain because you’ve studied too hard. You’re avoiding the topic. That’s suspicious. Anyway, what were you going to say Me I forgot. It’s no wonder you’re a poor student. You’re stupid! Hey! I’m the one who’s jealous.

Ouch, it’s hot. Come and sit down. Oh, my goodness. How are you feeling now Okay Good, thanks to you. I didn’t put any crab in it. Enjoy it. Sungyeol, let’s eat. I don’t feel like it. Geez. Hey! Sungyeol. Think of the effort I put in. Have some. You said your exams start today. Have breakfast so you have energy. I don’t want to eat that and choke. Sungyeol, he thought of you and made it. If he had thought of me. He shouldn’t have broken up with my mom.

You never cooked anything for mom. Sungyeol. What is it Are you shooting a horror movie Grandma was ill all night. I need to slice this before I go so she can rest. Ms. Gong Yeah. She was sick all night and just went to bed. You’re so dirty so I’ll teach you a trick. If you wear this, you won’t cry as much so wear it. Are these tears Humans shed tears when they’re sad or happy. Talking about humans again It’s just sweat coming out of your eyes.

Sweat from my eyes Did you do something wrong Why are you so shocked Ms. Gong, I almost had a heart attack. You shocked me more. Ms. Gong, I heard you’re sick. Are you alright Do you want your grandma to be sick No. Ms. Gong. Don’t be sick until the day that I die. You think so much of me. That’s ridiculous. You studied until late last night. When did you get up Move. Let me do it. Grandma, you go inside and rest. Old people fall ill if they don’t move around.

Don’t worry and go sit for your exams. Was it okay teaching Woohyun He did graduate elementary school, right You little. Why doesn’t he understand Korean You two had better do well in your exams! Otherwise you’ll both be in trouble! Grandma! You rascals. Are you going horseback riding Are you Wear your uniform! Do up your buttons. Do them up properly, alright You girls. You shortened the hem a lot. Are you running the short track Wear tights underneath then! You. Why are you here You don’t know why Don’t put wax on your hair!.

Hello. You’re not a stuffed rice cake. Hello. Hey. You’re not free to style your hair as you wish. Only your 2 feet are free. Got it Yes. Go! Yes. I’m going easy on you as you have exams. Hurry up and go to class! Run! Hi, Seokhun. This is important. Good luck with your exams. You can do it! I want to talk to you. Hey, brother. Did you stay up all night Did you prepare it I don’t know about this.

Just do as I tell you. Don’t you dare try anything. What Did I hurt your pride If you want to hang on to your pride, just hand it over. Okay. Wrong! No! Good morning. Good luck with your exam, my dear. Geez. Don’t chew that during the exam. Spit it out right now. Are you nervous No, not at all. Don’t feel nervous. Just do your best in the questions you know and pick a number for those you don’t. Okay We had the guidelines and I studied. Then I should get 100.

What if I know all the answers You’re so full of yourself. They’re studying so hard. I’ve never seen them like that before. If you don’t know it, just get it wrong. You can get it wrong. I’m going to get it right. Put your books away. Hands on heads. Ouch, my hair. Since when has this drink been made from indexes and logarithms I’ll let you go as we haven’t begun yet but whoever cheats as of now will get zero. If you get zero on your major subject, you have to give up going to university in Seoul.

You know that better than I do, right Yes. Yes. Pass the papers. Put your answer sheet on the right of your desk. Only the ones that I stamp count. Okay Yes. Yes. Ma’am. I don’t have an answer sheet. Everyone got one Hey. Can you change my answer sheet for me Better luck next time. Choi Jaeseok, hands on your head. Put your hands on your head. Who is it What do you mean Who gave you this It’s mine. Whoever makes eye contact with me.

Will be accused of cheating. Let me ask you one more time. Who is it Hwang Sungyeol. My students cheated Hwang Sungyeol, Choi Jaeseok. You! Sungyeol, why did you do it It’s not certain. Sungyeol won’t admit to it and Jaeseok’s the one who had 2 answer sheets. I got it from Sungyeol. Jaeseok, I think we need to talk. Come with me. Sungyeol wouldn’t do such a thing. Something’s wrong, right I was looking at Yeonghun’s paper too. Choi Jaeseok saved me. You guys go ahead. I have somewhere to go.

Let’s go together then. Gisu, take Seulbi, okay Okay. Hey! Why do you keep causing trouble Shouldn’t you say, It wasn’t you, right Is Jaeseok bullying you You need to tell me the truth for me to help you. Don’t help me. Just take care of it. Are you doing this on purpose If it’s true, you’re going to get zero. I don’t care. You! You’re more foolish than I thought. I didn’t think you’d ruin your life just to rebel against me. Getting zero won’t ruin my life.

Only teachers think like that. Since you entered my life, whether I get a perfect score or come first, I’m always unhappy. Your parents will have to come to school. Your dad’s going to be very disappointed. Ma’am. It wasn’t Sungyeol. I saw it. Seokhun and Jaeseok were up to something. How do you mean Did you see Seokhun hand over the answer sheet to Jaeseok No, I didn’t see that but. Sungyeol has no reason to do that. Are you close to Sungyeol No. Then why He shouldn’t take the blame.

You could end up being in trouble if you get involved without real evidence. Sungyeol injured his hand so he marked his paper with his left hand. He injured his hand When How severe was it I’ll find evidence to prove it wasn’t him. Wait just a little while. Shin Woohyun. Are you feeling alright Do you get allergies often Yes, sometimes. I’m alright. Get antihistamines prescribed. If it’s urgent, take head cold medicine. Yes. Thank you. He grew up well. The method that you came up with was cheating You’ve ruined my reputation.

You told me to improve my grades or you’d remove me from the family register. If you’re really my son, you would never have cheated. Or if you had cheated, you wouldn’t have gotten caught. Don’t make a fuss. Just keep your mouth shut. You can show me your ace some other time. I made an appointment for a DNA test. I don’t have any proof that you’re my son. Father! Talk about a bad fatherson relationship. Call me. Call me, please! If you’re upset or mad, it’s best to eat..

Let’s have spicy rice cakes! The hottest flavor. Sungyeol! How many messages did you send Sorry. I was worried. Were you worried Wait here. I’ll bring spicy rice cakes to energize you. Eat up and cheer up. I mean it. It will give you energy. Your heart will be hot. No, not hot. Your heart. Will be comforted. That’s right. Comforted. Don’t worry. I know you didn’t do it. How do you know that The Sungyeol I know lends an umbrella when it rains, eats with me when I’m hungry, makes me smile when I’m in a bad mood.

Is that the kind of person I am Are you sure you’re not mistaken I trust you. Woohyun trusts you too. Where’s your grandma and Woohyun Grandma’s gone upstairs to rest. Woohyun. He keeps ignoring my calls. Get up! Why did you eavesdrop on my family There are a lot of mosquitoes here. Go and tell the teacher that it wasn’t Hwang Sungyeol. I’ll say it now. Want me to record it for you Tell her it was you and Seokhun! This is your last chance. Chance You’re giving me a chance.

I’m so moved. Crazy pervert Who’s that Hello Where are you Where’s Woohyun Lee Seulbi. Woohyun and I are hanging out in the park. You should come too. The fun has just begun. No, don’t come! What is it I think Woohyun’s in danger. Transfer It’s best for Woohyun too. I’m sorry. I’ll go with you again next time. Sungyeol and I are destined Don’t show up in front of Woohyun. Are you alright Why is it unfortunate to become human You don’t care even though you’ve hurt someone I feel so strange here.

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