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Don No 1 Don

Come here. You. You leave. Hey! You come here. Hey, you come. Here. I’m scared to sell it. You are scared I’m scared to sell it. You’re scared to sell it Yes. Come. I will remove your fear. Are you still afraid You are scared to sell it Now your fear will vanish! God! If you don’t sell it, what will you eat Will I feed you You are scared Give them food for free. Where’s your God Let this boy go. Who are you Surya! What if I don’t let him go.

From today justice will be done. I will make the decisions about justice and injustice. Surya, I have nobody in the world. I will live with you. What’s your name Jadhav. What do you do I’m more powerful than a bomb. I kill more and scare less. Hey! Boss is getting drenched. Open the umbrella. Arun. Come in. Hi, boys. Good morning. Good morning. Did you understand what Surya told you All your problems will be solved. I trust you completely. Surya will handle everything. Now you may leave.

Sir, he wants to meet Surya. Sit. Hello, Sir. Hello. Tell me. My daughter studies in a college. She is a good student. She always tops the class. For quite some time she has been returning home late from college. Once I went to her college to find out the reason. But I didn’t find her in college. Behind the college I saw..some rich guys giving drugs to my daughter. In front of my eyes..they were misbehaving with my daughter. When I interfered, they thrashed me badly.

They are ruining not just my daughter’s life..but many other girls’lives too. I’ve heard that Surya makes decision of justice and injustice. Sir, tell Surya to come to college once. Nobody cuts the nail with a sword. His brother, Jadhav is enough for this job. For God’s sake. I will give you. Please, give me one injection. I can’t tolerate. Please, give me one injection. Hey! Hey! Are you watching a show Leave! Go! Don’t commit a sin in the college. Otherwise Surya won’t spare you. Don No.1!.

Don! Don! Don! What justice is this It has been a year since we booked the flat. But still we haven’t got possession. And he says this place will be given to some Bihari. What should we do I can’t do anything. I spoke to him about you people. He threatened to kill me. He is a big gangster from Bihar. He has political clout extending over the police. I’ve also heard that he’s committed several murders in Bihar. I too am a family man. I can’t face him. Do you people have the guts to talk to him.

Go talk to him. Come with me. Come with me if you have the guts. Come on. Let’s meet him. Yes. Come on. Come on. They want to talk to you. Sir, this is injustice. I had booked the flat with my hard earned money. And you have seized it. So Don’t be so unjust. So what if we are unjust Bear one thing in mind. I will go and tell him. What You will inform the police Here, talk. He is afraid. I’ll call you later. You want to talk to the minister.

Here, talk. He is even more frightened. What will you talk to him Now tell me, old man! Not police and not minister. I will say it to the right man. Whom will you go to Father! No! Leave him! Don’t hit him. Leave him! He hit me again. He hit me. Every wound will be accounted. You’re right. You’ll pay for this. If there are atrocities, one will come to free us. Hit us. Hit us more! Our voice will be surely heard. Send the old woman to me.

No! Mother! Mother! Who will hear you What were you saying Tell me. Tell me. My Surya. Surya Yes! Surya is an inferno. He is powerful. If you touch him, you will burn. You will scatter as ashes. He is the messiah of poor people. He slays the wicked. His nation is dear to him. He is called Don No. 1. Surya has come. Now they are in trouble. I give you just five minutes. Leave. Oh. Leave Hey. Hey. Hey! Lower your guns. Surya, you don’t know my power.

Biharis easily indulge in bloodshed. Before that, they give a chance. We are sharp knives. Now sit. Sit. Boys! Don! Don! Don! Seeing Surya’s style of sitting, old hands are dazed. This is the power of a real Indian. Got it Hey! I don’t talk much. I come directly to the point. Vacate this place immediately. Why do you slander Biharis by seizing this place What will you show me your power I will show you Indian power. Hand to hand! What do you say Come on if you have the power.

Relax, boys! Hey! This is Surya’s power. This is what I do to those, who try to break the unity of our country. Hey. Send all the troublesome people back to their home. And take uncle to the hospital. Are you crazy It’s don’s birthday tomorrow. You know that, don’t you Still you sent him out to wrap up a problem. I went shopping for him and here he left. And you people are too much. Surya has pampered you guys a lot. I’ll have to keep everybody under control. Do one thing. Get a stick for me.

Get me a stick. Why did you guys get up I won’t beat you. Just get a stick. Surya has become uncontrollable. He needs a controller like me. While talking to Surya you start to stammer out of fright..and you will control him I stammer in front of you people. Who is scared of Surya I will control him. Who do you want to control Not control, boss. Country. We were talking about patriotism. You wanted a stick Go away. When did I tell you You were going to control somebody.

You are talking too much. Now keep quiet. You were going to control Surya, right How can I control Surya He controls everybody. Now you control him. Boss, don’t beat me up! Boss, please don’t beat me up. He is childish. You go out. People from the colony are waiting for you. Go. Fine. Hello, Don! Hello. Ram, you all have come together Don, you’ve done a lot for us. You constructed houses for us. You built schools for our children. You did so much for us. You considered us as your kin.

Don, it’s your birthday tomorrow. We know that you never celebrate your birthday. Let us celebrate your birthday once. Boss, come to our colony tomorrow. What are you thinking, Surya You’ll have to come to our colony. Yes, you’ll have to come. You will have to. Stop! Stop! Stop! Is it an obligation Surya should give his consent. Yes. I will convince him. Am I right, Don Don’t know. Fine. I will come. Uncle Mathur! Don is in a good mood today. Talk to him about marriage. You can ask Surya anything.

Ask him about marriage and he’ll get angry. He will get angry! It appears that I will die a bachelor. I won’t even have a nuptial night. If you’re so desperate to get married..then talk to Surya alone at night. Alone at night Yes. Okay. I’ll have a peg at night and I will ask him. Okay. Go. Okay. Hail Surya! Today is your day. You’ve spread joy here. The whole world is dancing. The young heart dances. Hail Surya! Today is your day. You’ve spread joy here. The whole world is dancing..

The young heart dances. You are our God. You are dear to everybody. You are our life. You’re everybody’s messiah. Many, many happy returns to you. Surya! Surya! Many, many happy returns to you. Surya! Surya! Hail Surya! Today is your day. You’ve spread joy here. The whole world is dancing. The young heart dances. Don, let me go. Let me entice a girl. You dwell in our hearts. When you are with us, why will we fear anybody That person is lucky who has you. Give love. Take love. This is life..

Take other’s sorrow. Give joy to others. Wish you happy birthday to you. Surya! Surya! Wish you happy birthday to you. Surya! Surya! Hail Surya! Today is your day. You’ve spread joy here. The whole world is dancing. The young heart dances. Surya, welcome! Welcome! We live under your shelter without fear. Don’t ever leave us. I live and die for you. I am crazy for Don. Two are better than one. March ahead, we are with you. This moment should never end. .when our hearts unite. Wish you happy birthday to you..

Surya! Surya! Wish you happy birthday to you. Surya! Surya! Hail Surya! Today is your day! You’ve spread joy here. The whole world is dancing. The young heart dances. Surya! Surya! Surya! Surya! Surya! Your brother beat up my son. He’s in the hospital. He’s gone in coma. What is all this Mr. Mathur. He was ruining the lives of girls by hooking them on to drugs. He is a minister’s son. He is bound to enjoy. He was beaten up so badly for such a trivial matter. We’ve been business partners for the past ten years.

Doesn’t he know that Jadhav! Yes, Don! Did you beat him up Yes. Why did he hit Jadhav You just thrashed him Why didn’t you kill him Are you crazy, Surya Sangram, my principles are dearer to me than my business. Jadhav! Yes, Don. He might be my business partner. But that doesn’t mean his son can do wrong things. Mathur, settle his account and dissolve the partnership. Surya! Hey! Lower your voice. If boss Surya slaps you, you’ll go underground. Your son is in coma, but you.

You’ll be killed. Understand Come on, Sangram. Come on. Hey! Don’t stare. Leave! Come on. I will settle the matter today. Oh, my God. Jadhav! Yes, Don. Come here. Carefully. Did you eat your dinner Yes, ate and drunk. So you are not feeling sleepy That’s not so. I want to tell you something, but I don’t have the guts. That’s why I got a bit drunk. Do you have to get drunk to talk to me What’s the matter The matter is such that I am trembling.

You are trembling It’s about your marriage. Don’t get angry. Don’t beat me up. Today I will say it. Yes. Don, don’t get up. Keep safe distance. Distance. Please. Listen to me. Get married before we get old. I can marry only after you get married. It really hurts me to see other people getting married. I look straight ahead to save myself..from the girls walking on the road. My head turns there. But I again look straight. What do I do about my eyes What do I tell you I can’t sleep at night.

I toss and turn the whole night. How many movies can I watch I don’t want to die a bachelor. Don, get married. Look, Jadhav. Yes I won’t get married. But you get married. Boss, what will people say if I got married before you But why don’t you want to get married What we do is right,..but it’s illegal in the eyes of the law. So how will I explain to the girl Marry the girl who understands this. Fine. But that girl should challenge me. Wow! At least you told me your choice. Thanks.

What other qualities should she have That girl should help others. Yes. Easy! You will find her. She shouldn’t be scared of me. How is that possible She should be strong. She should look in my eyes and talk. In a jiffy. She shouldn’t stammer while talking. I will marry only if I find such a girl. She should look in your eyes and talk courageously. She should talk to you without fear. For the past 25 years I have been living with you. I never dared to talk to you like this.

Don, do you know what I think I won’t get married in this lifetime. Brother, I will leave. Thanks. Let me watch girls’ photographs. Jadhav, what time is the function Don, there is still time. Jadhav, catch them immediately. Look! Surya! Hey! Catch them! Quickly take her to the hospital. Move! Let her breathe. Quickly take her to the hospital. She will be fine. Don’t worry. ‘She should help others.’ Being a don you are losing control. Boss. Yes. This girl helps others. Hello, Ma’am. Are you new in the city.

Yes. I understood. He is our boss! Don Surya! Surya. Yes. Now she is fine. Good that you brought her at the right time. Don’t worry. You can relax. Very good. It’s my duty. Thanks. Thanks. Why are you thanking me Like God, you reached there on time and saved her. That’s it. Bye. Here is the boy, Surya. Doctor! What happened, Sir Treat this guy. Fine, Sir. I will look after him. Ward boys! Take him! Hey! Just now I called you God! And now you’ve become a goon.

You thrashed him and are getting him treatment Are you a man or what Ma’am, boss has two forms. ‘She shouldn’t stammer while talking to me.’ ‘I will marry only if I find such a girl.’ If you have the guts, look in his eyes and talk. Why can’t I do that If you have guts then do it. Hey! Leave! Don, she is just like what you said. She helps people and she talks to you courageously. Shall I talk to her Do you know Why they’ve called for an emergency meeting.

I don’t know, sir. I was called urgently. Any urgent matter I don’t know. Any new intelligence report Let us see. Good morning. Good morning, sir. Sit down please. My dear friends. I have called an urgent meeting because. This is Feroz. He is Pakistan’s mafia don. He is the head of all the mafia dons in the world. Smuggling, blackmailing, kidnapping..murders, scams, land grabbing. Many such cases are against him. Just cases. No evidence. Now he is eyeing India. He is going to come here.

This is our intelligence bureau’s report. If he comes to India, he will create many problems. He will spread disharmony. Sir, is he so powerful Yes. He is very powerful. When a don in Canada locked horns with what he did to him. Feroz’s style is quite different. I am Feroz. Pakistani don. I’ve come to rule Canada. ‘Sikandar’s’ Alexander blood and obsession flows in my vein. I will fulfill his unfulfilled desire to conquer the world. But you came in my way. I don’t like it. But it’s okay.

Let’s play the game of death. Let me tell you the rules of the game. We will have a fight here. The one, who falls, his men will be killed. If I fall, two of my men will be killed. And if you fall, two of your men will be killed. The group with maximum men alive will be the winner. And he will be the don of this place. Canada’s new don. You’re lost in deep thoughts. Got scared Oh! Good! Girls! Relax! You shouldn’t change the rules. No! No!.

You lost! Now your wife is mine. Girls! Get her! No! Leave me! Now she is mine. Sorry! No! No! Hereafter, Feroz is the new don of Canada. Next is India. He’s scared of nothing. It’s his passion to acquire power. He has a strong plan to rule India. His mole is amongst us. But where and in which department, we don’t know. He’ll use his power on the country’s VIPs and politicians. He will try to win them over to his side. If they agree, then fine. Otherwise he will kill them.

The common people will be scared. And he will control the country. But we won’t give him this chance. So a special officer has been appointed to deal handle this case. And all of you be alert. Yes, Sir. We will meet again tomorrow. Okay. Bye. Thank you, Sir. Surya, my daughter has finished her education in America..and has returned to Mumbai. I’ve brought her to meet you. Call her in. Priya! Boss, you are Don No. 1. Be seated. Surya! Jadhav! Banerjee! Hello. This is how she talks.

But she knows everything about you. Uncle Mathur. Yes. Is she your daughter Yes. You must have done some good deeds in your previous life. What do you mean Details later. What does she do She has done a special course in computers. She’s looking out for a good job in Mumbai. So she can work at our place. I can’t work here. Why, dear You know what kind of a man he is. Hello. Without Don’s permission, nobody can get a job here. Am I right.

Boss is a killer, shooter. Jadhav! Are you abusing Surya or praising him He too is mad. Oh, my God! Now how to explain to these oldies Uncle Mathur, come here. You should work here. What work will I do here Quantity of guns purchased. Number of murders. Number of bones and skulls broken. I know very well. In his computer..there is an account of all. No, madam. not that. I won’t work here! And that’s that! I don’t want this job! Understand Priya! Priya! What do you intent intend to do.

I won’t work here. You have to. My current position is because of Surya. You mean I’ll have to work here Yes. I won’t work with this goon. Goon Who are you calling a goon Mr. Mathur. Let it be. If she doesn’t want to work, then let it be. What’s her name Priya. Priya, you may go. You come with me. Sorry, Surya. She said so much without knowing the truth. This is what I liked about her. Don’t worry about your daughter’s job. Go meet Citibank manager. She will get the job.

But Priya shouldn’t know this. Fine. Surya, do you like my daughter What are you asking Don laughed. It means yes. Don has liked a girl for the first time. Now you have to convince my sisterinlaw. Leave that to me. My daughter will surely become your sisterinlaw. My daughter is lucky that Surya likes her. That’s true. Uncle. Yes. Do you have another daughter What I am also single. Do you have a daughter I’m still single. Then go to hell. Bhushan, go to India. And tell the renowned goons about Feroz.

Don, your juice. Boss. Have you thought about it About what That girl. Which girl The one, who you first met at the hospital and then at home. She is coming! Oh no. Hello! Why are you so afraid I am bound to be afraid. Priya got the job because of Surya. But she is flaunting her talent, Banerjee. I don’t know what will happen. Hey, Jadhav. What Tell me. What Tell me! Ruffian! Ruffian Jadhav. But, she called me a ruffian. Compromise. Fine. Go ahead.

Do you know what this is Appointment letter. Without Don’s permission nobody will give me a job in this city..That’s wasn’t that what you were saying. But because of my talent I easily got a job. This is my level. Now what will you say, lollipop Hello, Miss Lollipop. You didn’t get his job because of your talent. My boss made a call. Jadhav! Yes, you got the job because of your talent. Don’t act look smugly. You’re talking as if your Don has got me this job.

Your Don just sits and says. Jadhav! Jadhav! And you answer him. Okay, Don. Fine, boss. Do you have any other work Mr. Surya, I have got a job. I came here to inform you about it. I will leave now. Bye. Don, this girl matches your choice. I will call her. Tell her that you love her. I am scared. Boss, you are Don No. 1. The whole country is afraid of you and you are scared of a girl. It’s one thing to be called Don No.1. And expressing your love is another matter.

Boss, you can earn wealth whenever you want. But once you grow old..When when will you express your love When will you marry When will I get married Think about me. What’s the point in spending life alone Settle down with Priya. Have a family. I will leave now. Jadhav is right. My darling, you are so gorgeous. Black tresses, lovely eyes, beautiful face. Beautiful face. My darling, you are so gorgeous. Black tresses, lovely eyes, beautiful face. Come close to me. Come in my arms. It will give rise to our love story..

It will give rise to our love story. My darling, you are so gorgeous. Black tresses, lovely eyes, beautiful face. You are alluring, you are an enchantress. I am crazy about you. Don’t go far away from me. I am lost in your deep blue eyes. Without you, I am completely lost. This gorgeous body. Ever since you’ve been with me. I see you, I think about you. You have found a place in my heart. Gorgeous! Gorgeous! My darling, you are so gorgeous. Black tresses, lovely eyes, beautiful face. These eyes are lost, so are you and me..

Come close to me, smile. The ambiance is swaying along with us. Now that you have come in my arms, why are you shy Your fragrance alluring. My heart loses control. I see you, I think about you. You have found a place in my heart. Gorgeous! Gorgeous! My darling, you are so gorgeous. Black tresses, lovely eyes, beautiful face. Come close to me. Come in my arms. It will give rise to our love story. It will give rise to our love story. The special officer, who was going to arrive.

.to deal with this case, has arrived. Sir! The Pakistani don has India in his sights. This file has the intelligence reports. This is a serious matter. Deal with it carefully. The new SP has arrived. He wants to talk to you. Jadhav! Very nice Surya. You’re very powerful among the public. You’re praised everywhere. Yesterday I met some VIPs. You’re a well known renowned businessman in India. Yes. But I haven’t come to meet you as an SP. International Don, Feroz, wants you to join him. What do you say Sorry.

Under no circumstances can I go against Surya. You should have gathered all the information before coming to me. SP, Surya made me MLA. If I go against him, I know what consequence I’d face. Surya won’t spare you either. He will kill you. Or my party workers will kill you. Dear, SP wants to kill Surya. Will you still serve him coffee Surya, you are a don, still you rule everyone’s hearts. In fact, you are more powerful than the police here. You should be more powerful, Surya. What’s the use of being a local don.

Become an international don. I am not saying this. International don Don Feroz has made you this offer. Feroz has India in his sights. And he has sent me here. My department doesn’t know I am Feroz’s man. No one will believe it if you say it. Because I am an SP..and you are a goon. Hey! Jadhav! Surya, shake hands with Feroz. Then see you will scale great heights in life. After that, you can do whatever you want. Like, kidnapping, illegal possession, murder..and other such crimes. I will take care of everything.

Earn lots of money in life and live and let live. Enjoy life and be merry. Are you the police or a broker Hey! Hey! Lower your finger. Or I’ll cut off your hands. You’ll be crippled for life. If you know what’s best, then leave as soon as possible. What if I don’t go You will die an untimely death. Surya. Get going. Hello. Get lost. We asked you to leave. Surya, businessman Ashu has joined hands with Feroz. Call up Ashu. Hello. Ashu is what I’ve heard true it true what I have heard.

It’s true Surya. I’ve been running a medical company for the past seven years. I never made a turnover of more than Rs. 1 billion. That’s why I joined hands with Feroz. I was given RSRs. 100 million as soon as I joined hands with him. What business is it We’ll make duplicates of the medicines manufactured in my company. And then we will mix both of them and sell it. That’s wrong Ashu. I know it’s wrong Surya. Innocent people will be killed. It will decrease the population. Ashu, don’t join hands with him.

Surya, is Feroz’s arrival scaring you Don’t be scared. I will talk to him. He won’t harm you. Do you know whom you are talking to I know, to Surya who is going down. Mathur. Jadhav..Ashu shouldn’t see the rising sun tomorrow. No! No! No! Hello. Sir, this is SP Bhushan speaking. What is it Your plans about India won’t be successful. Why There is a don named Surya. He is very powerful in India. One person had joined hands with us today, but Surya killed him.

Did you tell him Feroz’s name I did, he has asked me to resign from my job within a week. If I don’t listen to him, he will kill me. Hold on. Sir..SP Bhushan has called from India. Someone called Surya is creating a lot of problems there. SP. Sir. Why did I pay you so much money To tell me about small problems on the phone Look, there is always a crazy person in every place. To convince him is your job..and if he doesn’t understand then kill him.

He is very powerful, Sir. SP! I didn’t pay you millions for doing nothing. If you have taken the responsibility then fulfil it. Otherwise, be prepared to die. Now that I have joined hands with you, I won’t back off. Surya is a tough nut to crack, but I won’t spare him. And I won’t accept defeat, believe Believe me. What do you say Sir, it will not be easy to deal with Surya. Wait for the right time. Just watch, Bhushan will attack Surya. Then we will know, how powerful Surya is.

More than us, or less. What is it Come in. Papa! Till today I never asked you for anything. I only have one desire, get married. It’s an old gun. But the bullets are new. Brother, get married or I will kill myself here. With a gun pointed at your temple, do you think you’re a great don What are you whispering among yourselves Tell me clearly, what’s the matter Boss, go talk to her. Tell me! Jadhav was telling you something. What’s the problem Don, any secret Hey, no need to be scared of me.

Don’t be scared. Being a don, you’re scared. Papa! What is it, dear Has someone come There is no one here. I was dreaming. Maybe I was scared. Same dress. Same color that I saw in my dream. Look, don’t come close to me. Don’t kiss me. I warn you. Papa! Papa, save me. Papa! Papa, he has come to kiss me! Why are you screaming Papa, please help me. What happened Ask them to leave, please. Papa, ask them to leave. Go from here. Get lost.

Uncle Mathur, move aside. No! Papa! Are you my papa or my enemy Look, don’t come close to me. Don’t kiss me. I warn you. Please. You might be a don, but I am the lady don in my house. Boss, this girl is screaming’don’t kiss me, don’t kiss me.’ I don’t understand the matter. And then she is saying’get lost from here.’ Ask her what’s the matter Don’t come close to me. I am warning you. Don’t come closer. No! You’ll regret it! Please. No! No! Please! Please! Don’t.

Happy birthday. Now ask me, how did I know Your papa told me. Jadhav! Birthday gift. Bye. Look Miss Kiss Kiss. Till today boss never gave any gift to anyone. You’re the first girl. Try to understand my boss. Can I ask you something You were screaming ‘kiss’ for sometime now. Did my boss kiss you in your dreams How did you know Then say that you love him. What is the programme for today Let’s go watch a film. Let’s go to the beauty parlour. At least don’t ask me.

‘S. P wants to kill Surya.’ Where Oh, God! Dear! My daughter! Surya! They killed my daughter! She had gone to college. They abducted her, raped her and killed her. I didn’t join hands with Feroz..that’s why SP Bhushan did this. Don’t spare him, Surya,. kill Kill him! Don’t spare him! Jadhav. Yes, boss. Where can we find the SP What are you doing Holding her! What misbehaviour is this I hold you. Is this misbehavior Isn’t it wrong If holding her is wrong..then what will you do if I rape her. What.

I asked if I raped her what should be done You should be killed if you rape someone. Boss, this girl is saying if someone rapes her then he should be killed. If someone rapes her, then he should be killed Yes, Don Surya. Boss, SP is coming here. Let him come. What should we do Let him come. Let him come! So you will rape anyone. Just because you have got Feroz’s will do as you please! Look, there are plenty of girls here. Go and rape them.

There are so many girls standing. here, touch them. If you have the strength, then touch them. Rape them! Rape them! Get up! Touch them. Touch them! Who killed this girl Tell me! I did. Say it loudly! Jadhav! Now all of you tell me, what should we do with him. Kill him! Kill him! Kill him! Kill him! The girl that you murdered, she will kill you herself. Kill him! Kill him! Kill him! Kill him! Who Who killed him Tell me, who killed him Sir, greetings sir. This girl killed her sir.

This girl is dead, how can she kill him. Sir, is absolutely clear. First she killed him and then she died herself. What Sir! Just a minute sir. All of us were dancing merrily. Suddenly this girl came here running. She said to her, that you raped me. She took out her gun, first she shot him. And then died herself! Sir, if you have any doubts the gun is lying right there. You can check the finger prints..and match the bullets from the body. And if you want, you can ask everyone.

Yes, this girl has killed him! Stop it! Yes, this girl has killed him! Stop it! Yes, this girl has killed him! Yes, this girl has killed him! Your plan is very nice. Hey Surya. Hey I.G! Hey! So you got angry. Talk with manners with my bhai. And mind your tongue. If you talk too much,..then I will cut it. Is this the way you talk with the police So what if you are the police. Jadhav! I don’t know why S. P did this wrong deed.

He raped his daughter and murdered her. And Surya, always does justice and never injustice. I am leaving. Surya, you have become very arrogant with the public’s support. One day, I will bring an S.P that will arrest you..and take you to the court along with the evidence. Bring an S. P that’s really a man of substance. That’s a real police personnel, and not a goon! I will bring a courageous S.P! He is not at all afraid of the police. I will not spare him! I will not spare him!.

One day I will kill him in an encounter on the road! I will not spare him! Here is your coffee. Pour it on my head. Keep it there. Serving me coffee. I want to talk to you for 5 minutes. After challenging you in the disco..I have come to your house to tell you the truth. Actually S.P Bhushan didn’t come to apprehend Feroz! He had come here to help him. S.P tried to ally me with Feroz through MLA Raghunath Sharma..and industrialist Madhavji Ram. Both of them refused, so to teach me a lesson.

.he raped the MLA’s daughter and killed her. If this incident would have occurred with your daughter..then what would you have done. It’s true, that in some aspects the law doesn’t give right justice. That’s why I interfere. I haven’t come to clear myself. I have come, because you are a sincere officer. Don’t misunderstand me. And if possible..try to recognise people. Goodbye. Surya. I misunderstood you. I am sorry. Not a problem sir. Surya has killed S.P Bhushan! Didn’t the police do anything There was no evidence. We will abduct Surya!.

He killed a police officer in front of the public..but no one uttered his name. This shows how powerful he is. He is a useful man. He should be with me, not there. Call him and arrange a meeting. I will talk to him. Hello, yes. Ferozbhai, wants to meet Surya. Ask him to come. Surya! Feroz has called. He wants to meet you. Tell him, I don’t take orders. Hey, you are talking to Feroz bhai’s right hand. Left hand would have been more useful. Tell Feroz to come and meet Surya bhai.

Oh no! Damn it! What happened He has called you. Boys, come on move! Boys, relax, relax! I am Feroz. Surya. Very stylish! I thought the don of India will come roaring like Gabbar. But you are innocent like a rabbit. But I don’t form my opinion about anyone before meeting him. Because a pigeon can turn into a vulture..and a rabbit can roar like a lion. Isn’t it This is my style. Come, let’s sit and talk. Surya, I am what I seem like. I don’t put up an act of being someone else.

You didn’t come when I called you. But I wasn’t angry. Look, I came myself. I wanted to meet you. Keep talking. I feel you are my equal! I could have killed you easily if I wanted. But I don’t like it. Surya, I have your complete information. Shall I tell you Your father was a police officer. A very simple, innocent and a honest man. A duty bound person. He arrested a person like me. But he was released on bail. And he killed your parents and turned you into an orphan.

You were roaming the streets like an orphan..and another orphan called bhai. And since then, he has been a part of your every action. Your distant brother, Jadhav! He is very dear to you. The people and society committed atrocities on you. And were unjust to you. But you held on, didn’t lose hope. You started a group, with a bunch of weaklings. Finally, you found out your parents murder Yadav! And murdered him in front of the public. At that time, people were afraid of Yadav! The people thought you were their messiah!.

Because of the support of the public..even the police were afraid of you. And you became the don. And soon, fell in love with a girl too. Good! Good! I like it. This is your biodata. Feroz, you think Indians don’t keep any information. Your real name is Farooq! At one time, you were a petty thief in Karachi’s Lunda Bazaar. You sold your sister in greed of money. And when she was out of your murdered her and were sent to jail. After being released, you changed your name.

.to Feroz and joined the Junaid gang. You progressed on people’s dead bodies. You were so hungry for power..that one day, you killed Junaid and became the don. Till today, whoever has supported have always betrayed him. But you are afraid of dying. That’s why you have a 100 people and 40 bodyguards. Your most trusted man right now, his name is Durrani! Before him, you had another trusted ally, Siraj! Feroz, you frequently change you phone numbers. Your recent Airtel number is, 9890211111. Feroz, from Karachi you went to Gulf, England, New York.

.Bangkok, Tokyo. Recently you took over Canada. You killed the don there, and now you..have my India in your sights. Feroz! Even though you have 2 have maintained 3 more. Their names, Sonia, Reena Priety! Not just that. You killed the don of Canada and made her wife you harlot! Well done! You are a betrayer! You astounded me! No police of any country has this much information about me. Hey Durrani, I was letting out his secrets..but he revealed mine. From my days of being a petty thief to my girlfriends!.

I like it! Good! Good! Are you shocked Indians are not as foolish as you think. The trend has changed! Correct Surya, you are right. The trend has changed. And I know, Surya doesn’t talk he breathes fire. I have taken control over many countries of the world..with my power. But to spread my reign in India, I need a slave. For that, you are the right person. Take it, my greatness. They are no less than gold, Surya. Become my slave. You will enjoy, and earn money. The people of this country will be afraid of you.

They will consider you as their God! Together, let us sell India. What do you think about it Say something. I don’t know, how a disloyal man like you..was born on the sacred land of Pakistan Thank God, you escaped because you are a guest. Or else I would have thrashed you! Leave my India! Get lost! You talk too much Surya! My hands move faster. Don’t forget my power. I don’t need to remember it. Join hands with me. I will never befriend a traitor! You will be killed. Think about yourself.

Don’t be so arrogant. Those who play with danger don’t fear death. Now get lost. Okay, okay! Cool. Boys, move. I am leaving Surya. Get lost. Wait! First give me my 1000 rupees then continue the game. First let me play the game and win. Then I will settle your accounts. Fine, play! Priya is wearing sari today for the first time. Wearing a sari! She had screamed on Surya..that’s why she has come to apologise. What’s the need to wear a sari to apologise You have grown old. What’s the real matter.

Jadhav! For the first time she has called me so lovingly. Go, go she is calling you lovingly. First time you took my name so adorably. From now on I won’t take your name. Then, will you call me a goon lollypop. No! I will call you brotherinlaw! Me, brotherinlaw! Then, I will call you sisterinlaw! Fine! Sisterinlaw. Yes! Tell me, what’s the matter Actually, I. I know what and whom you have come to say it. Follow me. Bhai! Bhai! What happened Okay! Everything is okay. What is okay Everything is okay.

What happened Everything is okay. Why are you repeating like a broken tape recorder Speak ahead. Today, she has come wearing a sari is your good luck. Your problem has been solved. I am going, my problem will be solved too. Everything happy! Happy! Seems like Jadhav has gone mad. I will tell you. Actually, I didn’t want to see your face. But. I couldn’t stop myself from seeing you. I didn’t want to talk to you. But. I couldn’t control myself from talking to you. I thought I won’t call in love with you.

But I fell in love. But you. aren’t even saying anything. I didn’t want to kiss you. But I couldn’t control myself from kissing you. You don’t say! Neither will I say! We fell in love! You don’t say! Neither will I say! We fell in love! My beloved, the heart said everything. Let’s walk the path of love! Let me live in your arms. You don’t say! Neither will I say! We fell in love! My beloved, the heart said everything. Let’s walk the path of love! Let me live in your arms..

My life belongs to you. I swear I will lay it down for you. Your face, your love doesn’t let me sleep. Your talks, your memories wake me up from my slumber. Now this saga won’t end. I have found the world in you. My beloved, the heart said everything. You don’t say! Neither will I say! We fell in love! Let’s walk the path of love! Let me live in your arms. May we never separate, my beloved. May our love never fade away! My eyes are in a trance..

My breath is filled with your fragrance. Don’t go away, my beloved. I can’t live a moment without you. You don’t say! Neither will I say! We fell in love! My beloved, the heart said everything. Let’s walk the path of love! Let me live in your arms. Surya, today I am very happy son. Bless you dear, bless you. Like selfish people everyone is thinking about themselves. No one thinks about me. What should we think about you I want to fall in love with someone too. How will you express your love.

I will select a girl, give him a flower and say I love you. Will she fall in love after seeing the flower Otherwise, I will point the gun on her head..and make her say I love you. Will a girl say I love you seeing the gun Will she fall in love I have already taken care of everything. I will introduce you to her. Darling. Is the girl nice, bhai Let me take a look. Move! Greetings to everyone. How did you fall in love with him I selected him because of his colour.

Are you telling the truth Or did he scare you with the gun Not at all sir. I will tell you why I fell in love with him. The girl in my neighborhood was in a problem. He helped her. I fell in love with his goodness. What is your name Nandini! What are you doing I am studying for my degree. Go home right now. I will come to your house tomorrow morning and talk to your parents. Bhai, better late then never. I have brought her parents along. Come.

You are fast. I have learnt it from you, bhai. Come. Greetings Suryabhai! Greetings. What do you do I work with the L.I.C! Do you accept this relation Having an alliance with Surya bhai’s can I ever say no to it. Then this alliance is fixed. Bhai, this problem is solved. But Mathur uncle, are you getting your daughter married..with my bhai, isn’t it You! You had called for top class shooters for killing Surya. Here they are. Durrani, will they be able to complete the task.

Are they perfect shooters Any doubt. Do you like this flower pot Yeah. Sorry! Good. Wow! Thank you. Bye. Bye. We could have killed Surya too. No! He is very powerful alone. We will have to plan carefully to kill him. Why did you call me here To offer veneration! Why did you call me here for worship Oh, oh! You foolish girl! They both said, ‘I love you’ to us. Yeah! But did they ever take us for an outing any day Now tell me!.

Today we both will take them both for an outing. Fine What can I do in that Call up Jadhav and call him. Jadhav will not come. I know very well. ‘If you’ll come I’ll give you one.’ If you’ll say this he’ll come running. Huh What will I have to give Will I have to tell that also Foolish girl! Call up Jadhav and call him here. And I am going to call Surya. Fine. If we’ll attack Feroz he’s attack our public. But Surya, can we. He is not a merciful person.

I am Nandini. I want to speak to you. What is it I am with boss at present. If you’ll come now then I’ll give you one. Huh! Really! I am standing below your house. Near the swimming pool. Please come soon. I’ll be right there. Ouch! Oomph! Oops! I am having a severe stomach ache. You were fine right now. Is stomach ache predictable I am going to doctor immediately. To doctor Nandini! Right She had called up just now. Right Yes! Go and meet her. All don’t call my boss as Don number 1 just like that! Yes!.

Brotherinlaw! Sisterinlaw! I want to talk some personal things with your brother. Send everyone. out! You may go! They both want to talk some personal thing. There is no need of oldies here. Old man, please come out. Hey whom did you call old man Whom did you call an old man Hey What happened to you Just ask. what didn’t happen My entire life is a waste. At least tell me. What happened Is everything over just by saying,’I love you’ You never took me for an outing.

You didn’t eat one ice cream sharing with me. We didn’t drink a cold drink with single straw. You didn’t take me to any park. Don’t you feel like doing all this Tell me what has to be done now. You are saying as if you’ll listen to me. I will listen. I want to go to see cinema. We’ll definitely go. Huh Tell Jadhav to bring Nandini. We’ll go to see a film. Go. Yes. Surya! What Surya! What Surya! What What You are very sweet!.

You too. Hey, why is the theatre empty today Today Brother Surya is going to come. He has booked all the tickets since morning. I see! So brother Surya is going to come! Okay! He’s coming! Oh! Come on! Shoot him! No! It’s a bulletproof car. Oh no! Get up! Get up! Boss, you can come out now. Mummy, look there! Come on! Let’s go inside. Jadhav! Yes, boss Shut the door. Why, boss Shut the door. And tell everyone to sit inside. Hey come on, everyone sit inside the car.

Charles, something is wrong. It’s too dangerous. Let’s go back. No! I have to shoot. Wait! Satyam Computers is in front. Call up. All right, boss. Hello Surya, speaking. Hello, Sir. Tell me. Hello. Is the security camera installed at the top floor Yes, Sir! Connect to the operator room. Turn the camera towards the building at right. I’ll do it, Sir. What’s going on there Two men are sitting there, Sir. Zoom your camera and tell me what they are doing. They are aiming their guns towards the theatre, Sir.

Keep the camera focused at that side. Okay, Sir. Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on! Banerjee, entertain the guests. We are going to watch the movie. Jadhav! Yes Call those two also. That’s why you are called Don no. 1! Don’t fear! I play such a game sometimes. Come on! I am really scared. Why are you afraid I am here! Let’s go. Let’s go. Jadhav! Coming boss. So you came here to kill my boss!.

Did you people enjoy the party yesterday Cool! Cool! I liked it. Even we too liked it. He’s very funny. I am very happy to be here. Yes Yes! Hello sir! Hi! What happened about Surya’s matter By this time.he must be finished! Cheers! Cheers! Down! So what do you say Really great! I thought your dead body has fallen. But you made the sky the graveyard. And poured the dead bodies of my men. Super style! The police of the entire world was not able to find my dens.

Where even a bird can’t enter! You entered like an eagle! Hats off! Feroz, I warned you not to cast an evil eye on India. You sent the SP here. He was killed. Then you invited me. I didn’t come. So helplessly you came to my place. In spite of returning humiliated, You sent your shooters to kill me. I am forgiving you for the last time. Don’t come to my country again. Why shouldn’t I come I have a habit. I get what I want at any cost. Otherwise I destroy it.

This is Feroz’s style! But why are you tensed The game has just begun! As soon the game began. You have lost three moves. If I begin I’ll definitely kill you with my mastermind. But there will be no one to perform your funeral rites. Good bye! Are you challenging me You are just a kid! Surya! You are challenging me Boys! If I want I can kill you within one minute. Shall I Yes Shall I He is behaving like a kid! He looks intelligent. But he has no brains here.

Boss, please tell him. Hey Feroz, you have a glass godown in New York. Black money at Switzerland. The brothel in Bangkok from where you supply girls. At Kathmandu you have a casino. Italy, from where you smuggle weapons. We have installed a bomb at all those places. Press the button, Jadhav! If he presses the button..the place where you are standing even that will blast! Not even one particle will be left. We both don’t care for our lives. Why are you dumbstruck Yes You have come to your senses.

Jadhav, press the button! No, no, no, no! You got scared, like a child! Stop! Let me press once. Wait! Wait! No! Right Boys, put down your guns, boys. Boys, down, down, down! He got scared like kids, boss! Don’t fool around with me! This is my final warning! After this there will be no warning. The war will begin! Baby, give him pills and soda. He has a stomach disorder. Yes! Don! Don! Don! Don! Don! Don! Don! Don! Durrani. Sir. Call Sangram. Hello. What do you want.

I want Jhadav dead. Create chaos in India with bomb. You’ll get Jhadav. Okay Is everything okay Okay, Don. Daddy, icecream. Okay, dear. Brother, give me a chocobar. Raju, where are you going Coming, Mother. Grandpa, where do you want to go That’s a car. I want to go to an STD booth. Come, it is there. I’ll take you there. Grandpa! Come, I’ll. Listen, look at your son. Come grandfather, I will take you. Raju! Raju! Where’s my son Son, where are you Raju! Raju!.

Raju! Raju! Raju! Raju! Raju! Raju! My leg! Hurry up! Come on. Move! Oh God! What has happened! Go! Brother! Surya! See what happened Surya. What happened Surya. Surya. Brother Surya, my Raju. See what happened to my son. Brother Surya. How did this happen when you are here Surya, what happened Surya! Surya! Feroz, here! Feroz doesn’t give a warning! He only attacks! I’m unconcerned whether or not anyone will perform my funeral rites. I have turned your city into a graveyard. A cemetery! The real bomb is still to blast!.

My people have spread everywhere in your city. You’re only left with two hours! Catch them within this time! Otherwise there will be a much bigger blast! This time not hundreds.but thousands will lose their lives! Run Surya, save your people. I will definitely save my countrymen. But you won’t survive! You have confirmed your death! By making the blast and killing people. Feroz, you have given me two hours to catch your men. But you’ll come limping to me before two hours finish. The countdown has started from my side!.

Start counting! Start counting, swine! Start counting! We’ll see, Surya! You’ll repent a lot! Jadhav! Mr. Mathur! Whoever you doubt, don’t spare him! Move! Cheers! Cheers! No one, not even the police, know about this guest house. Even Surya doesn’t know Why Why do you always fear Surya Our Feroz always give a stroke to Surya. And confuses him. Okay! This is the correct shock Surya! Come on let’s make a plan. Hey brother Feroz! Durrani! Surya is very smart! Leave that place immediately. And reach to some safe place.

Don’t delay. Surya’s men have started looking for you. This is the right time to catch Jadhav. And I want him alive. Send your men to catch him. Plant a bomb at the shopping complex to blow off at exact 600pm. Okay Sir. It will be done! Call me up when the job is over. Okay Listen carefully to what I am saying. You plant a bomb at the shopping complex to blow up at 600pm. Okay. You go and get Jadhav. Yes. He’s never alone. Be careful. I will manage. Now we’ll separate from here.

If there is any problem, call brother Feroz. You all do your job very cautiously. And as soon you kidnap Jadhav call me. Okay. And always be in touch with me. Come on. Move! Let’s move! Jadhav! I have got you! Hey, go. Boys, Feroz’s men are here at some flat. We have got such information. Find them without disturbing the public. Okay You all go there. And you go that way. And you all go this way. Jadhav! I have got you alone! Boys! Hey, are you afraid Feroz has asked us to catch you alive.

Why did you all challenge our boss Boys! Catch him alive! Hey stop! What are you staring at Now you can’t escape from here. You’ll die! You think only you know to plan, and we don’t Can’t you hear the hurricane approaching you Brother Surya! Hey, don’t spare them! Jadhav, I will deal with them. You deal him. All right, boss! Where are your men I don’t know. It is the call from your ally. Jadhav, attend the phone. Now tell me where have you planted the bomb If your value your life. Then tell.

I will not tell. I will not tell. You won’t confess this way. Come on. Speak up! I am telling! I am telling! I am telling! I don’t know where the bomb is planted. But those who have planted it, are at..the Golden Eye Disco now. Boss, come on. Let’s go there. Don’t make haste. There are many people at the discotheque. Nothing should happen to them. We still have another hour till 600pm. No mobile phone should ring at the disco. Tell everyone to switch off their cells.

I’ll tell you the other part later. Give five minutes time to those two! Hello! Oh, God! There is a bad news for you all. The ones who have planted bombs in our city. Two men from that Feroz group are present here. No! There is nothing for you to fear. Because Brother Surya is present here. Let those two also hear this! They both can’t leave from here. Our men have surrounded the hotel. That’s why I give the duo five minutes. Surrender within five minutes. Now that we have five minutes with us.

Why not enjoy a little Why friends What’s this Everyone has become dull. In brother Surya’s presence, there is fun! Only fun! Why boss I am right! Aren’t I One. two. three. four. One. two. three. four. I scare the cowards more. I sing praise of brother don. He is the Don of Dons. He is the Don of Dons. I scare the cowards more. I sing praise of brother don. He is the Don of Dons. He is the Don of Dons. I scare the cowards more. I sing praise of brother don..

I give up my life on his gesture. I establish the rule of Don. He can bring the sky on earth. He makes the impossible possible. Whether it Colaba, Mahim, Worli or Khar! His approach is something different. The enemy of enemies. A friend of friends. He is a King at heart. He loves everyone. The enemy of enemies. A friend of friends. He is a King at heart. He loves everyone. I scare the cowards more. I sing praise of brother don. I give up my life on his gesture..

I establish the rule of Don. He is lion hearted. He is very brave. He is a friend of the weak ones. He is a protector of all. His procession passes with splendour. He alone is enough for hundreds. Everyone calls him hero. He roams with danger all over. He finishes all the evil men. He dances with his dear ones. From Dongri to Bhindi Bazaar. His approach is somewhat different. The enemy of enemies. A friend of friends. He is a King at heart. He loves everyone. The enemy of enemies. A friend of friends..

He is a King at heart. He loves everyone. I scare the cowards more. I sing praise of brother don. I give up my life on his gesture. I establish the rule of Don. Dance! Dance! Dance! Dance! He is the Don of Dons. He is the Don of Dons. Don! Don! Don! Don! Salute Don. Salute Don. Salute Don. Salute Don. Salute Don. Salute Don. Salute Don. Salute Don. Salute Don. His law and his court prevail here. It’s his habit to do justice here. He’s ready to die for the truth..

He makes the enemies see stars during day time. He punishes the deceivers. They are not forgiven. He pierces the heart with his sharp sight. Only Don’s rule prevails here. From VT to Thane. From Churchgate to Virar. His approach is somewhat different. The enemy of enemies. A friend of friends. He is a King at heart. How many times I told you, pal! I scare the cowards more. I sing praise of brother don. I give up my life on his gesture. I establish the rule of Don. He is the Don of Dons..

He is the Don of Dons. Stop it! The time given by our boss Surya is over. You both have committed a grave mistake. Come out. Oh no! Only one has surrendered! Where is the other one A bomb has been planted here. Everyone go out. Where is the bomb Tell me. Jadhav! Tell me where you have planted it Or I’ll just shoot you. I am telling you. There! Come! Come there. Show me. Where is it Put it off immediately! Not I but Robin knows to defuse it.

Move! Now will I have to tell you separately It’s done! Damn it! Hey Robin! Hello Where are you Sir. sir. I’ve been trying to call you for so long. Where are you I am outside, sir. Outside Why have you both come here At this time you both should have been at the shopping complex. Right Then why have you come here! I am asking you something. Tell me. ‘Son, I have got your murderer.’ ‘I will bring him here.’ ‘And kill him in front of your eyes.’.

I’ve been waiting for you for so many years. At last I have got you! Go and call! Go and call your boss Surya! Why are you staring at me like this Go and call him. Hey! Hey! Feroz wants to ruin our country. Knowing this you supported him. He is a Pakistani. But you are an Indian. I can’t pardon you. Jadhav, you had thrashed his son, hadn’t you Now you will kill this traitor. Kill him! A bomb was placed at an unfamiliar place in our city. And it’s said that some people’s corpses too were found there.

The evidences indicate that they are Pakistani Don Feroz’s men. That’s why even the police is worried. Hello. Feroz! Did you watch the evening TV news You had given me two hours. Half an hour is still left. Your men’s bodies are lying at the same place..where you had killed my men. Why Shocked Don’t be too shocked. Because the real shocking news is that Durrani is with me. And now he has joined me! He will reveal the truth in the court tomorrow. I want to meet you right now.

The time to meet is now over, Feroz. Though I forbade you, still you are dreaming about..capturing my India. Your game is over. Bye. Cheers! Brother! We are partying here. Don’t tell Surya about it. We won’t tell him. And Suryabhai is really great! He has destroyed that Feroz. He gave him two hours. And Surya defeated him in 1.5 hours. To Surya! Cheers! Cheers! Listen! If he asks, say that we didn’t drink. We won’t tell him! Now drink! Everybody is in a good mood. Who is crying.

Nobody is crying. But I can hear somebody crying. I am already drunk. Drink! Drink! From where is this wailing sound coming Oh my God! Leave! Leave! Run! Run! Run! Sisterinlaw, why are you crying You are really crying. I thought you are joking. Why are you crying, Sisterinlaw While taking Durrani to the court tomorrow..what if anything happens to Surya This is what I am afraid of. Surya! Nobody can harm Surya! Sisterinlaw, wipe your tears! I am telling you! Wipe your tears! Why don’t you both go out and enjoy.

Go! Go! Go! Surya must be really tense. You seem to be tense. I will give you an idea to alleviate Surya’s tension. Come here. Got it Will I be able to do it Yes. Go! And when you and Surya will be romancing..I will go to meet my darling. You manage here. Fine. I will do it. Smile. Come! Surya! Yes! We shouldn’t underestimate Feroz! We will have to be really careful while taking Durrani to the court. You are right. Did you tell the IG about this Yes.

But he told us to be alert! Okay. I will meet you tomorrow. Brother! I am being slandered! I am being slandered! What happened What will happen I am slandered! What are you saying Brother, yesterday you did everything in the dream. But, everything was futile. Futile. I don’t understand anything! Directly ask sisterinlaw, Brother! Oh! When did you come Now ask her what her problem is! I am leaving! What’s the problem Tell me about your dream. Will you do it if I tell you I will do it. Just tell me.

Really Yes. Do you know what you did in my dreams Why are you yelling To get a feel! Shall I tell you what you did in my dreams Yes! What Don’t be afraid. I will walk towards you. Okay! Okay! You walk with a style! Then you look at Jadhav! He says Brother, kiss her! Kiss her! Then you get excited. You hold me. And then. Then you give me a long kiss. I knew it. You kiss me only in my dreams. You don’t kiss me in reality.

Give a sweet. sweet kiss. Give a lovely. lovely kiss. Let it be oh my! Give a kiss. Give a sweet. sweet kiss. Give a lovely. lovely kiss. Let it be oh my! Give a kiss. Hey darling, the intoxication will raise gradually. Hey darling, the intoxication will raise gradually. The fun will grow slowly. Hey sweetie, the fun will grow slowly. Give a kiss. Oh my! Give a kiss. Oh my! Give a sweet. sweet kiss. Give a lovely. lovely kiss. Let it be oh my! Give a kiss. Kiss my cheeks, oh simpleton lover..

The cheeks will grow redder. My God! Kiss the lips, I’ll go crazy. The lips will blossom up. Oh my God! On getting kissed my whole body will glow up. If I kiss your body with love your body and soul will emit fragrance. Do today, do tomorrow or do next Friday. Give kiss. Give kiss. Give kiss. give kiss. give kiss. Give me a sweet. sweet kiss. Give a lovely. lovely kiss. Let it be oh my! Give me a kiss. Kiss my legs, oh my love I’ll fly without wings. My God!.

If you place your lips on my eyelids I’ll be lost in dreams. Oh my God! You love me so much today that there remain no limits. Make me drink so much from your eyes that I lose senses. Do here, do there the heart says wow. Give kiss. Give kiss. Give kiss. give kiss. give kiss. Give a sweet. sweet kiss. Give a lovely. lovely kiss. Let it be oh my! Give a kiss. Give a sweet. sweet kiss. Give a lovely. lovely kiss. Let it be oh my! Give a kiss..

You Mummy and daddy are at home! How did you come inside Jumped the fence and came directly inside! But why I came to say good night to you. Okay, good night. Go.go. Good night. Nandini! Oh no! I won’t do anything. What are you doing, Jadhav I’ll just sit and talk..with you for five minutes, okay Okay. Talk for five minutes and go home. Yes, okay. You won’t do anything, right I won’t. Promise Promise I’ll go home after five minutes.

What did you want to talk about why are you quiet Did I say I’d talk for five minutes Yes. A! B! C! Hey, how did you like the shock What happened This is enough for now the rest after marriage. Oh, I forgot to tell one thing. Jadhav has gone to Nandini’s house. He was afraid to tell you so asked me to manage. Jadhav went to Nandini’s house Yes. At this hour Why did you let him go Why, what happened Jadhav, pick up the phone.

What happened He’s not answering the phone! Oh no! Why did he need to go Stupid fool! He’ll be found. Ask him to drive fast! Hey, drive fast! He is not even answering the phone! Sister! Sister, Jadhav! Sister Jadhav! What happened Sister Jadhav! What happened Where is Jadhav Jadhav and I were coming here. We had an accident on the way. What You know his hands and legs are badly hurt. I’m really scared, sister! My Jadhav! Nandini! Where is Jadhav Hurry up, Sister. Let’s go! Come on, let’s go.

Wait for a minute, child. Let me call up Surya first. I’m telling you, Jadhav is very serious! And you’re busy on the phone! Child, it’s important to talk to Surya. Jadhav is dying there and you’re busy on the phone! Why don’t you understand Oh God! Why don’t you understand It’s important to inform Surya! You don’t come in my way! If anyone comes near me then I’ll kill her! Put your guns down! Move! Oh no! Isn’t this Nandini’s house Yes, it is. It’s locked! So Surya, are you shocked.

Everybody in the world fights..but only the intelligent win. The girl that Jadhav fell in love with is from my gang. And you approved of that girl. Now your brother and your lover are in my custody. I use goat as bait for trapping the tiger. I don’t waste bullets. See how my materbrain works This is called perfect planning, Surya. I spit on your life! You used a girl to trap me And you call it master brain Hey, Feroz, I ask you a question. Are you a man or a eunuch.

Come and fight face to face we’ll know who is a man! You’ll realise then that a person like me is called a man. Hey Surya, you come with my men. I’ll come with your men. Then we’ll play a game..that will decide who is Don no 1. What say What’s there to say Let’s meet. Your brother is really brave. He has one of my men, Durrani. And I have the two of your. Only one is enough for the exchange. One of you will have to die. Tell me, whom should I kill.

There is only one bullet in this. You both decide amongst yourselves..who will live and who will die. Jadhav! Jadhav.let me! No, Sisterinlaw! Sisterinlaw,! Jadhav, give me! Jadhav! Jadhav, give me! No, please! There’ only one bullet so will you kill me If you kill me, my men will kill your sisterinlaw. Shoot yourself quickly. Your sisterinlaw is crying. Jadhav! Come on, Jadhav! Jadhav, no. Jadhav! Shoot yourself. Jadhav, listen to me! Good. No! Come on, shoot. Please, listen to me! Please!.

What are you looking at I could have killed you with this bullet! But you’re not to die at my hands. You’ll be killed by my brother Surya, who never loses! My brother loves me so much that..he approved of my love without even thinking! And she betrayed me that’s why I finished her. Happy! Okay Sisterinlaw, I’m leaving. Convey my regards to brother. Jadhav! Tell your men to shoot me! What are you waiting for! Jadhav! Kill. kill. kill me! Shoot him! Jadhav! Jadhav! Jadhav! Jadhav! Jadhav!.

Jadhav! Jadhav! Surya! Very well, Surya. It was fun playing the game with you. Let’s exchange before playing the game. Send my man to me first. First send my man. This is my area what I say will happen here. I’ve two of your men you have only one of my men. First you send him then I’ll send your people. Go. Surya Go! Surya! Surya! Jadhav Where’s Jadhav Jadhav.Surya, they killed Jadhav! Killed him in front of me, Surya! They killed him! Killed him! Only one was enough for the exchange.

So I killed your brother. Hey, bring him. ‘I’ve no one in this world. I’ll live with you, Brother.’ Hey, Surya, stop this emotional drama. Come on, now let’s start the game. I’ll tell you the rules. If you fall down, then two of your men will be shot. And if I fall down, then two of my men will be shot. Only one of us will survive and he will be, Don no 1. Come on. Mr. Mathur, take Jadhav. Jadhav. Surya, don’t spare him, Surya! Kill him.kill him, Surya!.

Kill him! Kill him. Don’t be afraid I won’t kill anyone. Slicing the nose, and neck of the people..who spread terrorism all over the world, is very important! Come on! Surya, I couldn’t change my rules. Another man from your side will get killed. Durrani has become one of your men now. He’ll give a statement against me. His death is very important. Sorry, Durrani. You are right! Come on! No! Rules shouldn’t be changed! Hey! Surya, kill him! Kill him, Surya! He ruined my life. Don’t spare him. Kill him!.

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