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Learn Dutch Online Dutch course lesson 1 1000 most common Dutch words word 125

Hi there, welcome to 1000 most common words in Dutch. My name is Bart de Pau. And this is lesson 1 in a series of 40 tutorials for learning Dutch. In each tutorial, you learn 25 words. Before starting this lesson, I recommend you to watch my introduction tutorial. In lesson 1, we deal with some very important words, articles, how to greet, and how to say goodbye. Let’s start with ourselves ik ik heet ik heet WillemAlexander You recognised him It’s our king! ik ben ik ben Maxima and she’s the queen of the Netherlands.

man vrouw jongen meisje een een man de de man het And now you’re thinking that’s an other definite article! Yes it is! How do you know when to use which You just need to learn it with every word ! But I will tell you. het huis hallo hoi goed slecht morgen morgen can also mean tomorrow goedemorgen avond goedenavond dag dag can also mean hi or goodbye You can use it for greeting and for saying goodbye. goedendag But this is quite formal, you don’t say it just to friends.

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