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YouTubers React to Kpop 2

Mouse clicks dramatic chord dramatic chord dramatic chord EXOK, Overdose Oh my word, is this Kpop Kpop in the house. in song Come in. electronic buildup singing in Korean All right. Jesse Yep, Kpop. Jeana This is, like, the first Kpop tutorial I’ve seen. So bad, no one can stop her laughs What the hell is this I feel like I’m having inappropriate thoughts right now. laughs Someone call the doctor Dan Are they all in the band Let’s count the members.

They’re so good at dancing. I’m suddenly attracted to Dragon Ball Z also right now. singing in Korean Superpowers! Whoa, there’s, like, 15 of them. laughs They’re multiplying. laughing I’m trying to keep up. holding note EXO Wow. That was fierce. raps in Korean can’t stop singing in Korean This is all right. Do they not eat laughs They all have perfect bodies. I could do it. I can say this ’cause I’m Asian, but I can’t tell how many of them there are.

Oh my god, I loved that. That was phenomenal. Orange Caramel, Catallena intrigued Ooh. discoinspired pop melody singing in Korean Oh, wow. Oh my bursts out laughing Phil Whoa. Dan laughs Amazing, amazing. chuckling What What Mermaid sushi. I’d try it. singing continues Why are they, like, fish for sale I was like, I’m on board. Argh, I’m not. ‘Cause why make a normal music tutorial There’s so many of them. instrumental cracking up singing in Korean.

trio sings each response confused They’re speaking Hindi. I’m not sure if that’s what women want to go for. singing continues chuckles both Aww. Emotional. There’s three of them, there’s three of us. Uh. Uh. coincidence What laughs boisterously What was that TVXQ, Catch Me laughing uncontrollably Catch me, girl I don’t know what is funny. It’s just so intense. holding note I’m so into this. laughs pronounced beat silence robotic voice Catch me if you wanna.

music resumes I wonder if he actually talks like that. Catch me if you wanna Jesse Oh, they could be playing this in Atlantic City easy. This is fistbump worthy right now. Jeana chuckles singing in Korean Whoa! both Whoa. That’s cool. Sick. laughs It’s like the centipede. Remember that movie chuckling Yeah, The Human Centipede. Phil They’re becoming a human Transformer. Dan That’s okay. No, Shinee are better at dancing though. Phil mumbles Dan No, no, I’ve seen better.

I’ve seen better. holding note They have really highpitched voices. The dancing’s cool, and the effects are really cool. Those weird arm glove things I kinda want ’em. dance break robotic voice Catch me if you wanna Ooh, I love that. Dan What’s happening Phil They’re in milk. So sick. This is the most amazing music tutorial I’ve ever seen in my life. They’re bringing the shiny suits back, like Biggie and Puff Daddy. song ends Did they died Why is this not my alarm clock tune every single morning.

I’m so confused. Did they apparate, or is that what happens laughter They’re wizards. dramatic chord Finebros So we just showed you three different Kpop artists. What are your thoughts about Kpop overall The only thing I really know about Kpop is Psy. I was just kinda watching that like. This exists. I don’t really get it. Like, it’s Oh, I’m probably gonna get a lot of hate for that. Oh no, what have I done laughs I love Kpop personally. I got into Kpop in 2012, 2013.

I live with Dan, and I just listen to Kpop through the walls a lot. But I appreciate it. I think people just want to have fun. And when you see something visually stimulating that looks cool and is entertaining, it’s kind of like It transcends language. Recently I’ve been watching more Kpop just because it’s better than what they produce in America. To see that they’re putting the same amount of time and effort in their dance craft and their music tutorials and their singing makes it kind of unstoppable,.

And I feel like us Americans lost that. Finebros So let’s talk about each group. The first music tutorial was a group called Exo. Here they are. A group of, like, 15. guys Are they all guys 12 Oh my god. Very androgynous. There’s one for every single month. So you’re bound to like one that comes up. They look like a Korean version of O2L. Haven’t they done songs in Chinese as well They’re quite talented. There should never be that many people onstage at any given time.

Unless they’re doing Bohemian Rhapsody. I don’t know what you do with seven more Backstreet Boys. There’s a lot of artists that can sing, but they seem like they can perform. They can sing, they can dance, and they do this whole mouths this really intimate thing into the camera where it got me all in the feels right here. Finebros The next group calls themselves Orange Caramel. through laughter Okay, this one I don’t know what was going on with this one. That’s some bleepup bleep, dude. chortles They made themselves sushi.

I haven’t eaten, so my stomach’s rumbling. I would eat them. laughter Finebros Whoa. Whoa. Dan That sounded weird. Okay, okay. Don’t flag this tutorial. So three girls. Or is it are there other girls that I’m missing as well Finebros No, no, three girls. All right. I’m a fan. Maybe it’s the Kpop way to objectify women, because Asians are so into sushi and stuff. I think what you’re seeing in this tutorial is the result of what feminists have fought for for many years. They really wanted a tutorial clip.

Where women were for sale as sushi. Finebros Finally is TVXQ. Oh yeah, they’re cute. Those five could beat up that entire other group. Their choreography was really cool. This group is the truth! They’re like a tutorial game. Those guys are stars. I thought they were amazing. Like, that tutorial they had the whole flipping arm robot thing moving all over the place. That was awesome. The hand movement and everything, and all of that blew my mind. It wasn’t about how great they were as individuals. It was like this unit. It was wonderful.

Finebros TVXQ has been successful for more than 10 years now. Why have I not heard of these people So they’re kinda like a Kpop Coldplay. Finebros What are your thoughts about the fact there’s these massive stars in other countries that we don’t even know about Oh, well, I’m from YouTube. I know all about that life. Just makes me feel like the world is a big place. I think it would be neat if all the big groups in different counties their music were actually played everywhere.

I don’t know in their part of the world if our traditional media and our big stars are known there. It seems like there’s more of that disparity coming from that particular region. Even with us as a band, it’s been tougher to break some of those markets. We just went to India and thinking about a population of a billion, 1.3 billion or something. There are celebrities that we’ve never even heard of. And it blows your mind to realize, like, they’re actually more famous than our celebrities are because there’s so many people around the world.

Finebros We always like to ask this when we cover Kpop. What are your thoughts about how these groups are so manufactured, but it’s not considered inauthentic like it is in a lot of places It’s actually embraced there. Jeana Really Jesse Wow. Interesting. That’s sad. Jeana scoffs ‘Cause I do I’m a big believer in independent authenticity. It kinda limits your free will in a sense. It makes sense for a boy band to be created that way, because, I mean, what guy is just like,.

Oh, you know what Let me call up my five other homeys, who all look kinda similar to me and have great dance moves and singing voices, and we’re gonna start a group together. It’s Lou Pearlman’s dream. He wants to go over there and crush. There’s actually something to counter that that is interesting, though, about artist development, you know Like, at least they are caring and really harnessing their talent into helping these kids hone their craft. I just think, especially in England, we’re just too sarcastic about everything. Yeah.

There is still a lot of authenticity to each different band that you can really get into without it being like a poetic singersongwriter. There’s huge mainstream music in America, and then there’s also other types of music that are more indie. So I’m curious if the same thing happens in Korea. We might only be interested in the mainstream stuff, but I’d be interested to see if there’s small scenes in subculture. Like an underground scene. It’s probably an extreme, but it’s an extreme of something that really happens behind the scenes everywhere.

If you have a model that works and you don’t see a decline, why change Finebros Kpop isn’t going away. It’s just getting more and more popular around the world. What makes it stand out versus pop music from where you’re from Maybe because people can see it now, and they just couldn’t see it before. They’re attacking all the elements of what an entertainer should be. Depending on who you are, the different groups are nice to look at. Kpop is just the basics, really, isn’t it It’s something bright. It’s something fun.

It’s something that can just be manufactured quickly at a high turnover rate. I don’t understand what they’re saying, so then I just get into the melody of it a lot more. You’ve got something there. I was watching those tutorials. And yes, they may be musically talented. But it’s funny to me. I’m laughing at the tutorial. And that’s something I’d show my friend. The tutorial has a lot to do with the whole effects and the whole imitates explosions and the camera angles and cha It’s the same reason I used to love Power Rangers.

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