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He who learns pleasure gets let’s learn some more alphabets. Ok guys. Now, the first alphabet for today is is called ‘daal’, ‘daal’. And the sound it makes is d. Now, one thing, it’s not a strong English ‘D’ like ‘drum’ or ‘doctor’. No. It’s a much softer version of that English ‘D’ ‘daal’, ‘daal’. The tongue touches the back of your front teeth, and you make this sound d, d, not ‘D’, d. Just as was the case with ‘tay’ and ‘Tay’. ‘tay’ was a softer version of ‘T’, ‘daal’ is a softer version of ‘D’.

‘daal’ it’s a dental sound tongue touches the back of your front teeth. ‘daal’, ‘daal’, d, d. With short vowels da, di, du. Now, the next alphabet sorry. ‘daal’ Now, the next alphabet is of the same shape, but with this symbol over its head. And it’s the stronger version of it’s the English ‘D’, right Not the stronger. it’s the English ‘D’. It’s called ‘Daal’, ‘Daal’, and it makes this sound ,. As in the words ‘doctor’ or ‘doll’. Now but, don’t be adding breath, right Great!.

,. Ok. Now, the next alphabet is again of the same shape with a diamond above its head, and is called ‘zaal’. ‘Zaal’ and the sound it makes is the ‘Z’ sound z, as in the words ‘Zero’ or ‘Zebra’. And with short vowels, it becomes it sounds Za, Zi, Zu. Now, the next alphabet is is called ‘ray’, ‘ray’. ‘ray’, right Now, this exact sound is not there in English. Especially, in American English. If you are an American, and you use your ‘r’, please don’t use that.

Forget about your ‘r’, right That’s not going to occur, anywhere in Urdu, right Even I have really problem. Because, we can’t make this sound ‘r’, and the sound is ‘r’, right As Spanish people or in Italian language, the sound which it makes ‘r’ is the same, Urdu ‘ray’ sound. Now, if you are an Italian speaker, as in the words ‘Arrivederci’, but there is a double ‘r’, you exaggerate it a little ‘r’. ‘Arrivederci’ Don’t exaggerate, we don’t exaggerate it any bit, right We just say ‘r’ ‘Urdu’ ‘r’.

As I fiori sono rossi a single ‘r’. I fiori sono rossi ‘r’, right Use this ‘r’ sound. Ok. Now, the next alphabet is again of the same shape, but again with the same symbol. And it’s called ‘Ray’, ‘Ray’. ‘Ray’ this sound is again not there in English ‘Ray’. How to produce this sound Well, what happens is that ‘Ray’ Your tongue would roll back and flap the palate. It’s a retroflex sound. Now so you see, this ‘Tay’, ‘Daal’ and this ‘Ray’,.

All of them are retroflex sounds. This symbol appearing again and again is telling you that I am a retroflex sound and if you want to pronounce me, you must roll your tongue back and flap your palate , ,. Right So, here’s how you produce this sound. With short vowels Ra, Ri, Ru. , , , , right ‘Tay’, ‘Tay’. , , , , , , Are you getting it Great! Ok, the next alphabet is again of the same shape, but with a diamond placed on its head.

And it sounds, again, the ‘Z’ sound z. And it has it’s called ‘Zay’ making this sound z. Again of like ‘Zebra’, ‘Zero’ and so on the ‘Z’ sound. Now, you would be saying that if that ‘Zaal’ made the same z sound, and if this also makes this z sound, why do we have two alphabets Good question! The answer is that in fact, you are going to see many more alphabets for the same sound. Let’s clear it a little. For example, we just learnt this oops, this ‘Zaal’ which makes.

This z sound this ‘Zay’. Now, the thing is that in fact, this alphabet does not have this z sound, it does not let me get a new chalk. Ok. Now this in fact it borrowed from it would be appearing in the words borrowed from Arabic language, and in Arabic language, it makes this sound. Like ‘that’, ‘there’, ‘this’, ‘thus’, and the voiced ‘th’ sound. But, since, we can’t produce this sound, we replace it with this sound z. And, in fact, there would be coming more alphabets with different sounds which would be making.

The same z sound. Don’t be worried about that. Just remember that this makes z sound and this also makes z sound, and you are fine. Right Now, the last alphabet for today is again of the same shape but with two diamonds above its head. And it’s the sound. and is called e, e. As in the words ‘pleasure’, ‘vision’, ‘azure’, ‘mirage’, right This sound. But, interestingly, many native speakers Urdu speakers, just confuse this sound. Because, this sound came from Farsi language the Persian language, from Iran to Urdu to.

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