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Common Expressions in Moroccan Arabic FRENCH With English Subtitles

Hello everyone it’s Moukass I’m doing a tutorial in french for the first time This will be a compilation of the most commonly used expressions in Morocco These are expression in darija Arabic The Darija is an arabic specific to Morocco It’s arabic with french and spanish words There is many french words just said with the arabic tone i’m going to share the essentials that we use in most talks And then the most used words in everyday life For example. I’ll start with the basics To say hello we say As Salam Aleykoum.

This means Peace be upon you And we answer this Wa Allaykoum As Salam Peace be upon you too There is 3 stages in the greetings Muslims say As salam Aleykoum.. Wa Rahmatou Allah.. Wa Barakatouhou This means Peace be upon you, The mercy of Allah and his blessings And we can answer this the same. Wa Aleykoum As salam, Wa Rahmatou Allah, Wa Barakatouhou And there is also a very common expression When someone. When someone likes you When someone wants to show his appreciation Or sometimes it’s because they want something from you.

People often say Baraka Allahou Fik And we answer this Allah I Barek Fik This means God bless you And the anwer is God bless you too There is an expression when we are about to eat or are inviting someone to eat or drink We say Bessaha Wich means To your health or Cheers And we answer this Allah I 3tik As Saha May God keep you healthy This one is very common Even when people get out of the shower or hamman If they just washed or cut their hair.

We say to them Bessaha Cheers Like when we invite them to eat It’s the same expression to answer The answer is Allah i 3tik as Saha This is a very common expression that you’ll hear in coffees Or when we serve you to eat It’s Bessaha or Bssahtek And we also say this to friends and family Bsahtek! Cheers, brother To say brother, we say Khouya It’s very common to callout anyone Anyone in the street is Khouya My bro It’s because in Islam we are all brothers in Allah.

So this is were Khouya come from So another word that is ALWAYS used it’s Ki dayir When the conversation starts How are you is Ki Dayir So people say Ki Dayira mouk How is your mother Ki Dayir Bak Kidayra Khtek How is your father, your sister Ki Dayir Al kelb How is your dog There is people that only say this in their talks The whole talk is How is your father, How is your dog How is the cat How is your nephew. How is your Grandson’s. And so on.

So Ki Dayir is very important And the answer is Labass No problem Labass means I’m fine We can also say Koulchi zine Everything is good Koulchi Labass Everything NO problem litterally So Labass is the short version I’m fine And people often add Al hamdoullah Al hamdoullah means We praise you God in english they also say hallelujah So it’s very common after eating we say Al hamdoullah We thank God for the food So now I will talk about the most common words in everyday life For example when we want to buy something.

When we want something To ask someone, we say Afak This means Please ATini means give me Atini Al Ma means Give me water Afak Give me water PLEASE Atini Al Acir Del limoun Afak Give me orange juive please When you want to know how much it costs. We say Shhal How much How much does it costs When you didn’t heard well you say Kifach How When you want to understand you ask Why Alach Alach it’s Why Why is it like that Other common expression are when people want to show you something in the street.

He will say. Straight ahead is Nichane or Tol Straight ahead On the right It’s Al Imen Very important! To the right it’s Al Imen And to the left it’s Al Icer To the right it’s Al Imen And to the left it’s Al Icer And behind it’s Al Lorr or Mourak Behind you This words are used a lot Houna. Here Here is Houna or Hna Over there it’s Temma You show with your arm and say Temmma!!! Another very common word is. Bezzaf It’s too much For example you say Chhal How much.

You ask How much is this He answers a price, He says Mya 100 Mya is one hundred You can anwer Bezaf It’s too expensive Or when we serve you and there is not enough Hadchi Qlil It’s not enough Qlil means not much Few is Chouia in arabic And A lot is Bezzaf These words also made it to the french language Some french say Some Chouia of this A little bit of this In french! And it comes from Arabic Chouia A little bit So I think that’s it for the most commonly used expressions in arabic.

I’m sure I forgot many But just with these we can engage like 80 of a conversation There is some talks that are 80 percent composed of these words It’s like Hello, How are you, How much is this Bye bye It can help the french talkers because I know I struggled myself Because I’m Moroccan but talking french This is one of the paradox of Morocco It’s because I grew up in a french school and I struggled to learn all these at once And now I know them I wanted to share!.

Adn that’s is, I hope it will help And of course if you have questions you can ask them in the comment section You can comment, I’m not a darija arabic expert Not at all! But I learned the basics and maybe I can help So now thanks to the experience I can talk some Darija, French and English! Swag I post tutorials in english most of the time But here I wanted to do it in french becaues it’s easier for me and I know the translation better And also because there is many french talkers in Morocco!.

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