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Kolaveri in Santas household in Mumbai

Honey! Where are you I got new shoes for you. Your feet won’t hurt now when you go out to distribute gifts. I won’t be needing them anymore. Oh God! What is this! Santa has lost his job!!! They must have surely outsourced his job to China. May bad things happen to these Chinese. What will happen to us Oh Tirupati Balaji, I will make Santa shave his head. okayI will offer 5 no.no10 of his salary you just get back Santa’s job Balaji. Stop all that crying, I haven’t lost my job.

On the contrary, I am going to deliver millions of gifts this year Ho, ho, ho! Is that so! Thank God!! Did you just say millions of gifts Have you gone mad At your age how are going to deliver so many gifts You think you are Rajanikanththe Indian movie star or what Or you think Vijay Mallya is my chacha to send you his notinuse aeroplanes Now nowwhy are you needlessly increasing your blood pressure. Facebook is there, simple, I will deliver through facebook. Facebook That Mrs Ambani was saying,.

That facebook will come out with a public issue soon. If it lists on Bombay Stock Exchange., then I am surely going to buy 100 shares. By the way, you havn’t told me what is the gift FREE online subscription to learn a foreign language You mean French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese Yes my dear, but what happened to you You understand how important it is to learn a foreign language nowadays Don’t you underestimate me! Even our maid knows how important it is but online Yes my dear, why not.

Education also has to move with the times And then this is not any silly website, they are changing the way people all over the world study a language by combining education with entertainment. Is that so ! Yes!!! Funny animation tutorials, very simple explanations, fun exercises and so much more education., and along with it entertainment. So you will post it on a million walls all by yourself No my dear, I will post it on some walls and they in turn will post it on the walls of their friends.

And why would people do that Hmmbecause. is a great gift and it is FREE !! No, I have a better idea. Listen, if you tell people, that if they post it to the facebook wall of 20 other people, then within 24 hours something good will happen to them, then you will will become more popular than even that Kolaveri Come on! Such a cheap idea. I can’t do this, after all, I too have some reputation I bring people 100 genuine gifts, no deals business! You just watch, I will post it on people’s walls.

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