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Hello guys, welcome to the lesson 2. We are going to cover four alphabets today. Now, in the last tutorial I said that we would cover long vowels, but we would cover them later, right Now, see, I am going to make several short tutorials covering three or four alphabets, right I can make a single tutorial covering all the alphabets but the thing is that understanding Urdu alphabets is really important. Some say that there are thirtysix alphabets, some say there are fortyeight alphabets in Urdu, but the thing is that there are a lot more sounds in Urdu than other languages of.

The world. In fact, here I am holding a book written by Meer Insha Ullah Khan Insha, and the name is DaryaeLatafat , in which he says that Urdu has around eightyfive or more sounds, right And we should have that much alphabets. But, I don’t think that we need to have that much. The thing is that just, the thing is that there are eightfive or more sounds in Urdu language. So, understanding the alphabets, first of all, is really important, right Just like, as in English, there are twentysix.

Alphabets but with the combination of few alphabets like ‘s’ and ‘h’, they get sound with ‘c’ and ‘h’, they get t or k sound, right Similarly, they are going to be a lot more sounds in Urdu. Urdu is one of the richest languages of the world, right I want you to be patient. I want you to be respectful to the to this language, right So, today, we would just learn four alphabets. And let’s start. Ok guys, the first alphabet for today. It’s called ‘Jeem’. Right.

‘Jeem’ ‘Jeem’ and the sound which it makes is d, d as in the words ‘Angel’ and ‘Jack’, right And how will it sound with all those short vowels ‘Ja’, ‘Ji’, ‘Ju’, right Ok. The next alphabet is of the same shape, just with two more diamonds, right in the belly, right. So and it sounds like t and is called ‘Chay’. te Basic sound t. With short vowels ‘cha’, ‘chi’, ‘chu’. As in the words ‘chair’ or ‘chocolate’. I love chocolates! Right Now, the next alphabet. One thing, don’t be adding the breath as I have told you in the previous tutorial.

No ‘Ch’. t, t with no breath at all. The next alphabet is of the same shape, it’s just that it has no diamonds in it. Right And is called ‘Hay’. he And it makes this sound the ‘h’ sound h or h As in the words ‘here’ or ‘house’. One thing, the Arabs because there are a lot of Arabic The script is Arabic and there are a lot of Arabic words. Now this the Arabs say which is represented by this But we can’t produce this sound the people of subcontinent .

No, we can’t say that. So, we just use the h normal sound which in Arabic has this, right h It is also in Urdu. We would cover it when the time shall come. The last alphabet for today is again of the same shape. It’s just that it has a diamond above its head, and it sounds x, x. x and is called ‘Khay’. Now, this sound is not in English. But, there is a word in Scottish English in which they say that this ‘ch’ makes this x sound. ‘Loch’ or ‘loch’. I don’t know.

How to pronounce it, but it makes this x sound. If you have a German friend, this sound is there in German, ask him to help you. The German ‘ch’ sound. It has two sounds. One is , like in the words mi or ‘Milch’, right But it’s the sound which this ‘ch’ makes, but it makes another sound in German which is x, right That is the sound x, not the. So, if you have a German friend, ask him to help you make this sound. What happens is that x the tongue is going.

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