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Muslim Abandons the Quran and Embraces the Bible English with Arabic Subtitles

I was born to a Muslim family to parents who were very serious about teaching, and encouraging their kids, my brother and I, to embrace our Islam and take it very seriously and I took that encouragement and I would be well with it. So much so that in my teens and about 18, I had already read the Quran through numerous times. I developed a pretty good understanding, at an early age of Islam, and mankind’s place in the great scheme of things and who Allah was and that he was.

The master of all creation and that we were simply his servants and we were to submit to him. And I really understood, that he was. simply that he was so other than me than human beings that there was no connection with us other than master and servant. While he knew me through and through, I really couldn’t know him and it didn’t bother me for a while but this was perfectly fine with me. As I kind of, embrace my Islam and learning Islamic doctrine and theology and history,.

In my studies and I took my Islam very seriously. I took it seriously because I wanted to preach to people I knew the Christians, the Jews, the Muslims who were nominal lukewarm or the atheists that I knew about Islam. I really believed in my heart that it was the truth that God had revealed Himself perfectly in this book through His very words in Arabic, to mankind. And this was the most perfect book ever written because God had written it Himself through Muhammad. And I wanted to give that to people who did not believe it or did not know it.

I found myself, during that time engaging many people of different faiths as I said but the most staunch opposition came from Christians, they always gave me reasons for their belief and that annoyed me, I did not want people to give me good reasons for their beliefs. I began to study Christianity and read the Bible, I just wanted to see what it had to say so I had ammunition, to use against Christians so I could show them how true Islam was. And a verse popped up I believe it is Matthew 39.

Think not to say to yourself, that you Abraham as your father for I tell you that God is able to raise up sons of Abraham from the stones. Now what that meant to me was it is not important where you came from, what’s important is what you believe your whole life is true or not, and John the Baptist was speaking to me two thousand years later telling me, You know, you’re so interested in telling Christians and others why they are wrong, you have to make sure you are right,.

And maybe they are too. And so I had gotten a little more of an openmind, I was not by far a Christian. I had no intention of becoming a Christian so I decided to do a comparative study between Christianity and Islam. We would have seen what are the evidences for Islam and what are the evidences for Christianity, now I said I had read the Quran numerous times through, and this verse for some reason but I have read numerous times jumped out at me and it meant something different to me this time.

I believe in AlMa’ida, it is the fifth Surah verse 45 to 47, the Koran says, Let the People of the Book meaning the people of the gospel, Christians judge by what God has revealed in it. Let the People of the Book judge on what God has revealed in it. Now that word for revealed what he has revealed is a present tense verb. Now, what this means really is that there is a book that the People of the Book follow and if that command in Muhammad’s day, in the seventh century,.

Was to be taken seriously that means that book had to exist and had to exist intact it couldn’t be a corrupt version, because Allah would never guide people to a corrupt book for guidance so now I have a dilemma. I have got to find out, Is this book really, the one we have today the gospel that Christians claim as the gospel today. Is it the same as the gospel that existed in Saudi Arabia in Muhammad’s day Because if it is I have to make a tremendous decision.

To follow this book now, because the verse later in the Quran said that those who do not follow God’s commands or his words are transgressors, and I didn’t want to be a transgressor I wanted to follow God’s commands in his book. And here I was looking at some of the evidences for the transmission of the gospel as we have it today of the Bible and see 1 What existed in Saudi Arabia at the time, when Muhammad spoke these words in the Quran, he said these things. 2 What.

Was the evidence to show that it lasted or didn’t lasted from that time onward, until now. I was looking into the Dead Sea Scrolls, examining the textual critical arguments of the great German scholars who had always put down the Bible as being unreliable. And seeing that there is actually great evidence to show that the Bible that was around in Muhammad’s day is the same Bible we have today! In fact, the evidence is even better than that actually the Bible, especially the Old Testament and the New Testament for sure,.

Existed as we have it today hundreds of years before the Quran was revealed to the Arabs in Saudi Arabia. Well, one day my good friend of mine who had become a Christian, he invited me to go to church. I have never been to church before and I was at a state where I was kind of open to it. That morning I was waiting for him to come pick me up and my friends. And it is probably already obvious I’m not the kind of guy who was very silent.

I talk a lot and I can’t control myself sometimes, but this morning I was uncharacteristically silent I was just somber and I go to this church service. And I sat there and my friend asked me, What’s wrong What’s the matter with you Cause you know, I was not talking, something must be wrong! Well I said, Nothing. nothing, I’m fine. I’m fine. And I sat in the service and had this experience that is common, I understand, among Christians and even Muslims when they go to services that the person speaking.

Is speaking just to you! No one else was there in the audience. Even though it was probably a 2000 seat church and I was wondering, Did he know I was coming This pastor, he doesn’t know me Well he was speaking about how God have been knocking at the door your whole life and He won’t force Himself in. Jesus won’t force Himself into your life, but He will lean against the door and if you don’t lean back, He will flood your life. And he pastor asked the question at the end of the service.

Has God been knocking on your door, has He been leaning on your door And have you been leaning back Are you getting tired of leaning And it is time to stop. And I got really irritated at that, I didn’t want to hear that because it was too true. It was too close and I left that service very upset and I began to hunch over and I’m not given to emotional outbursts at all it’s not me and for the first time that I could ever remember, I openly sobbed in the parking lot and.

I said out loud, I can’t do it, it’s too heavy, I can’t hold it up anymore! And I assumed it was this burden of trying to wed Islam and Christianity so that I can be comfortable with being on the fence. That it really was I think, was Jesus leaning on the door and I couldn’t resist Him any longer I was trying too hard. So I decided to undertake and make it my job to study the Scriptures, to study the evidence fully and I did that over the course of months,.

And I can recall a time when I was sitting in my parents den in their home and I had quite literally all the evidence for Islam stack up on one side of the desk, and my articles on Islam was shoved in the books from Islamic scholars, my notes were written on things. I had on the next side of the desk all the books on Christianity and the resurrection of Jesus, which I found to be a single point where I had to find out historically one is right one is wrong on this. Either He was raised from the dead or He didn’t.

And I had all this evidence swirling around me and I was wondering, Why is it, I found this evidence for the resurrection so compelling it is so convincing. Why won’t I accept it! Why won’t I accept it! What is wrong with my heart! What’s wrong with my mind, and what’s wrong with this evidence And then the answer walked by the door my father walked by and he looked at me and he smiled because he was so proud because I will study and he was approving He thought I was studying to be.

A better Muslim and a better emissary for Islam and I realized that’s what it was. I couldn’t break his heart and that’s why I kept away from the evidence kept away from Jesus so long. I couldn’t break his heart and the heart of my mother or my brothers, or the rest of my family. I couldn’t do it and I realized, that I knew at that moment what truth would cost me but I didn’t know what it was worth and this was truth He did raise from the dead.

But what would that mean for me I didn’t know that and over the months the Holy Spirit really worked on me to see, That it was not just a fact of history that I rose from the dead meaning Jesus of course but that I rose from the dead as a fact of history and that means that you too can have life. That crucifixion meant that you can have forgiveness for your sins I paid the price but because I live, like the Bible says, you also shall live.

Well since becoming a Christian what has really changed in my life has been my view of God. Before I believed He was almighty, I believed He was holy and all good but there was no relationship! There was no intimacy there and everyone longs for that sense of intimacy that bit of them that says, I know You know me, but I want to know You, Lord I want to know You! I began to have a relationship closer to him than ever before, as I encountered Him in prayer it wasn’t ritualistic it wasn’t.

Just a formulaic way in which to pray. It was more intimate by talking to someone who I certainly would revere as God and as holy and that kind of thing but also someone who I could talk to, and open up about anything to and felt real response, not a voice not an auditory voice. But I felt that because He would come to this Earth and take on my sin and pay for my penalty. Then I could give Him anything, and I could have a reception back of what I’ve spoken to Him.

I felt that now I never felt that before but I now have this hope that God and this knowledge, quite frankly, that God would not only just guide but He would be there with me, and He comforted me by saying, My son suffered and I suffered so much why would I not walk with you And I felt that was a wonderful part of and still is a wonderful part of how I live this life. Well all of that, all of my outlook on life is colored by now the knowledge that because He lives, that I also shall live.

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