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Studying in Unconventional Places Amman, Jordan St. Edwards University

I’m studying Global Studies and my focus is on the Middle East I went to Amman Jordan, the fall of 2013 It’s not a touristy place and so like when you’re in school I think going to Those unconventional places Is really really educational and it’s a great time I think to like study abroad in Those places, I took three Really great classes including, or well four, including my Arabic. I took US..foreign policy with the Middle East, Gender in Islam, and ArabIsraeli conflict The most impactful class that I had there was the ArabIsraeli conflict.

It’s one thing to hear about the ArabIsraeli conflict in the news but it’s a totally different experience when you actually are there and you see how things are playing out for people and it just makes it very very real. My advice to like students who are considering studying abroad in unconventional places are places that there’s a lot of like negative stereotypes about the people come with an open mind and an open heart, like I came with expectations but I was pleasantly surprised by what I experienced like I can sincerely say that I experienced like.

True kindness and sincerity you have to acknowledge like you’re in a different place you need to accept the culture and the society that you’re in and I think that when you do that you definitely have a much better experience I took this opportunity also as a chance to really push myself to grow and get out of my comfort zone to learn how to be independent and able to manage and maneuver around situations that I’m not familiar with or comfortable with and learn how to adapt and I think that I really learned.

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