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Solution for Sore Eyes

Dry eyes is a common condition which effects up to 15 of the population. Just like our planet, the eye is a delicate ecosystem. It’s easily thrown off balance when one component is disrupted. Thetear film is like the protective ozone layer. When it’s contaminating by excess cholesterol, it can break up. My innovation addresses the cause ofblepharitis. It’s a common condition that results in a greasy tear film,inflammation, ulceration and also infection of theocularsurface. It takes the joy out of reading. It makes it difficult to use the computer and it certainly impinges on safety when one’s driving.

It’s a curse. We’ve actually patented a formulation of cholesterol lowering agent into an eye drop. It’s a poorly understood condition but we have found that abnormal cholesterol plays a part. We’re quite excited to find a treatment that would work in three ways onblepharitis. The first one is inflammation, the second one is abnormal lipids cholesterol and thirdly it is also antibacterial. Most of the treatments available are just water based and don’t actually treat the underlying condition. Blepharitisis such a painful condition. I’m thrilled that we’ve come up with a solution.

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