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More Than Dreams The Story of Khalil While certain details have been altered for the sake of dramatization, the following true story has been carefully researched for authenticity and is presented as it happened. The element of surprise is the key. You should be swinging him around so fast, he does not have time to react. Make sure you cut him from one artery to the other. Be brutal, be fearless. Slam him to the ground and cut quickly. Show no mercy. We lived and trained in the desert for one purpose.

.to return to Egypt and overthrow the government. We were ready to face any difficulty for the sake of God. We cared for nothing but the Islamic call. We only had two choices One was to die and go to heaven, or survive by winning the battle. I excelled in sharpshooting and trained to be a sniper. Whosoever fights in the cause of Allah, and is killed or gets victory..we shall bestow on him a great reward. Your brother is in Paradise, Mustafa. You must allow yourself to be. forted with this thought.

And say not of those who are killed in the Way of Allah, They are dead..Nay, they are living, but you perceive it not. Thus says the Lord. Peace be upon you, Emir! Peace to you and God’s mercy and blessing. How has the training been going, brothers It is going well, Emir! Praise God! Take your seats. The Emir would pay us visits periodically, testing our readiness. One night, he read to us from a Cairo newspaper about a group..of missionaries who had been arrested. They were accused of trying to convert nominal Muslims at one of their hospitals.

.with offers of sex and money. Death to the infidels!! God is great!! Calm down, calm down. Silence! It was a humiliation for all of us. Being the month of Ramadan..we felt we had fallen short of taking a stand for God. Everyone was furious. For me, it was just one more reason to hate Christians. We vowed to put an end to Christian evangelism, whatever the cost. The Emir ruled out a military confrontation, instead proposing..a logical confrontation in which we would write a book proving the Bible.

.had been altered and could not be trusted. And who would write this book What is your problem Are you afraid of a book My mother says the Christians cast spells and do magic through this book. And whoever reads their book comes under a spell. And a curse! I will not read it. No, no! That is impossible! Do not argue. If you believe in Allah and the Last Day, you must do as I say, Khalil. No, Emir! Find somebody else! No! No! I beg you, Emir, find someone else to do it.

I am convinced there is no one more capable than do this mission, Khalil. But you are asking me to be like them, to think like them. How can I do this Ask me to kill every Christian in Egypt..but do not ask me to read this book. Not even to touch it! Your zeal for Allah is remarkable. But this zeal has blinded you. You have lost your discernment. Can not you see all the honour and respect you will gain..if you complete this mission You will be the first to expose the lies of the Christian and Jews.

You will receive five hundred pounds 500 a month as an allowance. I will bring it to you myself. We broke camp in the desert, and I returned home. A month went by without me doing any work. Television on Hey, kids. What happened in the series today That poor lady. Her son ran into the street and got hit by a car. You are kidding. Set down the tea, Mom, and watch it with us. Door opens and closes Turns Television off Khalil Have not I told you a thousand times not to watch this heresy!.

We were not watching Khalil, she is your sister! Platter falls Heretics!! TV crashes Finally, I decided to follow the Emir’s orders. I had to obey..and start the assignment he had given me. I did not know where to begin. Muezzin calling Muslims to pray In reading the Torah, I found some instances of minor contradiction..but I said these do not help because the Quran is full of similar differences. If we say these mistakes weaken the Bible’s accuracy..then we will be judging the Quran with the same judgment.

So, I searched for more noticeable errors, but I did not find any. I read the whole Bible, but I did not find what I was hoping to find. There are no verses in the Bible mentioning the coming of a Prophet..named either Mohammed or Ahmed. I have brought you what you need, Khalil. Take it. Showing the Truth. This book list twentysix references to Mohammed blessed be his name. Peace and praise to his name..references that appear in the Torah and the Gospels. Why did not you show me this before.

I have wanted you to read the Bible on your own first. That way, who can argue with your conclusions Khalil, my son, this book you are writing is going to be..unlike any other book written on the subject. God willing, it will give us magnificent results. God willing. You will see. I set out to examine all twentysix references listed in the book. Each one failed to prove anything. I said, Lord, I can not prove the Bible has been altered..and I can not find Mohammed mentioned anywhere in the Bible.

.What am I living for..Who am I worshiping I thought if the Bible is true, then what is the future of the Quran They can not both be right because they move in opposite directions. So, I started writing a research paper entitled Is the Quran God’s Word When I finished, it was between twohundred and threehundred pages in length. Then one day, the Emir paid a surprise visit. Please just wait for Khalil here. He will be out in a minute. Thank you. Allah be praised! He has finally begun to write.

IS THE QURAN GOD’S WORD What happened to you, Khalil What are you writing Are you telling me the Quran is not the Word of God If you do not believe me, read for yourself. Emir slaps Khalil Do you think I am happy with my conclusions I begged you over and over to give this assignment to someone else..and every time you said the Lord had chosen me! You are the one to blame, not me! We paid you a lot of money to expose the lies of these filthy Christians!!.

No, no!! You told me to do the research! Well, I did! And their book is the truth!! Not only that, the Quran itself acknowledges that Isa, the Messiah, is God! Shut up! Shut up! Do not you dare say anymore! The Quran says Infidel!! Isa speaks in parables and he is coming back on the clouds! He will be the judge of all people! Isa has the ability to heal the sick.raise the dead! He is returning on the clouds! And he will judge the nations on the Last Day, just as the Quran says!.

Yelling You are killing him! You are killing him!! Listen to me, from now on, you and I do not know each other. I will tell the group you have deserted us, infidel. And if you ever show this rubbish to anyone, I will kill you myself. Infidel! Infidel! Khalil Khalil Mother cries Jesus But I say unto you, love your enemies. Bless them that curse you. Do good to them that hate you and pray for those who despitefully..use you and persecute you. Resist not evil, but to the one who strikes you on the right cheek.

.turn to him the other also. Muhammad Fight the infidels because they are without faith. Fight the polytheists the way they fight you. Fight those who do not believe in God. Fight, fight, FIGHT!!! Even if they are fathers, children, and husbands. FIGHT!! Singing and chatter Dials on the phone Hello, Timothy This is Khalil. No, everything is alright. It is just that I have been wanting to talk with you for a long time. One day, I called a friend from work who I knew was a Christian. I hoped he would talk to me more about the gospel, but he got scared.

.and hung up. Then something happened that terrified me. I discovered someone had stolen my briefcase, which Bible and passport. Excuse me, did you see my bag Sir, sir! Have you seen my bag anywhere What bag are you talking about But it has all my things, and my. my Bible! Sir, sir! You will owe me for the phone call! Come back! God, please hear me. Show me your way. All I want all I have ever wanted is to know you and serve you..with all my heart and soul.

I have loved you since childhood. My whole life is in your hands. God, I am so confused. I need you. I know you are One God. Are you the God of the Muslims or the God of the Christians If you are the God of the Muslims, take everything out of my mind except Islam. And if you are the God of the Christians, then bring light to my heart to worship you. Show me your way. Show me the truth. Please, God. That night, I slept deeply, like never before in all my life.

When it was nearly dawn, I had a dream. Footsteps Man Do you still have doubts in me Who are you Jesus I am the one you are searching for. I can not remember. Jesus Read the Book. I love the Book. Jesus Yes, I know. But I have lost it along with all my papers. Jesus The Book cannot be lost. Stand up and open your closet. Jesus You will find it there. Khalil Mom, you must forgive me. I thought I was following the true faith by treating you harshly.

Forgive me and let me kiss your feet. Oh, my God, what is the matter What happened to you, Khalil God has guided me into the truth. The God guiding me now is not the one I was following before. There is only one God. Yes, mother, and He instructs me to love and obey you. And who is this God, Khalil He is the true God, revealed in Christ. Isa. as written in the Quran. Stop, my darling. If they hear you, they will think you are insane. I will do as you say, but do you believe me.

Why would not I believe you You have never treated me like this. Go, my darling, and God will never forsake you. Crying Please forgive me, Mom. My heart had changed. It was changed by love. I could not go back to sleep and stayed up until morning. Everything I saw was beautiful. I wanted to hug and kiss everyone I met and tell them I loved them..even the Christians, who know me as a violent and fanatical man. Do not be afraid! It is me, Khalil. I am not open yet, sir.

I have come to talk to you. Please, I need to ask your forgiveness. Please, talk to me later. Please, I have changed. I am not the same person. I have changed. I wronged you in the past because you were a Christian. Forgive you You have changed I do not deserve your forgiveness. Please forgive me. Hallelujah! What does that mean You will learn in time. What happened to you Come here. Please, forgive me. I forgive you. I began to change from that day forward. People who knew me, people at work, all saw the difference in my life.

I had been a hateful, murderous man. I had burned down churches and robbed stores. So many violent acts. But Christ changed my life. When I began to act according to what the Bible says, I became a loving person. I am free now. The Son has set me free. Life is Christ and death is gain. In the past, death was an ugly, fearful ghost, but death no longer rules. I am now in Christ and all things are new. Waves splashing Can the leopard change its spots Can the lion be at peace with the lamb.

Can a man consumed by hatred and the violent overthrow of his enemies..become a man of peace For Khalil, it is safe to say these questions never entered his mind. Until he met the Prince of Peace, the Lord Jesus Christ. Impossible, you say Yes, from the human perspective, quite impossible. But with God, all things are possible. I am reminded of a man named Saul, like Khalil a violent, abusive man. And, like Khalil, a scholar. He set out to destroy the Christians in his part of the world, and participated.

.in the deaths of many, only to discover he was not fighting men, but fighting God. God brought Saul to his knees, literally. From that prostrate, humble position, this proud, angry man cried in despair Who are you, Lord To which the Lord replied I am Jesus. And when you fight against my are fighting against me. This man is best remembered today by the name of Paul..the author of more than half of the New Testament. What changed Saul on the inside What changed Khalil For both men, it was the same power the power of love.

.the power about which I would like to talk with you today. There is no greater power. My friend, God is love. This is what the Bible says. God is allpowerful, allknowing, and everywhere present. But in essence, God is love. God does not want anyone to perish, but for all people to come to repentance..and knowledge of the truth. He wants us to live with him forever in a place called heaven. His only requirement is that we receive Jesus Christ, the Messiah, as our Saviour. Here we come to an important point. Listen to me carefully.

Khalil had the special experience of seeing Jesus in a dream. Perhaps you are thinking you need to do the same to be saved. That is not the case. Salvation is a gift from God to all people everywhere. The only requirement from God is for us to have faith. Even this faith is also a gift from God. What, other than love, should we expect from a loving God Would you like to receive the gift of eternal life Would you like to have your sins forgiven and become a member of the family of God.

The God of love is listening, and he will not refuse anyone who comes to Him in sincerity and truth. Whatever you have done, or failed to do, God desires to bring you into his embrace. He is the God of love and His amazing, perfect love covers all our sins. It does not matter what we have done. Pray with me. God, you know how much I love you. My loving God, forgive my sins and give me eternal life. Count me as one of those fortunate people who accept you as Saviour.

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