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Indian Spicy Shawarma Arabic Food In Indian Style Part I The Bachelors Way

Today we are going to make Indian Shawarma As you know shawarma is a famous dish of Arab countries We are going to replicate it using Indian spices and Indian flavors inspected below To get started we must first make the flat bread or lavash To make it I have taken 112 cups of Maida Add in 12 sp of salt And a little bit of sugar Now I’m going to knead this dough just like that on my counter top The secret in making very soft chapathis rotis or anything is.

You just have to start by adding little bit of water and when the dough starts to form We are going to add in a little bit of oil so that the dough will not be sticky Since we are using maida here we have to be little more generous with the oil If you can see the dough is soft Now I’m going to add in a little more oil The reason we are adding more oil and less flour is because for shawarma’s we need the lavash to be as thin as possible.

So we have to roll this dough very very thinly If you add in a lot of flour and roll this dough very thinly then the shawarma’s will be very hard and the lavash will be very rubbery Inorder to prevent this from happening we are adding a lot of oil Now to get the desired consistency you have two methods. You can knead the dough for 56mins For people who are lazy like me Pinch the dough to the bottom, make something like a dinner ball Cover it up with something. I’m using this bowl to cover it up.

I have left the dough to sit for somewhere around 15mins. Now you can see the dough is very smooth, it is not cracking anywhere You can see while pressing the dough is very much elastic This is why we are leaving the dough to rest for somewhere around 1015mins. As I told you earlier if you want to make the process much quicker you can knead it with your hands To knead the dough to this consistency Use your palm give some pressure fold it in some pressure fold it in.

Repeat the process for somewhere around 2030 times. You will end up getting a dough like this. I’m going to make a log out of it I’m going to cut out four equal portions as I’m going to make four shawarmas out of it. The excess bit goes with the corner cut piece because every time the corner piece has less dough I’m going to fall a ball with each of these dough pieces Inorder to make smooth round balls just push the dough in like that between your thumb index fingers.

Once when you come to the bottom, pinch twist. There you go Just press it keep it aside We are going to roll them one by one put them in a hot tawa I have oiled my working surface, now I’m going to roll the dough. Try rolling it as round as possible When you are rolling the dough with oil make sure you roll your dough to a little bit thinner consistency than desired because If your roll the dough too thick take it out You can see the dough automatically shrinks.

And if you roll it to the desired size, put it on the tawa it will again shrink obviously you will end up getting a small sized lavash. So roll it extra thinner than needed then you can match it up This is fine,This is fine! Something like a crooked triangle wont work It is not a very difficult process you don’t need much of a practice This is what my desired shape consistency is but I’m going to roll it a little thinner because the dough will shrink. The size consistency will automatically adjust to itself.

Make sure you don’t roll it too think thereby tear your dough So now I’m going to transfer it to my tawa You don’t have to oil your tawa or anything because you have added lot of oil while rolling itself Here I will be telling you an important step. I have stacked all the lavash which I have made earlier. You know generally The first two lavash will turn out very soft but when the pan turns hot it starts becoming crispy but do not worry and do not leave them in the open.

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