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Speaking Cantonese 10 How I plan to learn Italian

Hello Everyone Today I will talk about how I plan to learn Italian First of all. This sentence is probably very obvious but the difference between Chinese and Italian is very big Chinese grammar is quite easy and not complicated Sentence structure is. WHO WHEN WHERE WHAT It also has a lot of. VERB NOUN VERB NOUN quite straight forward Italian grammar is very complicated a lot of stuff to learn it has the gerund, imperfect tense, perfect tense, so many things. Last year I started learning Italian.

But at the end of last year, I stopped learning Italian because I wanted to concentrate more on Cantonese The result was my Cantonese improved but my Italian got worse this year I hope to learn more Italian so I can improve my Italian So far I have three Italian books The first book is this dictionary Its very thick and has a lot of stuff in it The second book is ‘Italian for dummies’ Does it suit me The third book my wife gave to me for my birthday.

This book is called ‘Assimal’ I’ve listened to a lot of dialogues. About 30. When I can’t sleep I also listen to these conversations So when I can’t sleep I hear ‘ Do you want a coffee’ and other things. Besides these three books. I hope next week I will start lessons I plan to go 2 hours per week 28 weeks altogether I also watch a lot of Italian tutorials I watch one guy whose name is Tom Txxytu He explains a lot of Italian grammar and he explains it very well.

So I really like to watch his tutorials One woman whose name is Lucrezia Lucrezia’s tutorials are great! Also previously I sent her some emails and she was able to quickly reply to me with answers to my questions which I appreciated One young guy whose name is Alberto. Alberto’s tutorial’s are also great! Although he talks very fast, at the bottom of his tutorials are both English and Italian subtitles so I can watch many times He has a lot of charisma, I dont know how to say ‘charisma’ but he has a lot.

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