Learn To Speak Arabic Words

Americans Learn Foreign Curse Words

Hey, I’m Zach. Hi, I’m Melody. We’re gonna curse in foreign languages. bleep yeah! speaking Hindi speaking Hindi Yes. laughter speaking Hindi speaking Korean speaking Korean speaking Korean Don’t laugh right away, give me a moment. And without even just like a hint of emotion speaking Korean. speaking Korean Yeah, better. speaking Korean You like took me there. Yeah. That’s why I was able to say it. That’s how Koreans roll. speaking Spanish speaking Spanish.

speaking Spanish speaking Spanish Yeah. Say it with like, more anger. speaking Spanish Yeah, Dude, that’s awesome. speaking French Okay, again speaking French Yeah, exactly, you get it. I got it! Yeah. Ha! Suck it French! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that. What have you got for me speaking Russian speaking Russian Little more, like say it like you mean it. speaking Russian You gotta emphasize it. I feel like I’m doing pretty good.

I think you’re being harsh. I’m, you know, I aim for perfection. This is my girlfriend’s sister, so this should be fun. speaking Arabic speaking Arabic One quick word. speaking Arabic speaking Arabic speaking Arabic Yes, excellent! I felt it that time. Great. speaking Mandarin speaking Mandarin Wow, you’re pretty good. What am I saying Did I just like tell the audience to go bleep their mother or something That’s actually exactly what you told the audience to go do.

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