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Whoever believes in Allah and the last day let him maintain strong family ties A Hadith that I came across which made me decide to make a surprise visit to my sister in pennsylvania when I read it I was overcome by shame since the last time I actually saw my sister was last year when she asked me to babysit her daughter Fatima my sister asked me to take care of Fatima for a few days as she was about to give birth to a second daughter.

To be completely honest I had no clue how to take care of a baby girl I could hardly take care of myself but I couldn’t say no to my sister. when my brotherinlaw dropped her off she didn’t even know how to say my name I had no idea how I was supposed to entertain her I didn’t even know how to break the ice so I started reflecting on how the Prophet Mohammed peace be upon dealt with the children around him the Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him was.

So loving to everyone but at the same time he was particularly compassionate to children he would constantly be seen playing with them joking with them embracing them visiting them when they were sick lifting their spirits when they were down he would even try to speak to the nonarab children in their own languages just to show them that he loved them just as much and a young girl could take his hand in walking all around Madina without him letting go her hand until she let go of his.

When AlHasan and AlHussein used to jump on his back while he was he was praying used to wait for them to come down and then place them on his lap gently he once said when I stand for prayer I enjoyed prolonging it but once I hear a child crying I cut it short so that I don’t cause distress to the child’s mother we often get impatient with children forgetting that were once them and sometimes still act like them and one day they will be like us and hopefully show us mercy the way we showed it to them.

The Prophet peace be upon him showed interest in their interests he played with their toys even once asked about one of the kids birds we seem to forget at times that loving children is of the easiest sunnahs and of the easiest ways by which we gain Allah’s love for our Prophet peace be upon him said that those who do not show compassion will not receive it compassion is a natural part of our humanity and it’s even further enhanced through our islam however if it isn’t cherished and exhibited we may lose it forever.

Imagine how different the world would be if we’re all just a little bit more loving and kind to our family members and love is not only expressed through words the Prophet peace be upon him despite carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders still paid attention to the small things like drinking from the same part of the glass sneaking in a surprise kiss even challenging you to a surprise race there wasn’t a chore to small nor moment too quick for him to show you that he loved you.

And was paying close attention to you Oh Fatima you have no idea how much I miss you may be young but you’ve taught me so much you’ve taught me how to follow the example of our greatest teacher in being loving and caring towards ones family RasulAllah I don’t know how you did it how you managed to care for the this ummah the way you did all being anything but neglectful to your family your greatness as a husband and father was just as remarkable as your greatness as a leader.

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