Learning Arabic Glasgow

From Malaysia to Glasgow Glasgow International College

Originally I was choosing going to Australia or UK for my further studies but my first choice UK because I think that I can have a better environment to study in UK and choose GIC because I can gain direct entry to Year 2 in University of Glasgow after I finish my Foundation Course. So, in GIC, I also have the chance to learn about how we write an essay in a different way, like doing referencing and citations and also we have the chance to learn much deeper into certain subjects.

For me, I’m interested in both aviations and engineering so I believe that Glasgow International College will provide me with a very good foundation course in order for me to proceed into mechanic engineering with aeronautics in Glasgow University. The whole application was simple and straightforward and the staff were very helpful and kind to help me with the problems I met and I got the offer about two weeks after I applied for it. So, after me than one day of flying from Malaysia to Glasgow, once we touched down into Glasgow International Airport,.

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