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King Abdullahs Megacity MEGAPROJECTS Part 10

If you were playing Sim City, you’d want to go about building your metropolis the same way the Saudi’s have with King Abdullah Economic City. And just like other great leaders of men, you’d probably name it after yourself too, which is exactly what King Abdullah did. You’d also focus on jobcreating infrastructure and a dream university to attract the best and brightest. Saudi Arabia is the world’s dominant oil producer, and is a country that knows how to play the game. While its flashier neighbors like Abu Dhabi and Dubai get all.

The publicity for their megaprojects, the Kingdom is embarking on a far more ambitious project that’s focused squarely on creating the most cohesive, wellplanned city in the Arab world. The $100 billion enterprise on the coast of the Red Sea is about an hour’s drive north of Jeddah, the secondlargest city in Saudi Arabia, and plans to expand into an area about the size of Washington DC. That location is no coincidence, says Fahd Al Rasheed, the man who’s in charge of growing King Abdullah Economic City which we’re going to shorten to just its initials, KAEC you’re talking about 24 percent.

Of global trade going through the Red Sea, and this is a trend that’s never been addressed by a Red Sea port. That’s why KAEC’s port is going to be massive, with an annual capacity of over ten million shipping containers, which would make it one of the busiest ports in the world. So cargo is KAEC’s first major transportation hub. The second is Haramain station, one of four stops on Saudi Arabia’s planned high speed rail network that will connect the new megacity to Jeddah, Makkah, and Madinah. This will bring thousands of.

Visitors to KAEC right from it’s inception, with officials hoping that some will naturally take jobs and stay there, fueling its expansion. At first, the whole plan struggled to gain much traction with investors, but, says Al Rasheed, then we reoriented ourselves towards building that demand, creating that support and it’s completely shifted. Now we have captive demand all our apartments are full and we have waiting lists for hundreds of people, literally. Part of that shift focused on KAEC’s Industrial Valley which is centered on a large petrochemical plant and has more than 70 companies lining.

Up to set up bases there. And then there’s the cornerstone of any thriving city a great university. Enter, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology which began instruction in 2009 with a staggering $20 billion endowment, making it the third bestfunded university in the world behind Harvard and Yale. This capital injection has allowed it to lift off like a rocket in its first five years. It’s recruited some of the best talent from over 60 countries around the worldscientists who’ve carried the school to an eyeopening 99.9 research record score. The research teams at King Tech are.

Advancing many important fields like solar cell technology and cancer therapy. It teaches in English and is the first mixedgender university in the Kingdom. Plus, with just 1200 postgraduates on an 8,900 acre campus, there’s plenty of room to expand in every direction. With forty percent of Saudi Arabia’s citizens under 15 years old, the plan is for the megacity by itself to create upwards of a million jobs for all of those young people to grow into. In the end, it may be true that Saudi Arabia would be a bonedry desert wasteland without it’s exploitation of the vast fields of.

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