Learning Arabic Memes

Team America World Police 310 Movie CLIP Derka Derka 2004 HD

LtigtDerka allah muhammad jihad.ltigt ltigtBakala muhammad jihad!ltigt ltigtBakala muhammad jihad!ltigt ltigtAllah derka derkaltigt ltigtmuhammad jihad!ltigt ltigtMuhammad jihad!ltigt ltigtMuhammad jihad!ltigt Oh, shit. Come on, gary, act. You have the power. guns cocking ltigtFuck derk derk allah.ltigt ltigtDerka derka muhammad jihad.ltigt ltigtHake sherpa sherpa bakala.ltigt Oh. ltigtDerka, derka, derka.ltigt All right, gary! Told you he was topgun. I’ve never seen acting that good. He’s amazing. band playing jaunty music singing arabic gibberish Yeah, no, I know. It’s terrible, terrible. We are bashir rebels from the country of somalia. Who are you.

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