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The Value of App Ideas A Minute of Overpass Makers of Mobile Language Learning Games

Hi, this is A Minute of Overpass. My Name is Eric, and I make apps. Now this week, I wanna talk about the value of app ideas. So this week I wanna talk a little bit about app ideas. It’s kind of a strange situation where we live in a world where we read a lot of stuff about apps making millions of pounds, millions of dollars. Somebody has an idea and they build it and then they become millionaires, which is a cool thing. I’m kinda hoping it happens to me, myself.

However, people will contact, as an app developer I experience something a lot which, if you’re an app developer you probably get this too, where people will contact you and say Hey, I’ve got this great app idea and what I’ll do is I’ll share this app idea with you. If you go away and build it then you and I can share the proceeds fiftyfifty or sixtyforty or something like that.. And I just want to say a little something about app ideas and I don’t mean to offend anybody. This is something that just is really strange is that.

An app idea, like a really good app idea, the best app idea in the world is worth nothing. It really is. The thing that makes an idea worth something is actually building it. I have so many different app ideas. So many things at the backlog of my brain. I have notes written down, I have project specifications that one of these days I’m gonna get around to doing that I started to see that actually building an app and marketing it is the easy part of something. A lot of times when people come and they’ll say I’ll give you my idea,.

You build it and then I’ll kinda help market it and then we’ll share the proceeds it really is like going to a builder and saying I have an idea for a house and if you build it, then I’ll help share and then I share in half of the ideas which is really like giving somebody a ton of work. It’s asking to invest lots of time and also lot of money in to a project without any guarantee that something is gonna work. It’s like telling somebody you’re really.

Good at roulette and if they’ll put the money down on the table, you’ll give them the number. The app market is so finicky. I’ve released so many apps, some of them have done really well, some of them haven’t done very well and it just really is kinda keep hammering away at it and it’s a strange market. It’s really strange the way that works. I like to remember Thomas Edison’s quote which is Genius is one percent inspiration and ninetynine percent perspiration. When you ask somebody to build something for you for.

No money, basically you’re asking them to to that ninetynine percent perspiration for your one percent of inspiration. But again, not to offend anybody, but that’s kind of the way that my mind is evolving in that way. So that’s it for this A Minute of Overpass this week. Now. if you’re listening to this through the iTunes podcast, please leave a review. I’d love to hear from you. And if you’re watching this on YouTube, please leave a comment or on Facebook or LinkedIn and let me know what you’re ideas are about app ideas.

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