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Arab israelis Do you love Israel

Do you love your country Yes Ibtisam Kfar Yassif Do you feel nationalistic Yes In what way You can answer in English or Hebrew I was born in this country and I feel connected to this country Let’s say that Israel wins something in Europe some kind of championship or Eurovision Do you feel pride Some sort of pride, yes Do you love Israel Do I love the country Of course, why not Ali Nazareth Do you feel nationalistic I don’t deal with such things Nationalism Nationalistic I know what nationalism is.

I don’t care about nationalism I don’t care if it’s a Jew, Arab, Chrisitian, Muslim I care that a person is a human being There are good laws here there are not so good laws here There are. Let me tell you There are good people and there are bad people There are bad Muslims and there are bad Jews There are also good, right Not everyone With a little peace it will be good here a little peace Do you love Israel If I love Israel Andre Nazareth There are people who say yes and there are people who say no.

I can’t say if I am for or against We need to love each other through coexistance I can’t say whether I love the country of not I would say to anyone who doesn’t like Israel that we need to live in coexistance to be tolerant of each other The question comes from someone from Malaysia She is Muslim and hears that Arabs and Jews hate each other So she asked a few questions like this one Do you have a message to tell the world how to think about the situation here.

She says there is a problem between Jews and Arabs here She sees it on the news so she is asking Sadly what you see on the news is true but we have to work on it to love each other more Not to kill We have to love each other To believe in coexistance and to work on it and then things will be good Do you feel a love for Israel and do you feel nationalistic Jack Tel Aviv I am alone here in Israel because my dad, mom and sisters all live in England.

I think that alot of Israelis are nationalistic I think. it depends on the time I can’t. I don’t know What about your father Your father’s family Arab Israelis Do they feel Israeli Yes Do you have family in Haifa My father’s family Do you see them Are you in touch with them No That’s okay I have plenty of family around the world I don’t see I don’t know them Do you love Israel Qais Akko Yes Are you nationalistic Yes, why not I live in this country I am Israeli.

I love my country Do you love Israel as a country Naseem Haifa A country is a system For the land. you can say yes because I was born here It’s part of me but the system, no, not very much When it becomes an ideal system I will move on to another system and try to change it That’s why. Are you loyal to the country Oh God I don’t know what that means either What is that supposed to mean Loyal to the country I am loyal to human beings.

I can put it this way For me first comes humans Countries are not my thing If I can put it in an American way But still. I believe in peaceful ways not in armed ways So basically peaceful things Human First of all comes human beings well being being safe well fed, sheltered have work That’s it I don’t care if he is Moroccan or he lives on a volanic island in some ocean For me he is human Not the state I’m more into the human race and not to any state.

Do you love Israel as your country Yes Yes, I like it Elias Ramle Do you feel nationalistic It’s my country, yes! Sort of It’s not. I love the flag I am okay with that Let’s say Israel wins in basketball in Europe Do you go, ya! I don’t like sports Eurovision I don’t know It’s sort of. In my opinion. I live in Ramle I live in the Holy Land I don’t live not in Israel, not in Palestine I just live Do you love the country Nabil Jaffa Answer when you want.

Do you love Israel as a country and you can say whatever you want I will give an example someone finished a BA in computer studies and went to find work in high tech but they prefer to hire Jews The Jews get first choice in the labour force Other than that The investment in Arab education in primary and secondary schools is not like the investment in the Jewish schools The government doesn’t like to invest in the Arab schools like it invests in the Jewish schools This creates a gap between.

The two populations What can I tell you. The country Other than the government On the other hand, they have territory They own alot of land When they want to create a new neighbourhood Where do they build it On the border of the West Bank They don’t establish it in the centre They look for the border of the territories and establish it there What is wrong with that It is a danger to those who live there It puts there lives in danger There is plenty of land inside why do they need to go there.

They think it will mean more security What else The question is do you love the country and are you loyal and nationalistic Do you have something to say about that I have nothing to say I just don’t like things like that I never had. a situation of racism or anything No, this is not asking about racism No, I am not happy here They the government are always taxing us Join the club Instead of helping the people they rob us high taxes Everything is getting more and more expensive.

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