Learning Arabic With Mr G

Lets Dance Apink Mr. Chu ENGJPNCHN SUB

‘Make him mine’ Dance Eunji, what’s wrong Naeun. My mind is wandering. perhaps because it’s spring. There’s this guy I like. I miss him. Then, tell him! No. I looked in the mirror and lost confidence I’ll tell you how to make him yours How! ‘OOO Dance’ to show him my heart This dance doesn’t have a name yet Look closely and make a name for this dance! Put your hand up Then, turn your right hand with ‘I want to have couple rings’ face and show off your rings Smile slightly and hug yourself, then it’s done!.

Naeun, thank you! Hayoung! What’s up What’s up The weather’s so nice! Shall we meet Have a nice day Hayoung, what’s wrong What’s with this face What’s the matter I like this guy. but I don’t think he’s interested in me Is there a way to make him mine Of course How Like this You’re mine Does this really work Sure, everyone falls for this Make him worry with ‘Flirting’ Dance Call your Mr. Chu as if you’re saluting Put your both hands on your waist and Bounce your shoulder twice.

Touch your lips with your thumb, then Chu! Repeat this one more time Blow your love, Chu! Now, you’re mine! Namju, what are you doing! He’s coming to the dance party tomorrow Do you think I can appeal to him with this dance No way You also need to play games when you dance I will teach you ‘Playing hard to get’ Dance to make him mine 100 Step to the right and cross your hands Put your hands on your waist and bounce your right hip! Step to the left and turn your left hip.

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