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Learn Chinese Mandarin with Yangyang Introduction to the Language

Hello everyone, welcome to learn chinese with yangyang. This is our very first mandarin chinese class. Before we start, let me introduce myself first. n ho, w sh yng yng, xi xie n ho, w sh yng yng, xi xie. Alright, what you heard just now is what we are gonna learn today. n ho literally means in chinese is you good. n is you, ho is good.You good means hello, it is the most common expression of greeting in chinese. Alright, repeat after me, n ho n ho n ho n ho. Alright n ho, now you know how to say hello in chinese.

And if you want to say how are you, n ho ma, is the way to go. Remeber ma is a miracle word, once it is placed at the end of sentence, it changes a statement into a question. So when you say n ho, you’re good. And when you add a ma to the end of the sentence of n ho, you are good. And you change it into are you good You are good Which means how are you Repeat after me, n ho ma, n ho ma. Let me remind you here, n.

Ho ma is usually used between people who are pretty familiar with each other, who really care about each other’s life. Otherwise we would just say hello, n ho. And thats good enough. I remember my first year in the United States, when i was asked how I was doing. I always give a long beautiful story about how I really felt about life. But gradually I realized nobody really cared about what my answer was. But in China its a different story, when people say n ho ma, they usually care about what the answer is. So in China, you can just say.

N ho and thats good enough. Before we move on to the next sentence, I gotta talk to you about pinyin, the chinese phonetic system. It is so important, I can’t stress it enough, its the very foundation for chinese learning. Why it is so important Okay, in english when you are given a word that you’ve never seen before, theres a great chance that you’d be able to pronounce them correctly by some simple rules. You know but it’s a totally different story for chinese characters. Chinese characters are visually interesting.

And beautiful, but phonetically they are basically virtually mute, especially for beginners. But pinyin will help us know how to pronounce them. let me explain, one chinese character has one syllable and one syllable consist of an initial , a final and a tone. Dont worry about it, it sounds so complicated but its not. Initials and finals are pretty easy to learn, because you can find most similar sounds in english. Whats difficult for foreigners Its the tones, by tones we mean the pitch variety. In english you can say apple , apple,.

Apple, apple, they mean the same thing, apple. But in chinese, one sound with different tones can totally mean different things. For example, if I say w hn chu, it means I am ugly. If I say w hn chu, it means I stink. Alright chu and chu means two different things.Thats why you gotta distinguish sounds, you gotta know the tones. And today we are gonna focus on that. In chinese, we have four basic tones. First tone is flat and high pitched. Sort of like when you are done with microwaving your food and you hear that ding sound from.

Your microwave. Ding ding, flat and high pitched. Ok, raise your voice and make this sound. Lets try a few pinyin to see if you get it. m yng, remember a in chinese is pronounced as ‘a’, sort of like when you go to dentist and you are asked to open your mouth wide. So yang is yng yng. Ok m yng y w. Lets move on to the second tone, second tone starts from low to high. Sort of like when you say what in english. What what Alright, lets try a few pinyin. b, o in chinese is pronounced as o, b b rn rn, in chinese,.

E is pronounced as eh. Its not e, so when you see en is en. So its pronounced as rn rn gu gu. Ok lets learn the third tone. Third tone is going down first and then going up. Sort of like when you say uh huh! well! uh huh! well! I just taught you say how to say hello, n ho. Basically, two characters all pronounced with a third tone. n ho. So dont even worry about acting strange, just nod your head when you pronounce the third tone. w w n w n ho, uh huh, well, n ho n ho w. Got it ok the fourth.

Tone is pretty easy to grasp because in english you have lots of words that sound just like this. No no it goes all the way down, no. So try a few words, du du du you know just do this, fng zhng. Alright, we just learned the very four basic chinese tones and dont worry if you feel like you dont quite get it. You know just, we are gonna cover that a lot in my future lectures, so really dont worry about it. Ok lets move on, when I say w sh yng yng, w sh yng yng. w means I, sh is am. sh can be verb, am, is, are, in english. They.

Are all sh, w sh yng yng. So for you, add your own name there and now you know how to introduce yourself. w sh, you add your name there. w sh yng yng. yng yng is my chinese name, in chinese it means literally seedling, i was named by my grandma because she wants me to grow up healthy and strong just like a little plant. Lastly, I say thank you, xi xie, xi xie, xi xie. X in chinese is pronounced as xi so its xi xie, its not shi shi its not si si, its not all those sounds. Its a sound that.

You dont really have in the english phonetic system, so these are something you gotta learn because this is very new. The thing is that its pretty hard so what you can do, theres really no shortcut to this, you just gotta listen to a lot and repeat and eventually you will get it. It is pronounced as xi xie, xi xie, xi xie. Alright lets do this, xi xie, xi xie, xi xie, xi xie, xi xie. Alright, now you know how to say thank you in chinese. Ok lets do a little review, today we have learned how to say hello is.

N ho, and if you wanna say how are you if you want to ask someone who you really care about, n ho , n ho ma, n ho ma, n ho ma, n ho ma. Ok and then we’ve learned four basic chinese tones and make sure to go over them after the class. And lastly we learned how to say thank you in madarin chinese, xi xie, xi xie, xi xie. Alright guys, I’m so proud of you. I know its so hard, but I know you are excited.

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