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Alexa Goes Out basic French vocabulary from Learn French With Alexa

Hello and welcome to Learn French With Alexa. Today folks I would like to teach you how to say appeler to call Oh! To call. Hello Hello, Alexa, it’s Marie! Hi Marie, how are you Well, I’m all right. By the way, we are going out tonight, aren’t we Er, yeah ok, super! Where are we going Ah, well listen, you will see, it’s a surprise. Ooh! A surprise! I’m going out tonight. A surprise! What time I will pick you up at eight o’clock. Be ready. Super! I’ll be ready. I’ll get ready now. Bye.

Bye, kiss, kiss! Kiss, kiss! This is great! I am going out tonight! What am I going to wear Ok, first of all I need to shave. That’s right, I have to shave, here we go! Ow! Ow! Ow! That really hurt! What do I need I need, I need, I need. to put on a little powder. Some powder. There, that’s done! No, something is missing. A little black eyeliner under the eyes. There! Ow! Ow! Ow! Like this!.and a little mascara too. J’ai hte, can’t wait! A little bit of mascara!.

There. And a little bit of lipstick as well! A little bit there and therelike that! The lipstick, there you go! What do I look like Is this ok Is this ok Yes Ok. Oh, I have to get dressed too. I have to get dressed Yes Oh, well yes! What am I going to wear Ok, I’ll start, I’m going to perhaps put on a red shirt. There, the red shirt. So No, I don’t like it. Another one! The blue shirt So Not really! Not really No! Oh, you are difficult! Ok, I’ll change.

A white shirt Ah yes, I like it! Very good! Then maybe with a green scarf Yes, very pretty! No, I don’t like it! Oh well come on! A green scarf, no Non! Ok, not a green scarf! The blue one with little white polka dots! The blue one with little white polka dots! There we go, the blue one with little white polka dots! Is it good Perfect! Super! I can’t wait, I can’t wait, I can’t wait! Ok, I am missing my great spectacles! So You have beautiful eyes, you know! Thank you, I know.

That’s it, I’m ready! We are going out tonight with Marie at eight o’clock. Oh la la, I can’t wait! Oh, telephone. Hello Hello, Alexa Yes! It’s Marie, I am waiting for you outside. Are you ready to go to the opera I hope you are smartly dressed! To the opera! We are going to the opera! Well yes. Ok, well I’m coming I’m waiting for you! Ok. Goodbye. Goodbye. Oops, we are going to the opera! and now. so you have to call me. Er, did I put it the right way No.

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