Learn To Speak French On The Gold Coast

Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast Groundbreaking Ceremony ft. Chuck Perkins Spoken Word Tutorial

GtgtPERKINS I want to thank Planned Parenthood for inviting me here. I am a poet, so I’ll share my words with you today. gtgtThe battle is raging. gtgtWith unintended pregnancy and teen births, the enemy is digging in. gtgtSexually transmitted infections spread. gtgtThe frontlines of New Orleans and Baton Rouge are reeling from some of the highest HIV rates in the country, while the dreams of our young are fed to a vicious cycle of poverty. gtgtWe cannot wish it away. We cannot cross our fingers, or click our heels, or ignore.

It away. gtgtBring hope where there’s despair. Offer comfort where there’s fear. Build safe houses. gtgtLove our neighbors all of them. gtgtI will respect decisions you make about your body. Is it asking too much for you to respect decisions I make about mine Or ones she makes about her’s gtgtRespect is a holy word. gtgtOffer sympathy and forgiveness. gtgtMy bread is your bread. His bread is our bread. gtgtBe united with us all. gtgtSharing is a sacred word. gtgtGluttony in the face of destitution is crass. gtgtA stuffed belly with the knowledge of a hungry neighbor is uncivilized.

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